Top 20 Amazing Food Dishes In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a marvelous US territory. It is full of mountains, waterfalls, and tropical rainforests. It is a wonderful country with bright nightclubs, beach bars, casinos, and a hotel strip. It also has some ancient colonial monuments. Puerto Rico has a very delicate and authentic cuisine. The food dishes are super delicious and should be tried at least once.

1. Arroz con Gandules

Arroz con Gandules is a Puerto Rican recipe with rice and pigeon beans. It is a traditional dish and has a rich taste. It is prepared with many ingredients and topped with salad while serving.

1.arroz con Gandules

2. Pollo Guisado

Pollo Guisado is an authentic Puerto Rican recipe for chicken stew. The chicken is stewed thoroughly with sofrito, achiote, adobo, and other spices to get a rich taste. Vegetables are also added to this dish.

2.Pollo Guisado

3. Platanos Maduros

Platanos Maduros is an authentic Puerto Rican recipe. The ripened plantains are deep-fried in vegetable oil. It has a mild sweetness and a delicious flavor. Though it has a less crispy texture, it gets a full score for its deliciousness.

3.Platanos Maduros

4. Empanadillas

Empanadillas are a famous pastry dish in Puerto Rico. It is prepared with flour made with eggs and larb. The filling can be sweet or savory. It is deep-fried to obtain a yellow-orange color.

4.Empanadillas 1

5. Coquito

Coquito is a very famous dessert prepared with coconut. Nutella and pistachios are added to enhance the flavor of this drink. It has a mouth-watering taste.


6. Arroz Mamposteao

Arroz Mamposteao is a famous rice and stewed beans dish in Puerto Rico. It is a combination of white rice and red kidney beans. It is prepared with sofrito and has a rich taste.

6.Arroz Mamposteao

7. Pernil Asado

Pernil Asado is a delicious roasted pork recipe in Puerto Rico. The pork shoulder is used in its preparation, and is slow-cooked for hours to achieve delicious taste and texture. It has a rich and mouth-watering taste.

7.Pernil Asado

8. Tostones

Tostones are a famous fried green plantain recipe from Puerto Rico. The green plantains are sliced and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. It is served with the authentic mayo-ketchup sauce.


9. Chicharrones

Chicharrones is a very famous fried pork rinds recipe from Puerto Rico. It has a great taste and enjoyed as a meal. It has a crunchy texture and is enjoyed with rice.


10. Morcilla

Morcilla is a trendy blood sausage recipe in Puerto Rico. It has a rich and unique taste. It acts as a perfect dish to accompany the wine. It is served and is enjoyed with salads.


11. Pinchos Morunos

This recipe is a famous kebab recipe in Puerto. The pork, chicken, or beef is skewered on sticks over the grill. It has a smoky flavor. The plantains are also combined to prepare the authentic dish.

11.Pinchos Morunos

12. Rellenos De Papa

Rellenos de Papa is a famous stuffed potato recipe enjoyed in Puerto Rico. The potatoes are stuffed with a mixture of beef, spices, adobo, and sofrito. They are deep-fried until crispy and golden brown.

12.Rellenos de Papa

13. Mofongo

Mogonfo is a mashed, fried plantains recipe in Puerto Rico. The mashed plantains are marinated in olive oil and garlic before frying. Meat and shrimp are also added to make it more flavorful. It is served with salad.


14. Bacalaitos

Bacalaitos is a famous codfish fritter enjoyed in Puerto Rico. It has a rich taste. The fish is thoroughly cooked to get a soft and tender texture. It has a mouth-watering taste.


15. Tres Leche

Tres Leche is a famous Puerto Rican Milk Cake recipe. This cake is prepared with coconut milk and topped with smooth whipped cream. It has a very spongy texture and a wonderful taste.

15.Tres Leche

16. Alcapurria

Alcapurria is a delicious recipe from Puerto Rico. It is made with flour and filling. The dough consists of grated bananas. The stuffings can be varied, but the most popular one is that of meat. It has a rich and delicious taste.


17. Quesitos

Quesitos is a delicious pastry recipe from Puerto Rico. It has a crispy exterior that is covered with honey. The interior has a soft cheese filling. It is enjoyed over breakfast with a cup of coffee.


18. Pastelon

Pastelon is a unique plantain lasagna recipe from Puerto Rico. It has a sweet taste of plantain and a savory flavor of meat and spices. It is a perfect breakfast recipe that is enjoyed all over the place.


19. Aranitas

Aranitas are a fried plantain fritter recipe from Puerto Rico. The green plantain are shredded and deep-fried with cilantro and garlic. It has a delicious yellow color and is served with a mouth-watering garlic sauce.


20. Bizcocho De Ron

Bizcocho De Ron is a famous Puerto Rican rum cake. It is prepared with various fruits and rum. It has a soft and fluffy texture and is served with ice cream.

20.Bizcocho De Ron