Top 20 bell pepper dishes

Top 20 bell pepper dishes
Top 20 bell pepper dishes

1. Bell pepper and broccoli salad

Salads have their own special category as they are very healthy.  There are a number of people who love having salad and similarly there are many people who just hate salads. The bell pepper along with broccoli transformed into the salad is simply amazing to have.  You can add other veggies to the salad. The addition of other veggies simply enhances the health benefit of salad.


2. Bell pepper and corn salad

The taste of bell pepper salad will be undoubtedly scrumptious. The addition of corn in the bell pepper salad simply enhances the taste and health benefit of the salad. The salad is very well garnished with coriander leaves.


3. Bell pepper chicken

Chicken is not food; it is a feeling. It is scrumptious no matter in which form it is made. The addition of extra ordinary bell pepper into it makes chicken simply out of the world.  Here you have two choices; one is to simply add the bell peppers into the chicken dish, and other is to add roasted bell peppers. Both have amazing taste.


4. Bell pepper curry

We all are very well aware of the taste of capsicum curry. The taste of bell pepper curry is tastier than the capsicum curry. The addition of bell pepper in tangy gravy is all you need to have. The dish is full of spices. The curry is very well garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves. You can garnish the curry with butter also. The addition of butter simply enhances the taste of curry.


5. Bell pepper with pork

The addition of bell pepper in pork simply enhances the taste of pork dish. Here you can add two types of bell pepper; one is to add normal bell pepper, and other is to add deep fried bell peppers. The taste is simply yummy.


6. Bell pepper with cheese

We all love having cheese in every dish. The addition of cheese in any dish simply makes the dish yummiest of all. It simply makes the dish extra special. The bell pepper with cheese is simply a scrumptious dish to have. You can garnish the dish with coriander leaves.


7. Bell pepper with besan

The capsicum and bell pepper added in besan and then the amazing dish is made. The taste of the dish is simply yummy. The addition of bell pepper enhances the taste of the dish.


8. Bell pepper with egg

This dish is nothing but a proper combination of taste and health as well. The eggs are full of protein. This is one among the best ways of having the egg. The dish not only looks amazing but it tastes amazing also. This dish is simply a bell pepper stuffed with an egg.


9. Bell pepper with eggplant

This dish comes under snack category. The special part of this dish is that it is easy to make and yummy in taste. This is the master dish, or you can say this is the best choice when you are not so hungry. This is the dish with lots of health benefit also. The combination of eggplant and bell pepper simply rocks.


10. Bell pepper with ground pork

The addition of bell pepper in grounded pork simply adds taste to the dish. You can add other veggies also. This totally depends upon your choice.


11. Bell pepper kebabs

Bell pepper in kebab form is simply amazing to have.  You can add onion and capsicum also. The combination of all three that is;  bell pepper, onion and capsicum in the form of kebab is simply mouth watering.


12. Bell pepper with lentils

Whenever we hear the word lentils, by default the boring form of lentils comes into mind. The dish bell pepper with lentils is the yummiest and interesting form of lentils you can have. The dish is not only healthy but is full of taste as well.


13. Bell pepper with meat

This is the best dish for all meat lovers. The combination of three extra tasty ingredients is simply out of the world. Here the bell peppers are stuffed with meat and cheese. The dish is garnished with chopped coriander leaves. The stuffed bell pepper is simply yummy in taste.


14. Bell pepper with beef

Bell pepper with beef is nothing but a very yummy and healthy dish to have.


15. Bell pepper with pasta

Pasta is very famous among kids. The taste of pasta is very delicious, but the health benefit is zero. The addition of bell pepper in pasta simply makes the pasta dish healthy also. You can add other veggies in the pasta . It simply increases its health benefits.


16. Bell pepper with rice

Simple Rice, biryani or pulao, so many names of the dishes made with rice. The rice has its own special category. It simply gives a special taste to our soul. The bell pepper rice or you can say the bell pepper biryani is very yummy in taste. The aroma of biryani is simply out of the world. You can very well garnish the biryani with finely chopped coriander leaves and butter as well.


17. Bell pepper with shrimp

If you are among sea food lovers just like me, then this dish is one of the best dishes to have. In this dish, you can add capsicum too. The addition of capsicum in the dish simply makes it yummiest of all. The recipe of the dish is very easy, and the taste is simply yummy. The dish gets ready in no time.


18. Bell pepper with salmon

This is the best dish for all fish lovers. The taste of salmon is simply amazing we all know this. The addition of bell peeper into salmon is simply taste enhancing. You can add deep fried capsicum and mushrooms also.


19. Bell pepper with tuna

Tuna fish is amazing, no doubt in this fact. But, the best thing about this dish is that here the tuna fish is used as stuffing. The bell pepper stuffed with tuna fish is all you need to have. You must try this spicy fish dish if you are a fish lover and spice lover as well.


20. Bell pepper with zucchini

This dish is simply mouth watering. The name of the dish is enough to tell the amazing taste of the dish.