Top 15 Resorts In And Around Jamshedpur

Top 15 Resorts In And Around Jamshedpur
Top 15 Resorts In And Around Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is one of the most famous industrial cities in India. It is the largest city in Jharkhand and is popular for Tata Steel and Motors Plant. This city is having a unique location as it is placed between Kharkai and Subarnarekha rivers which are also regarded as one of the major pull factors during the setup of Tata industry over here. Jamshedpur is termed after Jamsetji Tata, who is known as the architect of this city.

Jamshedpur is situated in the southern part of Jharkhand state and is near to the borders of West Bengal and Odisha. It is encircled by beautiful Dalma Hills and is located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau region. The city possesses a nice scenic beauty which can be felt from the terraces of various apartments and houses. The city is full of greenery which cuts down the air pollution level caused due the Steel Plant amidst the city. Having such a picturesque beauty all around the city makes it one of the best businesses for the ‘Resort Industry’ in and around. People love travelling through the roads of Jamshedpur and spend their time in these resorts situated nearby to enjoy weekends and short trips. So here are some of the exotic resorts attracting people of the East.

1. Golden Leaf Resort

Stretching out in an area of 4 acres of landscaped and well groomed lawns with mesmerizing view of Dalma Hills is the nature’s resort Golden leaf. An alluring resort with excellent hospitality, premium rooms, varying cuisine, relaxing spa and beer bar makes this resort an attractive destination for people around the city. It’s a 20 minutes’ drive from the town located adjacent to the highway in Jamshedpur.maxresdefault

2. The Wave International

Be it corporate meetings, weeding destination or dinning with pleasure, The Wave International is one of the most captivating resorts situated in the lusty green outskirts of Jamshedpur on NH33 (Tata – Ranchi Highway). Spread out in a huge area, the resort offers the best possible facilities beyond expectations such as comfortable rooms, refreshing spa center and gymnasium, delicious food and splendid swimming pool.


3. Hill View Resort

Hill view resort is known to be one of the finest resorts to relax and have fun. Strategic location with a view of Dalma Hills makes it an attractive destination for people to relax and enjoy their weekends. Beautiful Asan Bani and near to Reliance petroleum makes it perfectly accessible. Hill View Resort is famous for its wedding arrangements with excellent catering service and huge lawn which can accommodate guests easily and thus acts as a holistic package.


4. Silver Sand

Silver Sand located near the highway connecting Jamshedpur and Ranchi offers best resort-like experience along with other accommodations like Holiday homes, Restaurant activities, travel and transportation. This resort is one of the finest places to enjoy family picnics and other party functions with all the basic amenities available there.

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5. 10th Milestone

10th Milestone located in Parsudih is one of the best hospitality destinations that has shown pace and is responsible for attracting various people. It is has an explicit banquet hall with gorgeous lawn pulling people for getting hitched in this beautiful location. It also offers an exclusive and irresistible food along with cozy rooms that makes this resort worth investing in.


6. City Inn

Located in Mango area of Jamshedpur, City Inn is known to be one of the top players in resort and hotel industry in and around Tatanagar. People staying in City Inn also prefer to visit Dimna Lake that is just 4kms from the resort. In general City Inn can be regarded as a place of sightseeing leisure and getting around.


7.Dalmanchal Resort

At the base of the Dalma Hills between a tapered road lies the Dalmanchal resort. This resort is famous for its adventurous and unique activities like Campfires, Barbeque, Farm rooms, Sports, camping, corporate outings and meetings, private parties and functions. Dalmanchal also acts as a gateway for many city school’s educational and venturesome events.


8. Dimna Resort

A change from the tiring city life to a place full of panoramic beauty and utmost peace is what the Dimna resort will offer you. This resort offers you plethora of services like quintessential dinning and quite comfortable rooms. It is 3km from Dimna Lake which makes this resort an ideal place for people loving nature and its immense beauty.


9. The Imperial Resort

When it comes to great quality food, snacks or gourmet food, the Imperial resort in Parsudih area of Jamshedpur is the one-stop destination. With the diversification of food, this resort also offers host of other services like large banquet hall for various functions, elegant interior work and overall an attracting ambience.


10. The Weekend Resort

Situated in the middle of the village Shankarda, the Weekend resort is 40-50 minutes drive from Jamshedpur. An excellent drive wherein one will experience a perfect village life. This resort provides profusion of services like clean farmland area with nicely maintained garden which makes this a perfect destination for the weekends.

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11. Royal Hills Premium Resort

Royal hill premium resort and hotel has one of the largest banquet halls and party lawns situated in Golmuri cum Jugsalai area of Jamshedpur. Royal hill is responsible for creating a suitable position when it comes to luxurious stays and opulent weddings. This resort offers various other services like authentic and delicious food with excellent dining experience. A perfect place to have family functions is something this resort is capable enough.


12. Matha Forest Resort

Matha forest resort located in Matha forest area in West Bengal and is 65 km from Jamshedpur is one of the most exotic resorts. People loving jungle and lush green forest area will definitely be fascinated by this resort due its location. Despite its limited accommodation, Matha forest resort is regarded to be one of the best budget resorts to relax in the weekends.


13.  Malgudi Resort

Malgudi resort situated in Matha forest area is a perfect destination for people wanting to experience wilderness. It is amidst the forest with a beautiful scenic view of Mathaburu hill range of Ajodhya Hills.

Some of the amenities of this resort includes restaurant, various activities for kids, car hire and bicycle rental.


14. Nirjane Resort

A 58 km drive from Jamshedpur, Nirjane resort situated in Purulia district of West Bengal is one of the best resorts that can offer an absolute experience of native culture of Bengal and Jharkhand. With availability of different local cuisines, this resort also showcases folk dance for the purpose of customer entertainment. People wanting to experience spectacular display of local culture can definitely visit Nirjane Resort.3

15.  Dalma Guest House

Dalma Guest House situated on Dalma hills and maintained by Tata Steel is a guest house worth spending quality time. It has 20 luxurious and well equipped rooms with a mini bar at each room. It’s a 30km drive from Jamshedpur where people prefer to go and spend peaceful time amidst the natural beauty. Dalma hills are known as abode of elephants and tourists staying in this guest house get ample opportunities to sight elephants in its natural habitat.