Top 20 Quick Dishes For Brunch

Top 20 Quick Dishes For Brunch

Living in the twenty-first century, do you even get three meals a day? If you get that, I am sure you won’t get the time to have it. It is just obvious! Factually, our fast-paced life does not allow us time to do things. Every time something or the other comes up. To help you conquer the same, we bring the top 20 quick dishes for brunch. These are healthy dishes. You won’t require much time to eat them. Also, you can have them while working. You don’t have to pause your work for the same. Let’s see what the article has for you.

1.Sabudhana Wada

Being a Maharashtrian, Sabudhana Wada is the first brunch that has come to my mind. People make it during the days of fast. However, one can make it anytime. It has Sabudhana, potato, chili, peanuts, and coriander. Boil the potatoes and smash them to form a ball including all the other ingredients. Deep fry them and enjoy.


2.Aloo Paratha

I have been eating it for a long time. I believe everyone likes to have aloo paratha with curd at the side. People have various ways to make it. My traditional one is to make the Aloo sabzi, fill it in the dough, make a round Paratha and pan fry it. Serve it with curd. Finish the meal with a Lassi.



Every home makes Poha at least twice a week. It is a traditional brunch for Indians. I don’t think we need to discuss its recipe. However, we can discuss the pairing ideas. Pair it with hot tea or milk. Also, you can serve lemon side by side.


4.Masala Poori

You don’t need to make a pairing to this. Masala Poori is same as normal Poori. It has a few spices like paprika, asafoetida, cumin, and fenugreek. People add other spices as per their preference. It is a delicious brunch. Lastly, it does not take much time to prepare.

Indian Gujarati food puri or poori. Ready to serve.

5.Khaman Dhokla

Normally, Khaman Dhokla requires about thirty minutes to be ready. There are many recipes to make it quickly. It is a delicious and stomach-filling brunch. You can pair it with juice, tea, or coffee. I prefer to eat it all alone.

Khamam dhokla Indian vegetarian food.

6.Soya Kheema Roll

You might not like to eat Soya. However, you can eat the Soya Kheema Roll. This dish is a cheat trick for moms to feed their kids. They make the Kheema and fill it in a Chapati with a few other veggies. Ultimately, you can take it for tiffin too.

Chicken Taquito isolated on a white background.

7.Bread Poha

Initially, I did not like this dish. Today I am a big fan of it. Whenever I see bread in my house, I make Bread Poha. The recipe is similar to Poha. However, eating it once will urge you to ask for more. It is the most delicious bread recipe I had.

Spiced yellow bread. Flat lay, copy space.

8.Palak Poori

Palak Poori is another cheat trick recipe from Moms. They love to trick their children with funky yet healthy dishes. Eating Palak Sabzi was boring. However, eating Palak Poori is heavenly. You can try making them at home. Let us know how you feel.

Palak Poori


On number nine, we have another dish from Maharashtra. I love Thalipeeth too. It is obvious since I have grown up eating it. Thalipeeth is a pan-fried version of Masala Poori. However, it has onions and Sesame seeds in addition. It is a healthy brunch idea.

Naan bread with rosemary over white background


People are aware of Pongal. Just like Poha, it does not take much time to get ready. It has rice, dal, spices, veggies, and tempering of mustard seeds. It is a traditional South Indian dish. They have different recipes for Pongal. You can check the best one that suits you.



Zhunka is a dinner dish. We are discussing the easy brunch ideas. Hence, we can add Zhunka to the list. It has gram flour, onion, spices, coriander, and tempering of mustard. It is easy to make and very delicious.


12.Moong Dal Wada

Moong Dal Wada is one of the quickest recipes. One can make it with all the ingredients available in their houses. Furthermore, it is a delicious and healthy brunch dish. You can make your version of Moong Dal Wada. It goes well with sauce, chutney, and tea.


13.Semiya Pulao

You must have eaten sweet vermicelli. Similarly, we can use it to make pulao. When you are bored eating rice, you can use vermicelli. It has a texture like rice. However, they do not taste the same. Vermicelli is slightly salty. This saltiness makes the pulao more delicious.


14.Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi Bele Bath is the fame of Karnataka. It is the ultimate comfort food. Also, it has various recipes. I am still in search of the traditional one. However, every recipe gives almost the same feeling. You will be wanting more once you eat it once.

Kitchari,stewed rice with mash and spices fried in oil,

15.Rice Dishes

Another cheat trick moms use is to make rice dishes with leftover rice. It is one of the ways to utilize the leftovers. There are many delicious dishes one can make with leftover rice. One of them is Tomato Bhat. It is famous in Mumbai. Lastly, it comes in the top list of my favorite rice recipes.

Healthy Homemade Fried Rice

16.Kathi Roll

Moms can make you eat anything with their cooking skills. Kathi roll has Paneer and other veggies wrapped in Chapati. People grill the rolls on carbon grills. Some people eat it as it is. I like its grill. That increases the flavor of the dish.

Mix Vegetable kathi roll vegetarians Indian food

17.Cha Muri

Cha Muri is not Bhel. It is a mixture of various items. It looks similar to Bhel. One can customize it accordingly. It is one of the famous street foods in Mumbai. People eat it in the winter season. Also, it has raw mango as a special ingredient.

This is a picture of a cup filled with puffed rice.


There are different ways of making Cheela. It is like a bread of gram flour. People use flour to make Cheela. Furthermore, one can eat Cheela with tomato sauce too. You do not need to have a particular time to eat Cheela.

Roti being fried on a big pan

19.Tomato Omelet

Tomato omelets do not have eggs. It has gram flour with tomato, onion, chili, and coriander. People add spices to it accordingly. Then they pan fry it and serve it hot. You can eat it with sauce or all alone. It tastes better either way.

Aalo gobi ki sabzi


Many people must have been searching for this dish. Upma is the fame of India. It comes under the mostly made breakfasts. There is only one recipe for Upma. However, people differentiate it concerning color. Lastly, let us know which is your favorite quick brunch recipe.

Upma Indian Vegetarian Dish