Top 20 Benefits Of Fennel Seeds


We are fond of many ingredients and sometimes we get bored of some but stick to them for their nutrient quotient. However, fennel seeds can be pretty boring sometimes but their nutrients and the health benefits we receive from them will never let us keep them away on our shelves for many days without using them. We should properly consume ingredients that are beneficial for our health because overconsumption can cause unnecessary health problems rather than benefits. The smell and sweet taste of fennel seeds give us a refreshing set of mind after we consume them. Let’s look at the fantastic health benefits of fennel seeds.

1. Improve Digestive Health

Bloating, heartburn and intestinal gas are some common problems that we face whenever we overconsume food and don’t get proper rest or digestion ailments. Fennel seeds can readily come to your rescue no matter where you’re you can quickly chew in some and enjoy the mild sweetness of these seeds.

2. May Provide Relief From Asthma And Other Respiratory Ailments

Due to the increase in pollution, many of us are facing asthma and respiratory tract problems. Fennel seeds can help your overcome them if you adequately consume them and gain their health benefits. Bronchitis, congestion, and cough can also be cured by these seeds and they leave a lingering sweet taste in our mouth whenever we consume them.

3. Benefit Breastfeeding Women

There may arise problems in breastfeeding women such as a sudden stop in milk production or change in the color of milk and other stuff which fennel seeds can help you overcome. These sweet seeds are galactagogues, which are substances that boost lactation. Therefore, without worries stay healthy and consume the ingredients better for your health and your kids.

4. Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by irregular habits and unhygienic use of ingredients that don’t take care of our oral health and sometimes not brushing carefully can be the sole reason for it. However, to get rid of bad breath you can readily chew some fennel seeds and stay refreshingly active and speak your heart out in front of people without thinking about your breath.

5. Fights Against Diabetes

With days going by this disease is going to increase and people are getting stressed by the number of medicines they have to consume daily due to this condition. Essential oils in fennel help to reduce blood sugar levels and it also has vitamin C present in it which will help our body fight against this condition and keep us healthy for a long while.

6. Increases Breast Growth

People undergo various surgeries to get their desired breast size but they don’t think about what can help naturally to keep us fit and also help our bodies to grow properly. Fennel mimics estrogen properties and it is used in various products that are used for bust enhancement. However, before you decide to use this remedy consult with your family doctor.

7. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol can quickly give us harmful effects and we may have to stop feeding with certain ingredients to stay fit and healthy. Blockage of the heart may occur due to high cholesterol levels. Methanol found in these seeds may help to lower cholesterol and it also helps to reduce the deposited fats present in our coronary arteries.

8. Treats Edema

Edema is the condition when our tissues swell due to the presence of excess fluid in our bodies. Anethole present in these seeds helps to treat this condition and you may get relief from the pain and swellings. However, consulting a doctor may always be the first choice no matter how trivial the situation is.

9. Boosts Fertility

Sometimes fertility can be the issue that can easily separate people from getting along quite well and being in relation for years and not discussing the matters with them makes it all the more difficult for your family and relationship. Estrogenic properties in these seeds help to boost fertility and you should consult your doctor before you take action.

10. Regulates Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is another common condition that people have nowadays in almost every family someone is suffering from it and things don’t go as planned. The potassium content of these seeds counteracts the bad effects of sodium and helps to regulate the fluid amount in our bloodstream. Therefore, keep yourselves healthy by consuming them.

11. Aids Hernia Treatment

Some surgeries may give us complications if we don’t take care of ourselves after we undergo them no matter how minor or major they are. Fennel seeds help to treat hernia and this ingredient helps us recover well after we are diagnosed with this condition. Make sure to help yourself whenever your health conditions aren’t fit and healthy.

12. Enhances Liver Health

We worry most of the time when we don’t feel fit to work and keep lazing and our bodies keep on getting sicker due to stress and overweight gained by irregular eating and drinking habits. Our liver is direct gets affected by what we are consuming and it functions based on that. Selenium present in these seeds helps our livers to function well.

13. Helps Urinary Tract Infections

We suffer mostly due to our irregular eating and drinking habits and sometimes due to the addictive substances we include in our daily lifestyle and think they can relieve us from stress but they give us more stress to worry about later by harming our bodies. Consume fennel seeds to avoid unnecessary urinary tract infections and lead a comfortable life.

14. Aids Weight Loss

We like to stay fit and sometimes staying fit means shedding some extra weight that keeps us from working actively through our daily schedule. Proper exercise and diet can quickly change our lifestyle for a better purpose. Fennel seeds contain fiber and keep hunger at bay; thus, helping us to get rid of some pounds.

15. Eases Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and nausea can quickly sour our mood on daily basis and leave an impression throughout the day by hampering our schedule in personal and professional life. Readily make some fennel tea or chew on the seeds to ease your mornings and stay refreshingly active and healthy. Stomach gas can also be avoided by this remedy.

16. Improves Menstrual Symptoms

Fennel seeds have phytoestrogenic properties that help to ease hot flashes and cramps due to the menstruation cycle. These seeds also help to ease out menopause symptoms. Therefore, don’t worry much as it’s a natural remedy and you can quickly chew some to get relief from stubborn aches during your menstruation.

17. Enhances Sleep Quality

Regular sleep is what we need after toiling our day through hectic schedules. Proper rest and food can give us better health and the ingredients facilitating sleep quality should be chosen by us daily without fail to lead a healthy life. Magnesium present in fennel seeds helps to increase the duration of sleep and its quality by treating insomnia in most people.

18. Good For Skin

Fennel seeds can quickly be used in natural remedies to treat certain problems regarding the skin and you can use them to brighten and tone your skin and get good skin quality and shine. Improve your skin texture and bu using fennel seeds facial steam and use face packs to clean the dirt and germs from your skin due to pollution.

19. Improves Hair Quality

People use various ingredients to get their desired hair results but get disappointed often and opt for other options that can involve chemicals in them. Use natural remedies and herbal products to treat your hair properly. Antimicrobial properties and the antioxidants in fennel seeds help to treat hair products and help them grow healthy and shiny.

20. Improves Eyesight

We need good eyesight to work properly throughout our daily hectic schedule. We often harm our eyes by constantly using electrical gadgets such as phones, laptops, or computers for working and entertainment but we should remember that our eyes need rest. Vitamin A present in fennel seeds helps to maintain good eyesight.