Top 20 Aesthetic Cafes In Thanesar, Kurukshetra

Top 20 Aesthetic Cafes In Thanesar, Kurukshetra (1)

Kurukshetra is known as the Land of the Mahabharata, where the famous Mahabharata battle happened centuries ago. The cuisine is influenced by the climatic conditions and the historic culture that has shaped the place. Due to cultural influence, the majority of the population is vegetarian. Apart from being a historic landmark, Kurukshetra is also a buzzing education hub, thereby hosting a large student population. Amidst the relentless burdens of their daily routines and the ever-increasing academic pressure, students often discover solace and relief in food. Numerous cafes provide a welcoming atmosphere where students can relax, unwind, and freely share their concerns.


Prepare to be enchanted the moment you step foot into Bistro@17. The café’s soothing interior sets the perfect ambiance for an evening of relaxation. The food is just as impressive as the aesthetic. It boasts a diverse selection ranging from thin-crust pizzas to mouthwatering sandwiches, and flavorful noodles. To complement the food, the café offers a refreshing array of drinks. However, the true highlight of Bistro@17 lies in its renowned brownie with ice cream. It has also become a favourite destination for students looking to celebrate birthday parties or simply for an academic retreat.

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2.Arabica Café

Arabica Cafe is an exceptional eating spot, providing a lot of delectable dishes from many culinary traditions like Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines. The café’s seating is very comfortable and laid back and the ambiance is a treat to the eyes. The menu offers many appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages to suit every palate. Moreover, the cafe offers reasonable prices, making it an appealing option for students.

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3.Fresh Bowl

For all the Vegetarian cuisine enthusiasts out there, this is the place to be! It is highly recommended by many for its impeccably cooked pasta and delicious salads. The mouthwatering waffles have won the hearts of a lot of visitors. The coffee served here is excellent, and heaven for coffee lovers. People of all ages are drawn to the calm atmosphere and aesthetically lit dining area.

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4.Keshav Café

This cafe offers a delightful taste of Chinese cuisine, and according to many reviews, their pasta dishes are also amazing. The restaurant also serves excellent coffee for those looking for a refreshing drink. At Keshav Cafe, the friendly staff goes above and beyond to showcase their appreciation for their guests, providing exceptional service and ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

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5.Jannat Couple Coffee Café

Jannat Couple Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Kurukshetra. While renowned for its exceptional coffee, it caters to both dine-in and takeaway customers, making it a convenient choice for people in a hurry. True to its name, Jannat Couple Coffee exudes a romantic and cozy ambiance, making it an ideal destination for people to spend time with their partners or for a memorable date experience.

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6.Coffee Nation

Coffee Nation in Kurukshetra is known for its well-prepared pasta dishes, a must-try for anyone visiting the place. According to the reviews of guests, the coffee served is of high quality, and the staff at Coffee Nation is described as energetic and they ensure that your dining experience is a pleasant one.

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7.Brew Beans Café

Brew Beans Café has gained popularity for its exceptional freshly ground coffee, beautifully presented to captivate the senses. Among the many delightful beverages available, the Mint Mojito and Mocchachino have stood out and are recommended by customers. Owing to its location along the Delhi-Chandigarh highway, the cafe draws customers from Kurukshetra and beyond.

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8.Pinnaki Bakery

Planning a small party at home and eager to treat your guests to delectable sweets and mouthwatering savory delights? Well, a bakery is the perfect solution! With various sweet and savory treats, it’s the ideal place to satisfy everyone’s cravings and surprise them with their favorite desserts, making your special occasion even more delightful. The cakes here are amazing but the farmhouse pizza is a cherry on top.

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9.Vintage Café

Tired of constantly eating pizzas and noodles while going out? Worry not, Vintage Café is just the spot offering you delicious food, and you would not have qualms about your health. The menu consists of various items like Dosas, Salads and, Tortilla Wraps. From such a large variety, you’re bound to find a dish that tickles your taste buds and keeps you healthy!

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10.Mother’s Café

This one has such a homely name! For students missing the taste of their mother’s cooking, this is the right place to be. They offer refreshing slushes for beating out the scorching summer heat and their famous bread pizza is something you don’t want to miss out on.

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11.Bhumi Café

Have a large group of friends? Bhumi Café is just the right place for you with its well-crafted combos and a variety of drinks, including shakes, sodas and, fruit beers. This place will make sure you have a full stomach and a full pocket as well. The prices are super affordable and just perfect for evening hangouts.

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12.Sunrise Café And Bakers

Sunrise Café and Bakers perfectly combines the elegance of a café and the expertise of a bakery. The menu options are so diverse picking a dish can be overwhelming even! The cutlet, grilled sandwich and, spring rolls are the best things to try out here.

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13.Birds Nest Café

This place is just as magical as it looks. The open space is a perfect place for celebrations like birthdays, where you can dance around and get beautiful pictures clicked! Needless to say, the food is amazing; whether you’re a fan of cheesy pasta or quick sandwiches, this place has got you covered.

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14.Black Mambo Cabin Café

Black Mambo Cabin Café stays true to its name and has a dark and enticing aesthetic. Who wouldn’t love to have mysterious conversations with their friends while eating here?! So, hop in for breakfast, a quick coffee, or an entire afternoon meal and leave with a mystical experience.

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15.Comet Lounge Café

If you’re looking to party like a grown-up, Comet Lounge Café has got it covered. It has the best Hookah in all of Kurukshetra and offers a variety of flavours. The lounge-like arrangement is a perfect place for large gatherings and, if you’re a social butterfly, it just might be the best place to make a few friends!

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16.Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar, with its quirky and fun, is just the right place for all sorts of beverages like a large variety of teas, mojitos and, even the desi lassi! They even offer milkshakes and lemonades in various, different flavours. If water isn’t enough to quench your thirst, treat your tastebuds to these refreshing drinks!

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17.Humble House

What do you want to eat today? Pizzas? Salads? No, too healthy. Some sizzling Chinese food? Already full? How about some tea? The Humble House humbly serves all of these and more! This place has food for any mood you might be in. Have a sweet tooth? There are brownies, waffles, sundaes and, even fresh fruits to choose from!

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18.The Patron Inn

Doesn’t the word Inn have such a medieval sound to it? But don’t worry, The Patron Inn will suit your modern tastes! Finding good non-vegetarian places in a city that is strictly vegetarian can be frustrating. This place has amazing Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice. Also, it has free parking! If that doesn’t excite you, the chicken certainly will.

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19.The Coffee Club

The outdoors look so enticing, you just want to go in. The smell of hot sandwiches wouldn’t let you stay outside anyway. The most unique coffee here would be the Special Jaggery Latte for all those sugar-conscious fellows out there. Buy hey, even if you don’t feel like going out of the box, there are plenty of options to suit your tastes.

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20.The Skylight Café

The perfect party destination, this Italian café will ensure you do seize the day! Have your friends been nagging you for that birthday party? Well, it ends now because The Skylight Café has affordable pizza combos for a group of five people and even salads for gym freaks!

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