Top 10 Zaika from Kashmir


1.Rogan Josh

Kashmir kitchens give us the best lamb dishes. Among them, Rogan Josh is one of the best. It is a beautiful combination of onions, spices which are grown in the Kashmiri land and yogurt. They use home-made yogurt which is low in fats. The dish is soulful to eat. It goes best with plain rice, chapatti or naan. It’s a must-try.



It is another mouth-watering lamb dish using minced lamb molded into a round shape. It is cooked by simmering it in turmeric water. It is then cooked in meat stock. It has an amazing aroma. It goes best with rice. You will crave for more.


Kasmiri Saag

It is a special dish where the spinach is grown in lake water. It is easy to make. Just add some oil on a pan. Pour the spinach, add salt to taste, chilies, water, onions and garlic. Cook for some time and the finger-licking healthy dish is ready to be devoured with rice or naan.



Kashmiri Pulao

It is one of the most delightful dishes on earth. Kashmiri pulao is garnished with freshly chopped fruits and dry fruits which makes the dish irresistible. The perfect blend of fruits and basmati rice is just heartwarming. One must try this dish on a Kashmir tour.



Kashmiri Dum Aloo

It is one of the most popular dishes of India. It is a must-have dish on every North Indian wedding menu or any occasion at all. Small potatoes are deep fried or you can boil the potatoes then fry it. In a bowl of yogurt, add all the spices like red chilies, cumin seeds, coriander powder, garlic powder, ginger powder. In another pan, boil some oil and fry this whole mixture for some time. Once you see the mixture boiling, add a spoon of butter or ghee. Mix well. Add fried potatoes, cook for some time. And the most beloved dish is ready.


Kashmiri Muji Gaad

It is a lovely aromatic union of fish and vegetables especially radish or as they call it, nadur. This dish is popular in the state. It is specially made in the month of December for Gaada Bata festival. If we visit there around this time or if you are already there, don’t forget to try this dish of the month. The taste will bind you. It is usually enjoyed with rice or chapatti.


Gogji Nadir

It is one of the tastiest, yummiest dishes of Kashmir. It is made of lotus stems. Another widely available item is turnips. They use five things to make it. Yes, just five. They are red chilies, lotus stem, oil, asafetida and turnips. Mix and cook the four ingredients in oil. You have the most favorite dish of the land on your table.


Paneer Chaman

It is a nice vegetarian dish which is made of cottaged cheese slices. Fry cheese/paneer on a pan. After it turns slightly golden, boil water in a vessel and add the fried paneer in it. On a different vessel, roast few cloves, cumin seeds, coriander leaves, cardamom and ginger powder. Then add some oil, then curd. Fry the whole thing nicely, now add the cheese. Cook for some time and the beautiful dish is ready to be served.


Aab Gosht

It is a finger-licking mutton dish. Kashmir is famous for its variety of mutton dishes. This dish is flavorsome. It goes well with rice or pulao. It is made of various spices. It is made using milk and yogurt. It is surely made in every special occasion. No one can make it better than the Kashmiri people. It is just their thing. You should not miss out on this dish.



From the Leh region, this is a tempting dish of noodles and vegetables. It has soup, noodles, vegetables and minimal spices. It is just the best to have in the cold weather of Kashmir. It is good for your health and too delicious for your taste buds. Have a pleasant stay and enjoy.