Top 20 Baby Corn Dishes

Top 20 Baby Corn Dishes

1. Baby Corn With Peanut Chutney

Fried baby corns are very yummy in taste, we all know that and the baby corn goes amazingly well with peanut chutney. One way of combining both is simply deep fry the baby corns and then have them with peanut chutney. Another amazing way of having this combination is deep fry the corns covered with peanut paste. It’s my guarantee that you will love this way of having the baby corns.


2. Baby Corn Masala

Baby corn masala sounds weird as who makes gravy dish using baby corns. Baby corns are majorly used in making pizzas, chinese dishes etc. but the taste of baby corn masala is the yummiest of all baby corn dishes. The Indian tadka given to the baby corns by making a tangy yummy gravy dish is simply amazing. The dish is very well garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves.


3. Baby Corn With Okra (Ladyfinger)

The combination of baby corns and okra (ladyfinger or bhindi) sounds weird, but the taste of combination is simply amazing. For making this dish you have two choices; one is to mix them and then fry and the other is to fry them then mix. Both are tasty and have their own special taste. It’s your choice whether you want extra spicy and deep fried dish or soft and less spicy dish.


4. Baby Corn Soup

The taste of baby corn soup is simply yummy. Here you have two choices; one is to make soup with boiled baby corns and other is to make soup with deep fried baby corns. Also you have the choice in the size of baby corns; either add small pieces of baby corn or don’t chop the baby corn add it as it is.  To enhance the taste of baby corn soup simply add butter to the soup.


5. Baby Corn Masala Pakora

We all are aware of the taste of baby corn pakora. All the spice lovers are not fond of baby corn pakoras as they are not that much spicy. I have a new type of baby corn pakora for all spice lovers. What you need to do is simply make a mixture of besan and all the spices along with roasted chili flakes. Dip the boiled baby corns in the mixture and deep fry the pakoras.  Your masala baby pakoras are ready. Have them with tomato ketchup or peanut chutney.


6. Baby Corn Hara Masala

This dish is for all the green vegetable and green chili lovers. There are two types of spice lovers; one type of spice lovers love red chili and other love green chili. For making this wonderful dish you just need to make hara masala (paste of pudina, dhaniya, hari mirchi and salt). Add this hara masla to your baby corn dish and have yummy baby corn hara masala.


7. Baby Corn With Paneer

The name of the dish is self explanatory. We all know that Baby corns are tasty and paneer is also tasty. The combination is simply amazing. According to me, this combination is the best of all combinations ever. To make this even tastier, simply add boiled peas to your dish.


8. Baby Corn With Pudina

This dish is for all pudina lovers. The minty touch given to baby corn is simply amazing. For making this dish you need to make hara masala but this time the minty taste will be dominant in the dish. Add lots and lots of mint in the dish. To make dish even tastier, simply add beans to the dish. The addition of beans makes the dish healthy and tasty as well.


9. Broccoli And Baby Corn Fry

Broccoli and baby corn fry is the yummiest snack anyone can have. For making this yummy snack you just need to deep fry the baby corns and broccoli. After that, mix both along with all the spices. Cook for another two minutes and serve the yummy dish garnished with butter.


10. Baby Corn Roll

The taste of baby corn roll is simply yummy. Add lots and lots of mayonnaise in the roll. The combination of baby corn along with all the veggies and mayonnaise is simply scrumptious. To make your roll extra tasty add capsicum, bell pepper and jalapeno in your roll. Have yummy baby corn roll and forget all other rolls.


11. Baby Corn and mint Biryani

Baby corns are famous for their “mix in all” quality. It enhances the taste of every dish in which it is added. Soft baby corns are just amazing in taste. Mint has its own special category. Here you have two choices; one is to boil, grind the mint, mix them in deep fried baby corn  then add them to the boiled rice and cook well, the other is to add the mint paste in boiled baby corns. Both have their own speciality.


12. Baby Corn in hot Garlic Sauce

The Chinese touch given to yummy baby corns is simply scrumptious. Deep fried baby corns loaded with lots and lots of hot garlic sauce is simply delicious. We all love having chilli potato and chilli baby corns and garlic baby corns are updated version of that.


13. Baby Corn In Noodles

Addition of baby corns in noodles is simply yummy. They simply enhance the taste of noodles. Make sure you have shallow fried the veggies when you are adding the noodles in them as deep frying of veggies makes the noodles boring. For making your noodles extra tasty simply add hot garlic sauce along with chili and soya sauce in your noodles.


14. Baby Corn In Macaroni

We love having noodles, pasta, and macaroni as well. The macaroni is famous among kids. The kids are just crazy for macaroni. The special part of this macaroni dish is that it is made with baby corns. The addition of baby corns makes the dish simply yummy and scrumptious as well. The dish is full of spices and is special for spice lovers. The dish is simply yummy. It is well garnished with finely chopped spring onions.


15. Baby Corn With Mushroom

The taste of baby corn with mushroom is simply scrumptious. The dish is yummy and the gravy of the dish is simply amazing. The thick gravy is speciality of this dish. You can add other vegetables in the dish also.


16. Baby Corn With Cream

As we all know that cream simply enhance the taste of the dish in which it is added. Same is with the baby corn gravy. Simply add cream to the spicy gravy and serve hot.


17. Baby Corn With Honey

The honey chilli potato touch given to the fried baby corns is simply amazing in taste.


18. Baby Corn With Cheese

Pizza touch given to baby corns is simply yummiest of all pizza dishes.


19. Baby Corn And Capsicum Curry

The addition of capsicum in baby corn curry is amazing in taste. You just need to add deep fried capsicum in your dry baby corn curry.


20. Baby Corn With Egg

This is a super yummy dish made with baby corn for all non-veg lovers. The addition of egg in baby corn dish simply tastes out of the world.