Top 17 Places To Devour Street Food In Kolkata

top 17 places to devour street food in kolkata

Kolkata is India’s leading street food hub. From Soda Shikanji, Momos, to Pav Bhaji. You name it, these streets have it. The pavements have all kinds of flavors ready for you, but you must be open to exploring!

1 Russell Street

Situated in the hub of Kolkata, Russell Street offers Soda Shikanji, Kulfi, and Puchka. The street is completely packed with people and is one of the best places to gorge on various kinds of street foods. The kind of kulfi’s available here beat anywhere in the city.


2 Kusum Rolls

Kusum Rolls is a special street food place in Park Street situated opposite Flurys was established in 1971. You can choose from double chicken cheese rolls to kathi rolls. All of them will be wrapped around in a warm paratha, with raw ingredients, and topped with their exceptional sauce. It’s splendid when you want to grab a quick bite. The place is especially full during the weekends.


3 Fairlie Place and Stock Exchange

Famous for its Luchi and Aloo Dum, the place additionally offers fresh dal pakodi and chai. Always packed with office-goers and students, the place is constantly surrounded by people in a rush and therefore the service is fast. If you want a fresh and quiet time to visit, then go between 5 to 7 am.


4 Sharma Tea

For people who like hanging out early morning or want a warm cup of tea early morning, then Sharma Tea is always open. The tea and jalebis are available round the year. A favorite among the city’s multiple cars and bike clubs. There is limited seating and customers typically sit in their cars and eat.


5 Balwant Singh’s Eating House

This eatery invented the Doodh Cola and Doodh Fanta. Sounds wacky? But it’s an acquired taste by many of its visitors. During winters they sell Makke di Roti with Sarso ka Saag, true Punjabi style. In summers you can try their special Malai lassi. The place is open 24/7, so if you crave a late night snack you know where to go.

6 Maya Ram’s

The taste of their Pav bhaji has not changed since their inception, in addition to the Chuski and Faluda. Prices have always remained minimum; one plate costs only 100 rupees and is quite filling. If you want a treat, then order special Pav Bhaji.


7 Shibhuji

If you’re craving some good Shikanji, then Shibhuji offers you different choices. Cola, Soda, Rosewater, Badam, Kulfi Sherbet, and recently added Green Apple Limca Shikanji. They moreover have kulfis at the other foot. Shibuji also offers pans; a good mouth freshener after a heavy dinner.


8 Vardaan Market

Outside the market, you get the best Chilla and Dahi Chaat. This area offers a variety of street food, all in one place, so you’re spoilt for options. Vardaan also has shops offering chips made of bananas and peanuts.


9 New Market

Street food is available throughout this market, so you can shop and eat when you need refill. There is freshly pressed sugar cane juice, Tele Bhaja which is fried brinjals, onions, or potato. Numerous parts of the market have Puchka, Jalebi, and Momo stalls.


10 Om Hash Giri

An undiscovered gem, this chaat place offers Delhi style Aloo Tikki Chaat with curd and sprinkled veggies. One plate costs around 50 rupees and is extremely filling.


11 Kohinoor Rolls

In the center of Park Circus, Kohinoor offers chicken rolls that are made of fresh parathas and stuffed with chicken or mutton. A specialty is the Chicken Reshmi and Chicken Tikka rolls. The rolls start at only rupees 30. Once you bite into their roll, you won’t be able to stop even if you’re full.


12 Tiretti Bazar, China Town

Authentic Chinese is sold in every nook and corner of the streets. If you want to attend  this feast, then you should visit between 5:30 am to 7 am. The Chinese community of Calcutta puts up their stalls in China Town every morning. You’ll find an increase in  dishes and a decorated bazaar during the Chinese New Year.


13 Goutam’s

The outlet produces a variety of dishes with a street flavor. Their crispy chilli baby corn, chowmein, and cold coffee are incredible. All the outlets only allow a seating arrangement for a few people. The amount of serving is large but the price is negligible, and all the food is veg.


14 Streets of Tollygunge

The staple Bengali diet is fish, so of course, a street food had to be based on it. The Fish Fry, available all around the city but tastes the best in the streets of Tollygunge. You might even discover mutton and veg cutlets in some of the corner shops. Don’t forget taking mustard sauce with these.



Mitra Cafe

Situated in Shom Bazar, Mitra Cafe has expanded but remained true to its street food style. The chicken and fish kabiraji are a must try and they even prepare their own mustard sauce. They keep adding new dishes but their cutlets made from 100-year-old recipes remain the same.


16 Princep Ghat

Enjoy freshly made Ghoti, which is fried aloo pieces or warm pakora beside the river. Princep ghat offers an expansive view of the two bridges and the wind while you enjoy the street food. Beside the ghat, you get Ghugni, Pav Bhaji, and Spicy Papri Chat. If you’re with kids, then you can take them to play small games in stalls or small merry go rounds. Boat rides are also available and ideal for dates with significant others.


17 Kalika

An absolute treat in this eatery is the egg devil or ‘dimer devil’ in Bengali. A hard-boiled egg covered with minced meat and spices. It’s extremely filling and tasting, second to the ‘Dim and Poshto’ which is egg topped with a paste of poppy seeds.