20 Indian Tastes That You Will Die For


Have you ever tasted Indian cuisine at least once in your lifetime? If yes, it’s pretty sure that your taste buds will crave for them again. We know that India is a land of many diversities and cultures so as in case of food menu they own a wide variety, even though has a wide variety of dishes there are some we should be thankful and quite famous all over the world and etiquette. There are countless dishes both in case of the main course as well as snacks and neither in case of drinks. So here we can list out the top 20 tastes of India, which are unbeatable and must try ones.


Pani Puri

Pani puri is one of the most famous street food. Pani puri is a must try taste of India and now it has become world famous for its uniqueness. Basically Pani puri is made out of crispy puri and is filled with potatoes, onions, chickpeas and coriander chutney and mint flavored water and it easily fills the mouth. And it is quite easy to prepare at home if you have the required ingredients.

Pani puri


Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is a Punjabi vegetarian dish, made out of paneer, spinach, green chilies and other ingredients in thick consistency. Usually this is consumed with parathas and roti as well as rice.

palak paneer



An Indian dish that doesn’t even require any introduction. A must try dish of India, available in different types and varieties as Indian culture. It can be made out of rice and veg or non veg with spices and flavors. Note that, once if you tried this there is no going back! This will be your favourite.



Thali Peeth

Thali Peeth is a savory dish originated from Maharashtra which contains high health maintenance factors. Usually made out of flour and turmeric onions and other multigrain and in the form of a pancake.

thali peeth


Butter Chicken

Now it’s time for non-veg lovers, a must try dish which is  originated from Punjab. It includes chicken, spices, butter, yogurt and other flavours. And it is best enjoyed with chapathi, roti and any other flour made dish. One of the most famous and important dish in Indian cuisine and now common almost everywhere.

butter chicken


Dosa And Idli

This means to be one of the common and famous South Indian dish. It is taken as breakfast by both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarians. This is made out of dal, rice and other ingredients. Sambar and chutney is considered as the best combination for this food and also masala dosa can be made from this, which have fillings with veggies in the dosa.

idli dosa


Rogan Josh

Rogan josh is a Kashmiri dish which is made out lamb meat and with flavors, onions  as well as spices and yogurt in a gravy type texture and had along with rice. It makes a variety taste to your mouth and is a spicy dish of India.

rogan josh



Pongal is a famous South Indian dish made out of rice and dal and other nuts and spices. It is a must try dish of south India and most of the time it is offered to God by South Indians on their Pooja days.




Dhokla originated from Gujarat as a vegetarian dish which is made out of fermented batter made out of rice, dal, chickpea flour etc. This can be served as snack or as a main course.



Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka is made out of boneless chicken and made in a gravy form and traditionally cooked in tandoor. It can be served with rice as well as parathas and has a super taste.

chicken tikka masala



Sadhya is the traditional vegetarian dish of Kerala. It is mainly prepared for Onam, in marriage functions and other occasions. Sandhya is a main course served with rice and 14 types of curries in a banana leaf.




Jalebi is sweet snack which is made out of sugar, ghee, and flour. It is an Indian snack that every human would like because of its sweetness and juiciness. It can be also served as a dessert after a main course and it is a delicious dish.



Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is an Indian dish made out of chicken, yogurt and spices in a tandoor. It is very delicious when we have this with parathas even with rice and it is widely available in India since it is quite common and famous.

tandoori chicken


Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is vegetarian food which is similar to Italian meatballs. Here it is made of potatoes and mixed veg and mixed with thick gravy made of onions and tomatoes. This is a delicious worthy dish which you would crave for.

malai kofta



Lassi is a very delicious Indian drink from Uttar Pradesh. Lassi is made of blended yogurt, spices, and even fruits. It is considered as an energy drink which provides freshness. There are wide varieties of lassi as well as known by many other names.



Fish Curry

A very common dish which doesn’t even require any description. As per the name it is a curry made with fish and chili powder and other flavours in a gravy type. Most common in Kerala and Goa and many other parts of India. If you are a fish lover this is a must try dish.

fish curry



Kebabs are meat cooked and crushed along with cubed vegetables and shallow fried. This is an epic dish and a must try for all those non veg lovers out there. This can be served as a snack or either with barbecue. It is commonly available in India and even you can make it at home.



Kati Roll

Kati roll is a North Indian snack, made out of meat and wrapped around parathas. It can be added with many fillings like vegetables, meat, and potatoes. It is a delicious  evening snack which anyone who surely love.

kati roll



Momos are one of most famous street food like pani puri which anyone would simply love. Generally, Momo is a dumpling which can be had with spicy chutney which makes it more tasty. Also any kind fillings can be prepared either veg or non-veg.




Appam is South Indian pancake made out of rice flour and coconut tender. It is considered as a breakfast dish. And had with estu or gravy dishes. It has now become a common item in the Indian cuisine.