The 20 Best Places To Eat In Kalyani Nagar, Pune

The 20 Best Places To Eat In Kalyani Nagar Pune
The 20 Best Places To Eat In Kalyani Nagar Pune

The western part of India gladly proclaims Pune as its guide, as the understudy capital as well as a city. Because it presents plenty of praiseworthy food encounters to local people and voyagers. Kalyani Nagar of KLN, as it is more prominently known, has turned into an eating and drinking destination after Koregaon Park.
Be it restaurants, cafes, or bars. All these dinners are shockingly better when it’s delighted in a beautiful area. As it occurs, there are a few restaurants spotted around Kalyani Nagar. Moreover, they give its burger joints a dazzling perspective view of the cityscape. Here are the top 20 places to eat in Kalyani Nagar, Pune.


AB’S – Absolute Barbecues

Outright Barbecues has some expertise in Indian, Chinese, and Italian cooking. As a cafe, you will barbecue on your table by picking your choice of meat, fish or vegetables served on sticks. Start your culinary excursion hereby requesting a ‘Tomato Basil Soup’ or ‘Broiled Pepper Dumpling Soup’. Additionally, it would help you if you attempted their mouth-watering veggie-lover and non-vegan starters. Their live ‘wish barbecue’ is worthy enough, and it allows you to pick an assortment of fascinating veggies and game birds that are flawless.

Absolute Barbecues

2.Baan Tao – Exotic Oriental

This café has been around for over ten years. And, it has been one of the most loved options for individuals who love sushi and Asian food. Furthermore, it is an entirely appropriate eatery, with great help and some truly decent staff who are amicable. Also, the taste and credibility of flavours sparkle out genuinely splendidly. The forte from the mains is the fish. Besides, if you are multiple individuals and you would cherish Asian style fish, the Prawns and Lobster curries are stunning.Baan Tao

3. Eighty-Eight

The tasteful space here has dinners from early morning to midnight, be it extravagant smorgasbords or a drawing in an individual list. Additionally, the plates of mixed greens, soup, sandwich, and pizza varieties are very excellent. Also, western-style entrées incorporate rich barbecues (sheep slashes, Norwegian salmon, tiger prawns, tenderloin, corn-took care of chicken bosom, and stuffed curds steak) with a just natural, velvety mushroom sauce or lemon-spread garlic sprinkle.Eighty-eight

4. Barbecue Nation

The thought, as you probably are aware, is about starters. Next comes the barbecues on the table and afterwards, you can serve a few mains for yourself. Lastly, they have a deferred selection of pastries. The mains are staples like ‘Biryani’, ‘Dal Makhani’ and ‘Rice’. For the mains, they have pleasantly cooked Paneer dish with either Soya or Mushrooms cooked in Hyderabadi style. Among treats, try the kulfis with various kinds of garnishes like ‘Paan Masala’, ‘Oreo Crumbs’ and a few others.Barbecue Nation

5. The Fishbowl

If you essentially need to gulp down and impart mixed drinks and gossip with companions listening to retro beats. This is the ideal setting for the windy sun downers to enjoy their evenings. The bar has a decent assortment of alcohol. Additionally, they devise fascinating mixed drinks like the French kiss martini and a caipirinha with cachaca rum, joined by yummies. These yummies could be, a seekh kebab naan roll, panko-crusted chicken in olive panini, or fritto misto. If your sense of taste is longing for something desi, these yummies can be a Tawa machli or Jaipuri paneer tikka.The Fishbowl

6. Classic Rock Coffee Co.

The casual outdoor setting highlights a showcase of guitars in different shapes and sizes, a vintage vehicle, and melodic delineations sprinkled across the dividers. Attempt a plate of German pork frankfurters or the corrupt prepared cheddar-stuffed mushrooms. Additionally, they serve various kinds of sandwiches, burgers, and Asian and Continental mains. Remember to nurture your sweet tooth with their powerful Old Monk chocolate mousse.
Classic Rock Coffee Co.

7. Mineority By Saby

As the name proposes, the spot addresses the existence of diggers and the subject, menu and stylistic layout all mirror that. The eatery has shown its issue in the most beautiful, stylish, and humble design. A decent vegan dish to attempt here is the ‘Cauliflower and Pumpkin Skewers’. It is roast barbecued and presented with sesame glue, traditional flatbread, and some fresh and tart coriander chutney.Mineority-By-Saby

8. The Kerala Cafe

The Kerala Cafe offers a phenomenal mood that goes impeccably with a high-end food experience. Kerala Cafe’s menu is immense, and it provides every one of the conventional South Indian treats. You should try their ‘Lamb Ghee Roast,’ which is a genuine paradise for meat darlings. They are delicate sheep pieces stacked with ghee broil masala is a treat for your taste buds. Furthermore, the ‘Chicken Chettinad Curry’ was something that contacted my heart. Additionally, the unmistakable curry goes amazing with the ‘Appam’.The-Kerela-Cafe

9. Lord Of The Drinks

They have a double seating region, both indoor and open air. A completely practical bar is the fundamental fascination of this spot as it serves a wide assortment of spirits. The must-have from the restricted vegan segment incorporates ‘Kali Mirchi Mini Paratha Tacos’ and ‘Dahi Cheese Kebabs’. The former is a filling of curds, onions, carrot-slaw and cumin-caramelized onions.  At the same time the substantial determination would incorporate ‘Kalonji Mutton Kebabs’ presented with ‘Malabar Parathas’ and ‘Bhori Keema Pav’. The latter is a gentle zest flavourful substantial pavs.Lord-of-the-Drinks

10. Atithi

The region can bend over as a restaurant or a proper feasting place. The Kasoori Macchi Ke Tukde have pieces of occasional fish marinated with newly beaten garlic, the fenugreek is chargrilled. The Kesari Macchi has pomfret marinated in fresh curd, gram flour, new ginger garlic glue, and egg and is chargrilled till firm. A special dish to have is the Kaju Ananas Curry. It is slashed new pineapples and cashew sauce cooked with delicate coconut milk that is carefully flavoured.Atithi-Pune

11. Stereo

Stereo is an eatery where you can go for some heavenly tapas and tidbits alongside your number one brew. Moreover, they have blends from nearby breweries, in case you are not a fanatic of the packaged ones. The feel is fun and eccentric and the menu is genuinely all around separated. Additionally, it offers an incredible scope of dishes from across the world. They are essentially works of art and assuming you’d need something more natural and Indian, they have the pleasant Biryanis. A pleasant interpretation of Tiramisu accessible here is the ‘Beeramisu’.Stereo-Pune

12. Charcoal Eats

Charcoal Eats is the main eatery with various outlets in various urban communities. This place is a little diner offering excellent food fulfilling one’s taste buds with a seating limit of 15-20 individuals. The vibe of this eatery is essential as this is, to a greater degree, an action item joint. Their pizza, wraps, everything has the commonplace Indian blend that is the USP of the spot. Charcoal Eats is a small outlet that serves some flavorful tidbits. This spot serves current Indian food with a broad scope of assortments of veg and non-veg on their menu.Charcoal-Eats

13. Hop In

This peculiar bistro cum-bar serves everything from mixed drinks in quarter-bottles and brew on draft multi-cooking food traversing bar chomps to principle course. We hear their ‘pauvas’ (quarter-bottle mixed drinks) are an unquestionable requirement to attempt on the off chance that you like your liquor. They’re accessible in various flavours as well and for eats, try the strange ‘dhokla-pakoda.’ Hop-In’s ‘egg shock’, their non-veg oven toll, and their delicious burgers are also a must try.Hop-In

14. Mandala Hotpot Culture

This attractive café in Kalyani Nagar is a theoretical eatery dependent on solid, new, and quick bites. Mandala HotPot Culture offers healthy Asian food. The menu includes dim sums, baos and buns, Buddha bowls, pot noodles and rice, curries, pastries. And they have the very amusing to eat forte – Hot Pot. You can try a solitary soup or a blended pot of two soup seasons alongside five veggies of your choice. Moreover, they offer your favoured carbs: noodles or rice or creamer, a piece of protein, and five finger-licking great sauces.Mandala-Hotpot

15. Cafe Paashh

This upscale veggie lover eatery cum restaurant is extremely popular with diet darlings and vegetarians. This eatery is coupled with a multi-idea store that houses a broad scope of reasonable contributions. These are offered through attire, food, stylistic theme and way of life. Additionally, you can shop and eat in a similar spot. Mixed greens, soups, starters like Peanut Hummus, Golgappas, Dal Pakwan Nachos and Buddha Bowls, Ravioli in the mains is ideal for weight watchers and clean eaters.Cafe-Paash

16. The Flour Works

The Flour Works is an incredible spot for sure eggs benedict, English breakfast, waffles, or pancakes. The menu additionally goes past the average bistro charge which highlights Italian pasta, pizzas. Also, there’re some French-motivated dishes like Quiche, Roast Chicken, Chicken Roulade, Pork Belly, and Pork Ribs for the oink sweethearts. The espresso is likewise significant and you can partake in a glass of speciality: lager or vino, with your feast. They have an in-house pastry kitchen that prepares every one of the bread, treats, and cakes.Flour-Works

17. Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi is a place in Asia that feels like a stop in Thailand. Here you can partake in a warm bowl of Hot and Sour and Son Tom. Enthusiasts can make a refuelling break in China here itself and belt down dimsums, baos and gyoza. Head to Japan here and devour Nigiris, Sashimis, Makizushi, and Uramaki thus significantly more. The introductory course includes dish Asian sauces, noodles, and rice that are tasty. Yet pass on some space for Darshan to end your dinner on a sweet note.Moshi-Moshi1

18. Sorted. Delicatessen

Sorted Delicatessen in Kalyani Nagar is the city’s first eatery with a whole menu without gluten and sans grain dishes. Their menu incorporates servings of mixed greens, wraps, sandwiches, mains and sweets. They join almond, chia seed, and quinoa flour in a large number of their dishes. Vegetarian, keto, and diabetic agreeable, they’ve hit the trifecta! Their scope of pastries is without sugar or made utilizing just normal sugars like nectar and jaggery.Sorted. Delicatessen

19 Onesta

The straightforward menu comes in 4 classifications of Starters, Pizzas, Pasta, and Desserts. Additionally, everyone has their couple of chosen dishes that are genuinely heavenly, and you can’t stop at one. The seating is agreeable, and the assistance is in reality faster than you anticipate. That is Onesta for you, a speedy help eatery, in a somewhat extravagant structure. Furthermore, the pizza and pasta menu is a liberal blend of something bonafide, there, also, is Fusion Indian and Italian. The treats look straightforward and perfect, and they are incredible to taste.Onesta

20. Warehouse

The Warehouse is the go-to place for evening people and loomed over wild partiers searching for a comfortable get-together asylum. The menu includes a pleasant determination of pizzas, pasta, Indian, Asian, and mainland mains. It’s old-school multicuisine charge which one starts to ache for after a couple of rounds of modest rum.Warehouse-Pune