Top 10 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Korean Foods In Tamil Nadu

Top 10 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Korean Foodsin Tamil Nadu
Top 10 Restaurants Where You Can Eat Korean Foodsin Tamil Nadu

Hello! Have you jammed to kpop, Korean drama? Are you their army, and Has Seoul become your dream destination? Do you want to taste savoury authentic Korean cuisine while staying in Tamil Nadu? Due to the growing popularity of BTS(k-pop), and kdrama(Korean drama), Korean cuisine found a unique place in the heart of many people.

Explore these popular 20 Korean restaurants in Tamil Nadu to taste authentic flavours of Korean foods

1.Aeseo Korean Restaurant, Chennai

The Korean word ‘Aeseo’ translates the word into cleanliness. So as the word has taken up the restaurant, it looks clean, delicious, and succulent with rich texture. This restaurant is authentic as hell. The two-floored restaurant has three unique dining styles. If you are a gastronome, then you must go for their Samyegopsal, Dolsot-Bibimbap (crisp fried rice with funk and vegetables).

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2.Nowana, Pondicherry

A unique themed eatery in Auroville. The variety of food is inviting, and they are refreshingly new, and you cannot avoid dilettante(like yours truly). They have many choices on their menu with descriptions and filmland that will make your taste kids water. Indeed  though it is a bit precious, they are well known for their Korean foods.


3. Won Hotels, Kanchipuram

They serve exquisite Korean dishes in a minimalistic, soothing air. The restaurant is to give you a more authentic sense, they have the bottom set up with a cosy cabin network. Smoked pork, tteokbokki, and Bulgogi are some of their popular dishes. Won hotel is known for its live caff and good food quality.


4.Lochimolala Restaurants, Coimbatore

 Lochimolala is pall kitchen, and the first Korean eatery in Coimbatore. They started this eatery for Jimin suckers, so this place is on the pass list for BTS ARMY. Their authentic Bibimbap is a dish you can dive  into. Their price is amicable important affordable and their service also friendly.

Bibimbap bowl

5.Barbeque Nation – Town Hall, Coimbatore

This eatery has excellent air, settlers of live caff conception in Tamil Nadu. This restaurant has Known for any fests, Unlimited Food Including Starters, Main Courses, and desserts. They offer  Korean BBQ in a traditional Korean atmosphere with their dining. Their Cajun potatoes and crisp sludge will come as everyone’s favourite.

Cajun Potatoes

6. Hotel Onis, Chennai

 This restaurant is an excellent place for full Korean dining. They provide luscious food, with significant portion size, but it is definitely worth it. Their fish croquette and banchan are drooling to taste.

fish croquettes

7. Bay Of Buddha, Pondicherry

Bay of Buddha serves you PAN ASIAN CUISINE, including Korean foods. They perform with a view of the ocean and the town’s ancient lighthouse. In jeonyeog (evening) you can visit this entry with the evening. Golden Fried Prawns and Chicken Yakitori are to try. They give the most tempting Honey Sesame lamb, and Miso Glazed fish are the best-dealing main course.

Honey Sesame lamb

8.Jang Won Korean And Japanese Restaurant, Chennai

Jang won serves you Korean regale in Korean dining, and they provide karaoke room for hanging out with your musketeers, and family while belting on soju.

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9. The Pirates Bar, Chennai

The Pirate Bar offers you Korean, Chinese, and Japanese foods. The bar is spacious and well laid out with good walking/jogging tracks, a rustic arena, etc. To enjoy your holiday by staying here. You love their plating and whoever came up with these dishes is not a genius but an artist. Prawn dynamite is a batter , that is well spiced, and it is on their top menu.

Prawns 1

10.New Seoul Hotel – Korean And Japanese  Hotel In Chennai

Seoul is the capital of Korea, and this hotel is theme grounded on Korean hotels. This restaurant serves authentic Korean food, which not all Indians would like on the first go, it has a bit of acquired taste of Korean foods. It is a little precious but worth it because they use imported ingredients. The recommended dishes are kimbap, kimchi stew with fish cake, and onigiri.

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11.Maljukgeori Korean Restaurant, Sriperambudur

This restaurant has a substantial ambience, and ethnic food tastes. Carnivores can feast upon their chicken gimbap. Eaters can have their smoked duck, and duck bulgogi are popular dishes on the menu.

Soya Chap 1

12.Seoul Store – Nungambakkam, Chennai

The Seoul store, where customers can buy Korean groceries, imported from Korea. Good place for your far east food inventories, especially Korean Ramen, Soy sauce, fish sauce, snacks, ramen, grocery, frozen food, etc.

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13. Orange Work – Egattur, Chennai

 The outlet is in Marina Mall on OMR. It is veritably spacious with a good ambience. Gai hor bai toey and, the funk adulation garlic sizzler is on your tables if you go to this eatery. Veggies should try this restaurant; they give colourful submissive foods.

R00051 Gai Hor Bai Toey

14. Sakura Sushi Auroville, Pondicherry

Sakura Sushi is the restaurant in Auroville where you can find stylish  sushi in Tamil Nadu. They also offer Korean seafood and tofu. They have a friendly, inviting interior.

best places to have sushi in mumbai

15.WAWA’s Restaurant & Cafe, Pondicherry

An elegant eatery and cafe. The restaurant serve the best kimchi and some Korean desserts like Tteok, and Yeot. Their Korean foods, and kimchi enhance your taste buds, which will make you keep for more, it will never be enough.


16.Pantry D’or Bakery And Cafe, Chennai

Pantry D’or Bakery And Cafe are famous in alwarpet. It brings a bit of Europe. They serve everything from Korean like fish finger nuggets, and chicken wings to pasta and paninis. They have mostly known for desserts.

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17.  Ambrosia, Chennai

Ambrosia is a cake and bakery shop. They specialize in Korean baked food and drinks. You always faltered with the beef bulgogi bowl. Their delicious, tasty, and flavorful baked Korean desserts, and foods make them one of the best Korean Restaurants in Chennai.


18. Isigny Bakery, Adyar – Chennai

Unique bakery with Korean bakery. Matcha Swiss roll, mocha coffee bun, and sausage veg are hand down the best option on their menu. On special days they give offers.

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19.Inko Center, Chennai

This restaurant is a small coffee shop to feed your requirements adjoined to the Korean artistic centre. There has an art gallery, and a small study room, and they were also conducting Korean language classes. If you are kdrama and k-pop suckers, you should visit this place with your loved bones and musketeers.

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20.Another Kitchen, Adyar – Chennai

Another kitchen is a multi-cuisine restaurant where you can find unique Korean cuisine foods. Chicken Teriyaki Don, Tonkatsu, and Ebi Rolla are the best on their menu. The restaurant are so authentic and have loads of veggie options.