Top 18 Types of Idli to enjoy in Tamil Nadu


Idli is a nutritious, delicious dish and is liked by almost everyone across the country. It is eaten by people in various ways and is accompanied by different products, such as Chutney, Kuruma, Sambhar, etc. Idli is suitable for all ages as it is made by steaming. The batter is fermented, so probiotics are very good. Have a look at the top 18 types of idli, you can enjoy in Tamil Nadu.

1. Regular Idli

The regular idli is made with idli rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds. In Tamil Nadu, Idli is one of the most famous and favourite dish among people. It is loved by everyone.


2. Poha Idli

Poha is split into a perfect idle batter with rice and urad dal. Like ordinary idli, chutney or kuruma can be served with. Poha idli tastes different from the regular idli. One should try Poha Idli for a change.


3. Rava Idli

Rava or Semolina are used for this idli. This requires no grinding. In contrast to the regular idle varieties, Rava idli are rough.


4. Oats Idli

Oats idli is often a meal recommended for diabetic people. It has no sugar content and is, therefore, suitable for all. Fermenting is not required to prepare this idli.


5. Instant Idli

Instant idli mix is available that can be used for emergencies. You should try your hands on this idli blend when you do not have enough time to make the idli batter. They can be found in the stores easily.


6. Ragi Idli

This is a very nutritious and safe variety of idli. Ragi or finger millets are used in making this Idli. It includes parboiled rice, as well as urad dal. Ragi idli recipes are also available instantly.


7. Instant Poha Idli

No fermentation is required for this. Preparation is also simple. The idli is very soft and fluffy when made using poha.


8. Kanchipuram Idli

This Idli is prepared using moutar seeds, urad dal, and ginger. This kind of idli doesn’t need an accompaniment such as chutney or sambhar, as it tastes best alone.


9. Cooked Rice Idli

Cooked rice idli is just a homemade idli sold in the market of Tamil Nadu. It melts instantly in the mouth. It is not only delicious but it is also soft in taste.


10. Thinai Idli

This is another form of idli made with a variety of millet – thinai. In this idli, there is a great deal of food value and a great deal of health benefits.


11. Podi Idli

Podi idli is rendered with tiny idli’s and idle podium sprinkling. In a saucepan, the mixture is roasted to crisp the idli’s.


12. Vada Idli

Vada Idli is a delicious deep-fry meal served for breakfast in nearly every hotel. Vada’s such as Medu vada, Masala, Parupu vada, Sambar vada, Thayir vada, etc. Vada’s are available at every restaurant of Tamil Nadu.


13. Idli in Jackfruit Leaves

Very soft aromatic idlis are made from a cup of jackfruit leaves. These idli’s are called hittu or khotte in Konkani language. Jackfruit leaves steam the idli’s, and give the jackfruit leaves a flavor and aroma.


14. Okra Idli

Soft, fluffy, delicious idli, made with bhindi/okra. You can also attempt to make okra dosa using the same batter.


15. Samvat Rice Idli

Unique rice-free idli recipe you can prepare for fasting or regular days too. This is a sama, samo, samvat, vari fermented idli, which is a millet grain used in Indian fasting.


16. Idli Fry

Crisp idli fry is made of idli’s. Sambar or tomato sauce can be eaten with idli fry.


17. Idli Upma

Simple, homely frills upma is a leftover idli’s recipe. A fast breakfast recipe that can satisfy everyone’s hunger.


18. Chili Idli

Idli’s are deep fried in a saucepan and lots of chili’s or sauces are added to make the idli spicy and finger-licking.

South Indian dishes are healthy and delicious. Fermented batter idli is one of the best and soft light spongy idli’s are included in your diet, if feasible. Idli is very healthy and should be in the diet of a health-conscious person.