Take A Trip To Top 20 Places In Ulhasnagar, Mumbai


Ulhasnagar is a place that most people are not aware about, but this place needs to be in the limelight as you’ll find the most amazing food and stuff in this place and not just this, even the market of Ulhasnagar is quite famous as you can find the original brands here that are not even available in malls and also the first copy of the same brand.

Mostly this place is known for Sindhis who stay here since India-Pakistan war as they migrated from Sindh to the place allotted to them by the Government of India, and so did migrate their culture. Restaurants below are highly recommended for people who want to enjoy Sindhi food culture.

1 Gulshan restaurant

This place specializes in Chinese cuisine and is one of the most famous places in Ulhasnagar no matter it be a birthday party or a wedding celebration. This is a highly recommended restaurant and is a part of Hotel Mayur. This restaurant has an amazing ambiance and an excellent service. They also have wifi services and food is on point. Everything here is perfect. They have both vegetarian food as well as non-veg cuisine.


Hotel Mayur on 1st Floor near Central Hospital road that is near Navjeevan Bank in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


2 Chef Rajendra’s Kitchen

This place is one of the highest rated places in Ulhasnagar and it specializes in Chinese and fast-food. It is a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. Highly recommended dishes here are chicken sandwiches as they are worth a bite, try it once and you’ll crave for it each time you’ll think of chicken sandwiches. This place has a pretty good ambiance and great staff and food as well. It is worth a visit and worth every bite.


Located at Shop 3 in Suvidha Apartment near Swami Shanti Prakash Statue at Netaji Kurla Camp road that is in Bhatia Chowk, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


3 Vaishnu Hotel

So this is a veggie friendly restaurant. It is purely veg and specializes in Chinese and authentic Sindhi food. One can enjoy all the Sindhi dishes from koki to curry rice, everything. The most amazing part of this place is, one cannot compare the food over here as it tastes homemade and so it is quite healthy and tastes amazing as well. This restaurant is highly recommended if you want to try some food stuff that is good and healthy.


Located near Hospital road in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, India.


4 Jawahar Hotel

One of the most famous hotels in Ulhasnagar. From birthday parties to weddings and New Year parties to having fun time with family, this is the most recommended place by the people there. It serves both veg and non-veg food and highly recommended for Chinese and chicken biryani. This place has a limited parking space but the food here is amazing and is really famous.


Hotel Jawahar, located near Central Hospital road right side of Follower Line Chowk in Ulhasnagar camp 2, Mumbai, India.


5 Karachi Restaurant

All the non-veg lovers out there, this place is highly recommended for you people. It serves amazing mouthwatering non-veg food and also provides home delivery service. Ambiance is pretty good and so is the staff and the best part is that the rates are reasonable, in fact cheaper than other restaurants. Coming back to food, brain masala and mutton biryani are highly recommended and all the sea food lovers must try fish koliwada of this place at least once.


Located in the heart of the town, Sonargali, Ulhasnagar camp 2, Mumbai, India.


6 Prasad

This earlier used to be known as Little Bite but the name has now changed to Prasad. It is situated in Hotel Jawahar and the place is purely veg. It’s a perfect place for birthday treats or to hang out with friends and family. The highlight of this place is snacks and shakes. Do try them once. This place is highly recommended for veggies as their food tastes amazing especially the veg biryani and street food. They also serve sevpuri and paani puri.


Located in Hotel Jawahar ground floor, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, India.


7 Shiv Sagar

This place has an amazing ambiance and delicious food at reasonable rates. It is a nice place to hang out with friends but yes the food is really spicy so if you don’t eat spicy food then mention it to them. The unique part about their cuisine is royal faluda. It is worth every bite. This place is a must visit.


Located near Sai Arcade that is in Netaji Chowk in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


8 Samrat Sweets

This is basically not a restaurant but a sweet mart and sweets here are really amazing. This is a good place to hang out with friends if you are craving for sweets and the best sweets you can find here are gulab jamun and rasmalai. They are worth every bite and gulab jamun of all types no matter brown, black or mawa all of them taste like heaven on earth and all types of Sindhi sweets are available here. Worth a try.


Located near Siru Chowk near Millennia Boutique, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


9 Roti N Fast Food

This is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai for butter chicken so all the butter chicken lovers out there you need to try this atleast once in your entire existence. This place serves both veg and non-veg and also provides home delivery service. The best non-vegetarian dish is obviously butter chicken followed by kadai handi and the best vegetarian dish is panner mushroom masala. This place has the best paneer mushroom masala in the town hands down to the food in there, it serves the best. This place is worth a visit and worth each bite. If you are in Ulhasnagar and haven’t tried this place then do visit.


Located near Sai Darshan Apartment near Kachharam Statue in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


10 Palm Garden

This place is excellent in terms of food and service. Food here is served in a fancy way and tastes amazing. This place is worth a visit. It specializes in Chinese and is highly recommended for manchurian and fried rice. This place serves the best manchurian and fried rice in the town and also the schezwan rice are worth a bite. Rates are reasonable and food is amazing.


Located at 4th Floor, Kalyan Ambernath Road in Ulhasnagar camp 2, Mumbai.


11 Royal Fine Dine

This place is quite good in terms of ambiance and service, also the rates are reasonable. Fried rice and schezwan rice are the best part of the cuisine. Royal Fine Dine is one of the best restaurants in Ulhasnagar. It specializes in Chinese and is worth a try.


Located near Press Bazar in Sindhunaga in Ulhasnagar camp 2, India.


12 New Sangam Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in Ulhasnagar and is rated in top 14 restaurants of Ulhasnagar. Here you can find the best fast-food in the town. All the dosa lovers, this place is meant for you. All the puri bhaji and pav bhaji lovers do visit once. It serves the best pav bhaji in the town. Worth every bite.


Located near Badlapur-Ulhasnagar Highway Road in Ulhasnagar camp 2, India.


13 Hotel Jaikey Plaza

This place is one of the best fast-food places and one must try cheese tukdi and veg biryani. It is amazing that this place is a bar as well as a restaurant but is still decent and the ambiance is also great. Hotel Jaikey Plaza is one of the best fast-food restaurant.


Located near Gandhi Road Chowk in Ulhasnagar camp 5, India.


14 Jockey

This is a restaurant and a bar as well but is really decent and a must visit place for biryani and wine lovers. The ambiance is pretty fine. It is decent but the best part of this particular restaurant is its food and wines. This place is easy to find and the service is also good. Rates are reasonable as well. It is worth a try.


17 Section, Camp no 4, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


15 Mangalmurti Chinese Corner

As the name says this place is basically a Chinese corner and is one of the best Chinese corners you can find in Ulhasnagar. All the Chinese lovers need to visit this place. It is a nice decent place, not so good in terms of ambiance but food is worth eating. It is not really a famous place but is popular among the teenagers as it is an awesome place to hang out with friends and have some Chinese bhel. Chinese bhel of this place is really famous.


Located near Neelima Palace, Kurla Camp Road in Ulhasnagar camp 5, Mumbai.


16 O Fizz

O Fizz is located at ground floor of Hotel Jawahar and is one of the top best restaurants in Ulhasnagar and highly recommended for parties or to hang out with friends and with family. The ambiance is really mesmerizing. The food tastes amazing and is of good quantity as well as the rates are reasonable. The place is vegetarian friendly as well and serves amazing non-veg dishes. Starters are a must try and especially the chicken starters. Veg biryani is worth a try and so is the dal fry. This place is worth a try.


Located near Central Hospital Road around Follower Line Chowk in Ulhasnagar camp 2, Mumbai.


17 Empty Stomach

This place is really famous among teenagers and adults as well. This place is good in all terms:- ambiance, staff service and food also. It is a perfect place to hang out with friends, family and also to have formal meetings and also have a great variety in food especially in burgers. They are one of its kind and also the paneer is worth a try. Also the shwarma and paneer tikka roll are really yummy. Food is mouthwatering and well plated as well. It serves Italian, American and fast-food.


Located near Shiv Shakti Apartment that is near Gol Maidan, Vishnu Darshan Apartment in Ulhasnagar camp 3, India.


18 Oven Pick

This place serves amazing cakes right from butter-scotch to mix fruit and from black forest to white chocolate cake. Everything is available here, zebra torte and choco truffle are highly recommended. Choco crunch, choco fantasy and double delight are just out of this world. This place is worth a try. They serve amazing cakes and the names are also interesting like death by chocolate and ferrero rocher cake. This place is worth a visit and worth every bite.


Located at shop 4 in Raj Sadan Building, opposite to Samrat High School in Tisgaon near Ulhasnagar, Kalyan, Mumbai.


19 Sanks

This restaurant is amazing and serves mouthwatering snacks. Cheese balls here are like heaven on earth and fried noodles are a must try. This place serves amazing food items like nachos and mushroom and all taste amazing. It is a veggie friendly restaurant and a must visit place. All the Chinese lovers you must try manchurian. Snacks is amazing. They serve South Indian food as well.


Located in Khemani chawk, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.


20 Highness

This is a fast-food restaurant. Ambiance is quite good and service is also fine. Food here is mouthwatering especially the Chinese food, let it be manchurian or schezwan bhel. The best part of this place are frankies, all of them are amazing. This place is a good place to hang out with friends and is worth a visit. Rates are also reasonable and dosa here is amazing.


Located at Ground Floor in 3, Sainath Apartment at Venus Chowk near Municipal Corporation Road that is near Civil Court which is opposite to Muskan Dental Clinic in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai.