Top 20 Bengali Cuisine Restaurants To Visit In Kolkata During Durga Pujo


Durga Pujo, Everyone’s favorite festival. Bengalis especially wait for these five days from Shoshti to Doshami the whole year. Durga Pujo means Pandel Hopping, Adda, and Eating. After panel hopping, we want some Authentic Bengali Food to match the vibe of Pujo. So, here are the top Restaurants that serve Authentic Bengali food.Let’s dig in.

1.Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta is located on Elgin Road, Bhowanipur. This place gives you the best Bangaliana vibe—a Bengali theme-based Restaurant. From Veg to Non-Veg, you will get everything here. There are so many items on the menu can’t tell. So, go and enjoy! Try the Nolen Gurer ice cream, and thank me later ;).

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We don’t want to leave the panel because its vibe gives us another level of peace and happiness. So, why not add Bengali cuisine and the Durga puja pandal vibe together? Strictly Dasabhuja provides us with the satisfaction that we want. It is located near Laal Bazaar. The restaurant is decorated with light, which gives a pujo-pujo feeling. You will get Different types of Khichuri, pulao, kochuri, luchi, parota, shukto, paturi, fish, chingri, chicken, and Misti at a very reasonable price.

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Saptapadi is located in Gariahat. During Durga Pujo, we must visit this restaurant because it serves a special menu for the festival. Authentic Bengali dishes that will make you crave more. Delicious Shorbot (Drinks), Starters, various Bengali veg and non-veg dishes, desserts, and Thalis, you will get everything you want. Just include this restaurant in your Durga Pujo plan.

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Another restaurant located in Doverlane, Gariahat, serves Authentic Bengali cuisine. A restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and, of course, delicious Bengali food. It does a special thali called Maharaja Thali which has basmati rice, Shona moong dal with peas, jour here aloo bhaja, kochupatta diye chingri, Basanti pulao, mutton kosha, chutney, papad, misti doi and salad (phew). Besides these, you will find different types of starters, meals, and desserts. Don’t overthink; open the door and enjoy Authentic Bengali cuisine.

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5.6 Ballygunge Place

This place is located in Ballygunge. The most famous and popular restaurant in Kolkata. This place is unique in its way. The buffet is full of lip-smacking Bengali food items. They have excellent options for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarian. And the most important thing, the place is photogenic. So, go ahead, Click, and Eat.

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6.Bhojohori Manna

One of the notable places for Authentic Bengali Cuisine. The restaurant and the food are entirely Bangaliana. The food is served in a Kanshar Thala (bell metal dishes). Bhojohori Manna has ten branches in Kolkata. Go and Enjoy the Authentic Bengali Home Style Cuisine.

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7.Koshe Kosha

This place is located in Golpark. If you visit this place, you must try their signature dishes, Kosha mangsho, and Basanti Pulao. Visit with your friends, family, or with (ahem) for an authentic Bengali lunch during Durga Pujo.

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Koshe Kosha

8.Sholo Ana Bangali

This place is situated in Salt Lake. The frequent visitors recommend the Bengali Pulao and Chicken Dakbunglow. So, why not visit and try the Bengali cuisine, and remember to try the lip-smacking Illish?

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Sholoana Bangali

9.Cafe Ekante

This place is located in New Town, with beautiful surroundings and delicious Bengali foods. You will get everything here with fish fry, mutton kosha, Basanti pulao, and roshogolla. You can’t miss the Pujo Special Thali, full of authentic Bengali dishes.

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10.Kolkata Rajbari

Kolkata Rajbari is located in Kalighat. This is not a restaurant but an experience that one must have once. You will get large Bengali thalis which will remove all the tiredness of pandal hopping.

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11.Bhuri Bhoj

This place is located in Hussainpur. The site is simple but no doubt about the food. The menu is full of Authentic Bengali food. You will get different types and dishes of fish here.

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12.The Bhoj Company

If you plan to visit Kolkata during Durga Pujo, whether in the south or north, you will find The Bhoj Company always near you. The foods are delicious, and every food taste like a little piece of paradise. From Starters to desserts, everything will give you the authentic taste of Bengal.

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17. The Bhoj Company

13.Shonar Tori

Shonar Toli is a fully Bengali cuisine restaurant with a premium menu in the City center of Salt Lake. The place justifies the restaurant’s name. The site is decorated with golden light and ambiance with unlimited buffet options. This place will give you a Bengali zamindari-era feeling. And the last Aam (mango) Shondesh and payesh will make your day.

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Sonar Tori

14.Tero Parbon

This place is located in Gariahat. You will feel like you have entered an old mansion. And the authentic Bengali dishes are sooooo good. The fish dishes are delicious. Whether you are Bong or Non-Bong, you will love this place.

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15.Aami Bangali

The restaurant is located on Bentinck Street near Millennium Park. It is an authentic Bengali restaurant that serves delicious Bengali dishes. This place serves rolls. From egg to mutton, you will get delicious rolls.

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16.Petuk Bangali

This restaurant is located near Rajabazar. The overwhelming Bengali platter will make your day. They will deliver to your doorstep if you feel tired after a long day of pandal hopping and Adda.

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Aaheli is located near New Market. After so much puja shopping, we want to go to this place. The staff is dressed in Bengali attire, giving you a traditional vibe. Here you relish a variety of authentic Bengali thalis.

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18.Bhuter Raja Dilo Bor

This beautiful restaurant is located in Jadavpur. The restaurant theme is based on the famous Bengali movie “Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen,” directed by Satyajit Ray. The menu is fully loaded with Authentic Bengali dishes. The Pujo special Mohabhoj thali is a must after pandal hopping.

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This place is located in Kasba. The food is pure Bangaliana, which perfectly matches Durga Pujo’s vibe. You’ll get everything here with Rice, Shukto, Dal, Ghonto, fish, mutton, chicken, whatever you want.

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20.Bijoli Grill

You will find this place in Golpark. During Durga Puja, they give you a special Durga puja menu with Basanti pulao, Mutton Dakbunglow, Chicken Dakbunglow, and Aam pora Shorbot. Other than this, the Bengali cutlets are worth trying.

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