Top 19 Street Foods In Varanasi

Top 19 Street Foods In Varanasi

Varanasi, the most beautiful city believed to be established by Lord Shiva himself is considered to be one of the most spiritual cities in India. It is one of the most visited tourist places. This city is famous, not only for the spirituality it holds but also for the yummiest street food it has. Here are a few handpicked Top 20 street foods in Varanasi.

1.Choora Matar

Choora Matar also known as Chiwda Matar is served in almost all the street shops on the old lanes of Banaras. This dish which originated in Banaras itself, is the most healthy and delicious breakfast. It is Poha with a Banarasi twist. It is topped with a generous amount of ghee and is often considered the comfort food for most of the Banarasi people. The best shop to taste Choora Matar is Deena Chaat Bhandar.


2.Baati Choka

Served with a generous amount of ghee, Baati Choka is the authentic food of Banaras. As the name says, it consists of two main components- Baati and Choka. It is a very tasty and unique food that is loved by everyone across the country. It is Varanasi’s version of Litti choka. It is a treat for taste buds. The best place to taste Baati Choka is in Anand Mandir Cinema.


3.Kachori Sabzi

Kachori Sabzi is considered one of the most popular street food in Varanasi. The kachori is served with a unique sabzi. The sabzi is made up of potatoes and chickpeas with various spices and flavors. It is served piping hot. It is a spicy and tangy treat to your taste buds. The best place to have Kachori Sabzi is in Ram Bhander.


4.Chena Dahi Vada

It is considered one of the most famous street foods in Varanasi. It is the perfect treat for your taste buds as it is a mixture of sweet and sour flavors. It is dipped in sweet yogurt with some spicy masala added on top. Dahi vada is usually served as a breakfast food. The best place to have Chenna Dahi Vada is Kaashi Chaat Bhandar


5.Tamatar Chaat

Originating in Banaras, Tamatar Chat is a combination of tangy and sweet flavors. Tamatar Chaat is sold in almost all the shops on the old lanes of Varanasi. It is a lip-smacking snack and is a must-try. The best place to have Tamatar Chaat is Keshri Deenanath Chaat Bhandar.



Flavored milk froth topped with loads of dry fruits is a seemingly simple dessert named Malaiyyo that is found only in Varanasi. The texture of this fluffy substance is out of this world. It is a Varanasi classic and is a try. It is very delicate and just melts in your mouth. The best place to try this treat is in the Chaukhamba area.


7.Banarasi Paan

You will get the real “Khaike Paan Banaras waala” feeling after you try the Banarasi Paan. It is made with special Banarasi ingredients and is rich in flavors. It has an exotic combination of ingredients. Banarasi Paan has the Geographical Indication Tag or GI Tag. The Best shop for Keshav Tambul Bhandar.


8.Thandai And Lassi

Thandai And Lassi are commonly found in all Indian households. Thandai is made from seasonal fruit. Lassi is made up of milk, yogurt, seeds, nuts, and unique spices. It is a refreshing treat for your taste buds. The best place to have Thandi or Lassi is the Blue Lassi shop and pehelwan lassi. It is quite tempting. It has around 90 varieties of lassi served in an earthen cup.


9.Dahi Chutney Wale Gol Gappe

It is one of the most popular dishes Banaras. Dahi Chutney waale Gol Gappe or Meethe Golgappe has spicy and sweet flavours. They are known as the popular versions of Pani Pani. The Puri is stuffed with chana and some flavourful spices. It is a combination of tangy, spicy, sweet flavors. A must-try chat and is loved by the majority of the people.The best place to try Dahi Chutney wale Gol gappe is Kashi chaat Bhandar.


10.Chola Samosa

The most common Indian chaat is found in all the Indian streets. The thick layer of semi-spicy chole and hot samosas stuffed with a rich filling of potatoes and spices is a perfect snack when in Banaras. The best place to try Chola Samosa is Sonu Samosa Chola Bhandar. This dish is a steal for sure.


11.Rabri Jalebi

Varanasi serves one of the best Rabri Jalebi Combo. Rabri tastes even better with Jalebi made in desi ghee. One can find Rabri Jalebi on any street on the lanes of Varanasi. The best place to try Rabri Jalebi is Madhur Jalpan. The jalebis are juicy and crispy. Rabri Jalebi is the most loved combination.


12.Tikki Chat

Tikki Chat is commonly found in almost all the Indian cities. It is a tancy chaat topped with some curds and spices on it. It is similar to Aloo Chat but with some variations. It has different types of herbs and spices involved. The tikki is crumbled and then a few chutneys are added with some curd and spices. It is a delicious chaat and is perfect for an evening snack. The best place to try Tikki Chat is Assi Food Street.


13.Katori Chaat

Katori Chat also known as Tokri Chat is a popular snack in the lanes of Varanasi. It is one of the lip-smacking snacks. It is not very spicy but definitely a must-try. The yogurt and the topping of other spices and herbs make it a tasty snack that is loved by many people. The best place to try Katori Chaat is Assi Food Street.


14.Malai Toast

Malai Toast is considered a favorite item by many food lovers. Malai Toast from Lakshmi Chai Wala has a separate fan base. It has got visitors traveling from far away just to eat the Malai Toast. The Sugar Malai Toast is one of the best sellers. It is definitely a must-try.



It is a traditional Indian Sweet found in Varanasi. It is considered to be very rich in flavors. The dessert is one of a kind and is definitely a must-try when in Varanasi. Launglata is made up of clove and dipped in sugar syrup. It has its own tastes and herbs that make it unique with the flavors of Varanasi. The best shop for Launglata is Kedareshwar Sweet House.


16.Raj Kachori

Raj Kachori is a filling snack. It is delicious and large. The kachori has a rich filling of multiple flavors that include potatoes, channa, chutneys, and many spices. It is something nobody misses to try in Varanasi. The best shop to try Raj Kachori is Raj Bhandar Kachori.


17.Laiya Channa

It is the most healthiest snack one can find on the streets of Varanasi. It is similar to Bhelpuri. All the chaat masala’s with spices and chutneys are mixed with sprouts. Lemon is squeed all over giving a tangy taste to the mixture. It is a delight to your taste buds. The best place to try Laiya Channa is Kesari Chat Corner.


17.Kulhad Chai

The chai in Varanasi is something very unique and special. The chai tastes different because it is made from a very creamier milk from buffalo. They add their special masala chai which makes it a unique chai. It is served in Kulhad hence Kulhad Chai. The best shop to have kulhad chai is in Kadak Kashi Kulhad.


18.Palak Patta Chaat

Ot is also known as Palak Papdi chat. The best place to try Palak Patta Chat is Kashi Chat Bhandar. The chat consists of fried spinach with yogurt, chutneys, and spices. It is topped with some masala and sev. The taste is different and not usually found everywhere in India. The best place to try Palak Patta Chat is Om Shree Ram Bhandar.


19.Dahi Bhalla

It is also known as Dahi Vada. The crispy Bhalla is served in sweet and spicy yogurt with some chutneys and masala. It has several names in all parts of India but the taste is delicious everywhere. Every bite of Dahi Bhalla is worth it. It has many flavours. The best place to have Dahi Bhalla is Ram Bhandar.

Dahi Bhalla