Top 20 Authentic Kolkata Biryani Joints In Park Circus, Kolkata

Top 20 Authentic Kolkata Biryani Joints In Park Circus, Kolkata

Indian Biryani, a part of the Mughlai Cuisine has satiated the palate of Indians for many years and secured its place as one of the most famous dishes in the country. Across the country, it takes different forms, with varying spice levels, consistency and cooking styles, but the Kolkata Biryani is distinctive, in contrast to, say, the spicy Hyderabadi Biryani because it is gently flavoured, light and easy on the tongue. Along with meat, the most distinguishing feature of the biryani is the ‘aloo'(potato) as historically only members of the upper class could afford meat, due to which the potatoes and eggs were added to the Kolkata Biryani for more taste, texture and nutrition.

With ‘Mawlid’ around the corner, the Biryani scene in Kolkata would soon be buzzing with excitement and flavours, with families and food enthusiasts eager to try out the various iterations of this beloved dish, especially in the Park Circus area which is home to quite a few authentic Mughlai restaurants. Some of these joints are discussed below.


One of the most popular and loved joints has numerous branches all over the city with the original store located right here in Park Circus area which till date has long queues, come rain or shine. The place has striked the perfect balance between seasoned rice, meat that falls off the bone and well-cooked potato that absorbs all the flavour. Everyone in the city has their favourite Arsalan Outlet of choice though; the Park Circus branch is the most visited and ordered from, particularly by the regular customers who are in love with the restaurant’s cuisine.

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2.Royal Indian Restaurant

This Restaurant is a one-stop destination for the perfect family outing with a menu offering a diverse selection consisting of various North Indian and Mughlai delicacies. At a glance, the dishes may sound generic but the distinct flavours that are added to each dish by the chef make the menu worth a try. The menu also consists of Awadhi Biryani (without potato) made according to the actual lucknowni recipe. The joint is a must-experience.

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Located near Quest Mall, Zeeshan is another place that is frequented by customers, for a taste of the authentic biryani and their North Indian platter, available at a reasonable rate. The Rolls of Zeeshan are some of the best in the city, along with items like chicken Reshmi Kebab, Haryali kebab and more.

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4.Zam Zam Restaurant

A celebrated Biryani joint in Kolkata, serving a great Mughlai cuisine consisting of various preparations of beef in its menu. The biryani here is light but loaded with flavours, and flawlessly cooked meat. The restaurant is a must-visit if one wants to experience a delicious Mughlai Cuisine.

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5.Adil Biryani Restaurant

This a widely known eatery in the Park Circus area acknowledged for its tasty and authentic Biryani. It offers a wide assortment of biryani dishes, from traditional to modern to suit all tastes; it consists of a variety of starters, main courses and desserts as well. The restaurant even offers catering services for special occasions.

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6.Haji Saheb

A loved food joint in the area, Haji Saheb provides a casual dining experience with a menu ranging from Chinese to North Indian to Mughlai. The menu is reasonably priced and the ambience inside adds to the diverse platter. The joint is a must-check-out for an enjoyable dining experience.

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7.Meraz Biryani

This place is a grub hub for Biryani lovers in the area as the authentic menu of this delivery-only chain serves delectable biryani which can conquer hearts. The pocket-friendly menu adds to its popularity, more often than not hosting a crowd around it.

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8.Bombay Brasserie

A Vibrant restaurant situated in Quest Mall near Park Circus, with a gorgeous Indian Cuisine that offers not only Biryani but different culinary delights that will surely leave you pining for more. It also hosts a lot of special nights and events supported by their, in-house DJ. The Amritsari Kulfi here is a must-try.

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9.Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Shiraz is among the oldest Biryani Joints in Kolkata and is also quite popular. Along with having the finest of Biryani, mutton pasinda and mutton chaap, which form possibly one of the best food combinations, the restaurant also delivers savoury and authentic Persian dishes as well. It is an essential stop for all Biryani lovers.

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10.Park Royale Restaurant

A recently launched multicuisine restaurant which has become a hot spot, especially during ‘Puja season’ owing to its location. The place offers an array of options ranging from Chinese to Awadhi and more. The Oriental dishes are worth the try.

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11.Wah Janaab

Apart from Zam Zam, which was the only joint serving quality beef dishes in the area, Wah Janaab – a recently launched multicuisine restaurant is another good eatery offering an assortment of options in Mughlai Cuisine consisting of some of the most sumptuous mutton, chicken and beef meals. The platter of Wah Jannab is a must-check-out if you’re looking to savour some authentic Afghani dishes.

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An Arabic Restaurant-Barkaas is located on the stretch from Mullick Bazaar to Park Circus, just a few buildings after Shiraz, inside a proper hotel. The menu mostly focuses on Middle Eastern food and some other dishes like kebabs. The place serves ‘Mandi’ which is an alternative to Biryani and is a must-try.

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13.Tandoor House

Tandoor House located in Ballygunge, near Park Circus delivers varied food at an affordable price. Being a multicuisine joint, the Biryani here is fairly good as well as the other meals on the menu. It has various branches in the city and the food is of equal quality at each.

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14.Foodies Corner

Also situated in Ballygunge, this multicuisine restaurant hosts a variety of south Indian delicacies. It is well known among college students who get quality food at a pocket-friendly rate. The biryani here is also satisfactory according to the price.

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It is a fairly small joint situated in Ballygunge, serving appetizing fast food with a specialization in Rolls and kebabs. The menu offers a luscious range of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian rolls and is an ideal place to grab some quick bites at any time of the day. Though the biryani here is no different than any other traditional Kolkata Biryani.

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Riyasat-e-Hind is a palace-themed eatery done up with a gorgeous interior and walls adorned with artefacts, and paintings like the Rajasthani-Mughal wall art which is an eye-catcher. The place serves North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese dishes as well as Thai curries. The Biryani here is prepared in a Mughlai style with some added ‘masalas’ to enhance the taste. The prices are also quite economical.

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17.Veg Daawat By Behrouz

No hard and fast norm requires Biryani to be restricted specifically to the non-vegetarian palate, as displayed by this outlet situated in Ballygunge. Their menu includes an array of sumptuous and nutritional dishes, from traditional Indian curries to international favourites. “The zaikedaar paneer biryani along with the paneer gravy is the perfect combo” according to a reviewer on Those willing to explore their palate can check this place out.

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18.ELAHI Luxury Dining

Elahi -a recent outlet in Park Circus serves the most delightful spread of Mughlai, Awadhi and North Indian delicacies. Their spread consists of the most delectable items ranging from their signature ‘Murgh Chilman Bahar’ to their wide selection of bread. The interiors also contribute to the ambience of the restaurant.

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19.Azad Hind Dhaba, Ballygunge

If you’re in Kolkata, you cannot miss out on the experience of late-night dining at this dhaba particularly during the foggy winters. With pocket-friendly prices and a delectable menu, the Dhaba has numerous outlets throughout the city, occupying a special place in the hearts of many. Apart from their authentic Kolkata biryani, the butter chicken, chicken bharta, tadka, tandoori kebabs and naans are cooked to perfection. Most people will also recommend trying out the kulfi with the tasty ‘falooda’. The professional and terrific service at the Dhaba is also truly commendable as the joint is open all night long.

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20.Oudh 1590, Deshapriya Park

Located at a five km distance from Park Circus, Oudh 1590 is a famous joint having a ton of branches in the city. The Restaurant has maintained the original Awadhi palate after the demise of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah with even the interiors paying homage to the late Mughal traditions in its way. Some of their popular dishes include – Raan Biryani, Awadhi Handi Biryani, Qalmi kebab and more. Desserts like the ‘Phirni’ is a must-try as it would keep you wanting more.

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