Top 20 Authentic Konkani Restaurants In Vengurla, Sindhudurg.

top 20 authentic konkani restaurants in vengurla sindhudurg
top 20 authentic konkani restaurants in vengurla sindhudurg

Since dining matters a lot in our lives, to bring out our other skills well, one must know where he can find a perfect twist of taste to get things working. The complete varied specs of India offer plenty of options when it comes to seafood. The three-side water surroundings play a significant role in it. Places like Orissa in the East, Kerala in the South, and Maharashtra in the West pop in a while, talking about seafood. Moving forward today, we will explore the top 20 Authentic Konkani Restaurants in Vengurla, Sindhudurg, and everyone knows the same speciality of Konkani food is fish. So, let’s get started:

1. Hotel Krushnai

The most prominent            crowd-attracting spot due to continuous servings of delicious food is what they are known. They serve authentic Konkani thali, including different fishes in nonveg and five types of sabzis in veg. A whole family handles the restaurant, and serves real homemade food.

1.Hotel Krushnai

2. Hotel Nimbus

It is a family resort majorly functional at night. Their speciality is prawn dishes and the attempts to present authentic Konkani dishes modernly. Along with this, they specialize in Chinese food too. Ultimately, it is a place for a more prominent family with many eating choices.

2.Hotel Nimbus

3. Hotel Myboli

This is a restaurant with a lodge. A major tourist attraction due to its widespread reach. They serve the Konkani thali,2 North Indian and South Indian dishes having a distinct tastes. The restaurant has a standardized outlook with a bar and no bar section.

3.Hotel Myboli

4. Annapurna Hotel

Again, a hotel with a place to reside. They specialize in serving Konkani Veg thali. They use original techniques instead of using modern gadgets to make their food. They serve the food with noticeably different taste from many other places. Also, it is very affordable cost-wise.

4.Annapurna Hotel

5. Hotel Laukik

Probably, the long-standing hotel in Vengurla. They provide lodging services which are one of the best in Vengurla. Talking about food, they even serve Konkani breakfasts like Ras Ghavne, etc. With that their thali service is also the best. They believe in maintaining luxury at low costs.

5.Hotel Laukik

6. Hotel Krushna

Brothers to Hotel Krushnai, they have created their symbol by plating many items to their thali. They serve the whole fish, two different kinds of curry, Chapatis, Fish chutney, Salad, Buttermilk, and much more in their thalis. The veg thalis even include Gulab jamun, Shrikhand, Modak, etc. The primary attempt is to provide variety in a shot.

Hotel Krushna

7. Maushichya Gavat

This restaurant is known for the artistic structure of the hotel. From the entrance to the exit, everything is colorful. They even have quotes in Marathi (regional language), and English, and Hindi to enhance the dining experience. Furthermore, The Authentic Konkani food they serve has its speciality.

7.Maushichya Gavat

8. Satkar

A perfect hotel if your food taste changes according to your mood. They have South Indian Breakfasts, Authentic Konkani and North Indian lunch, and splendid Chinese dinner. That makes a perfect combo for a restaurant. With that, they have attempted to keep cold desert options open for their customers.


9. Laxmi Hotel

Not too much developed in terms of structure, but they don’t compromise in terms of food. A noted destination for someone hungry while shopping. This hotel is present between the Market of Vengurla. It is run by a local couple hence the cherry on the cake to have an authentic Konkani experience.

9.Laxmi Hotel

10. Malwani Katta

If you want to experience that Authentic Konkani food but your toddler is still stuck on burgers and pizzas, then this place can be helpful to you. They do have the thali system. For a refreshment, they even serve fun foods like burgers, chips, cold drinks, etc. However, they make no compromise in any of them. 100 % quality food is assured.

10.Malwani Katta

11. New Mango hotel

More than the Konkani thali, as per the name, this hotel is known for its mango products. They serve Aam Ras, Amba Poli, and Amba Wadi with their thali. They use fresh fruits in their dishes, due to ample connectivity with the mango vendors. They altogether avoid the use of ready-made products to maintain the purity of their servings.

11.New Mango hotel

12. Sagar Kinara

Talking about the coastline, dining near the sea or with a sea view cannot be left alone. Sagar Kinara, present very close to the sea, never falls out to give this experience. The raw material freshly brought from the waters around, Cooked Authentically, and served in a village way is its speciality. They even provide beach row house services.

12.Sagar Kinara

13. Hotel Gazali

One of the oldest hotels in Vengurla, with several international tourists visiting it every year. It has a Bar and a complete sea view from the height it is situated. A family resort that serves multiple cuisines at a place. Coming to the authenticity of Konkani food, its companionship with local fish vendors gives it access to fresh products. With that, the high-class chefs add a silver lining to the food.

13.Hotel Gazali

14. Kinara

Hotel Kinara, as per its name, is situated on the sea shore of Vengurla beach. Unlike many hotels mentioned before, this hotel has a bamboo base. The whole restaurant is wooden structured and well protected from natural calamities. It is very much like the Goan experience in Vengurla. It even serves modern drinks like mojitos, etc.


15. Hotel Mermaid

One more hotel with lodging near the sea. The accommodation offered by them is in flats and not row houses. Other services like food and room services stand up from many other places. Its closeness to the beach allows customers to check on local accessory vendors and local snacks vendors (corn cob, boiled peanuts, etc.)

15.Hotel Mermaid

16. Klub Khavana

The Primary attraction to the film industry. Many actors, directors, and on-set people prefer accommodating here. It is not a 5-star experience but comparatively luxurious. They fulfill the food needs with their authentic servings, which include Authentic Konkani Food too. Furthermore, it is situated on a seashore.

16.Klub Khavana

17. Daya Sagar

Older as it is. This hotel gives typical fisherman vibes. It is present on the sea shore as well. It is the first hotel opened by the owner of Klub Khavana. Surprisingly, he has many beach resorts that have very fascinating food and services to offer. Daya Sagar being the oldest one has a count experience in serving the best Authentic Konkani Food.

17.Daya Sagar

18. Golden Resort

Viewing the sea while being in the pool is a kind of feeling. This resort fulfills this need of a tourist. It is a well-structured sea-facing resort with lots of amenities like a children’s park, etc. In addition, it is well structured in its cuisines too. Authentic Malvani dishes accompany the authentic Konkani dishes.

18.Golden Resort

19. Sam and Son

The most loved resort by the young mates due to varied entertainment opportunities. Lodging and boarding provided, Authentic and western food privileges, days starting with sea shore sun rises and ending with huge bonfires. Excellent resort for friends’ trips.

19.Sam and Son

20. Dilip Resort

Last but not least, a flat system lodging boarding resort with plenty of Authentic food options. They offer excellent village breakfast options. Ten on-ten room service and food ratings. It is not based on the sea shore but very close to the sea. It offers the opportunity of exploring local sea stone arts and accessories.

20.Dilip Resort