Top 10 Food Heaven In Korea

Top 10 Food Heaven In Korea
Top 10 Food Heaven In Korea

Hello!!!… What are you all over on after watching a good K-drama in cozy weather covering in a blanket venting all stress, and coping up with a bad day? Male/female lead? Plot twists? Second-leads? Okay, I get it. It’s all that yummy food! It is food that they show the mouth-watering black bean noodles, kimchi, and what not? Here are all the top 10 must-try foods when in South Korea.


Korea’s geographic area in upper east Asia encounters four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This irregularity assumes a critical part in Korean food. A few fixings taste contrasting each season, bringing about an assortment of flavours in recipes in Korean cuisine. Kimchi is the most served side dish with every meal in Korea.

1. Bibimbap

 Remember mukbang in – “Coffee Prince” drama? Who wouldn’t crave to taste the classic dish – Bibimbap? Bibimbap means ‘mixed rice’; it is served with warm white rice and with toppings such as gochujang, doenjang, soy sauce, and a variety of sautéed and seasoned vegetables and fried or raw egg and sliced meant often.


2. Bulgogi

Name one drama without showing all the juicy dish of grill marinated beef called Bulgogi. It’s the most famous Korean meat dish. It is normally barbecued with garlic, and cut onions to add flavor to the meat. The meat is typically enclosed by lettuce and it is likewise generally eaten with ssamjang.


3. Hobakjuk

 A sweet and grainy dish, hobakjuk is a regular Korean porridge created utilizing steamed pumpkin and glutinous rice that has been ingested in water. Notwithstanding, its appearance is essential, it is incredibly sweet and delicious due to the pumpkin. It is filled in as both hot and cold.


4. Samgyeopsal

Stout cuts of pork stomach is cooked on a barbecue at the coffee shops’ table. It’s then, at that point, enclosed by lettuce or sesame leaf with plunging sauces and backups, for example, button mushrooms, green stew peppers, green onions, and garlic, just as kimchi. And taste legit with shots of soju.


5. Kimchi Mandu

Who doesn’t like dumplings? Who doesn’t like kimchi? What if there’s a food combination of both- dumplings stuffed with kimchi, glass noodles, and tender pork! Yes, Kimchi mandu is that dish. ‘Mandu’ is a Korean word for dumpling.


P.s: Never miss out on this when in Korea and head to Namdaemu street and treat yourself to heaven.

6. Soy Sauce Crab

 Crab is marinated in soy sauce or ganjang gejang is habit-forming nourishment for Koreans. It has a severe tart taste and eaten cold rather than hot. On the off chance that you like to evaluate new food things, this food is unquestionably implied for you since its flavor comes as a shock for first-timers.


7. Naengmyeon

 Koreans wait for summer just have a delightful Naengmyeon(Buckwheat noodles). It’s such a lightweight food that easily gets digested and a good option as lunch in summer.


8. Bingsu

  In talk of summer, Bingsu is the one summer dessert that is all you need to cool down. Every restaurant and bakeries, a café in Seoul on its dessert section of the menu. Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet garnishes of organic product, dense milk, natural product syrup, and red beans. The most widely common variety in bingsu is pat-bingsu, the red bean shaved ice.


9. Sikhye

Sikhye is a sweet, reviving, rice-based beverage that contains pieces of rice grains gliding in it! Just as sugarcane juice in India.


10. Kimchi Jjigae

Kimchi Jjigae or Kimchi Stew is all by Napa cabbage kimchi is overflowed with pieces of greasy pork and a couple of different flavors and fixings and afterward blended into extraordinary flavors and will have your gut desiring for additional!


What’s your one favorite food you want to try out now after this??