Top 20 Bengali Dishes To Try

Top 20 Bengali Dishes To Try
Top 20 Bengali Dishes To Try

Spending most of my childhood in West Bengal, I was surrounded by bongs and had the opportunity to taste these 20 drool-worthy dishes:

1.Jhal Muri

This light snack made of puffed rice, spiced up with various ingredients, and tinge of lemon juice will surely bring water in your mouth. Its preparation is less time consuming that it has taken up the place as a regular breakfast and evening snack in most of the Bengali household. This thing is so delicious and famous that it is apparently loved by the British too!


2.Aloo Posto

This delicacy whose main ingredients are potatoes and poppy seeds create a delectable recipe without which a Bengali lunch is incomplete.


3.Begun Bhaja

The Bengali favorite, this delicacy is basically a fried eggplant snack, which tastes best when served with spiced up Jhal Muri.


4.Kanchkolar Kofta

Wonder how Bengalis have beautiful eyes, well the secret is here,.Kanchkolar Kofta! And I am joking about it, but seriously this kofta delicacy made of mashed raw banana will make you go with bananas..!!



Shukto is a pure Bengali dish, usually served as a first course in a meal. It is a healthy and wholesome dish prepared with eggplants, bitter gourd, sweet potatoes, and crunchy drumsticks.


6.Bhetki Macher Paturi

This dish is delicious because of its coating with mustard, wrapping in banana leaves to cook and is steamed. Also, this dish is very healthy and meant to be part of every fitness lover diet.


7.Ilish Macher Jhol

Spice up your appetite with this curry. It is cooked by using Hilsa fish in mustard oil which gives a tingly flavor on the taste buds. The spices such as Nigella seeds, ginger paste, and chilies provides an interesting twist of flavor to the dish.


8.Chingri Macher Malaikari

Every Bengali swears by his fish, and this mouthwatering delicacy is sure to be there on their list. The blend of prawns, coconut milk, and cream make it tasty and must to have once this dish.


9.Cholar Dal

Cholar dal is a traditional Bengali dish with chana dal as main ingredient and made on special occasions. This dal is slightly sweet and has good aroma because of many spices such as cinnamon and bay leaf present in it. Shredded Coconut is added to give it a crunchy texture and  delicious taste.


10.Luchi Aloo Dum

The Aloo Dum Luchi or say Poori combination is what Bengalis say it as a perfect Bengali brunch recipe. The spicy flavored Aloo Dum balanced with steaming hot luchis is a grand breakfast during Maha Saptami, Durga Puja.


11.Daab Chingri

As the name says, this dish is prepared with daab or say green coconut and chingri is known as prawns. It is prepared by cooking prawns in mustard and serving them in tender coconut to get the combined flavors.


12.Tangra Macher Jhol

This spicy Catfish curry is a major hit amongst the Bengalis. It is made using finely grounded spices. Its gravy is tangy and full of flavors. The red chilies enhance and bring a fiery taste in the curry. It is best enjoyed when consuming hot with plain steamed rice.


13.Keema Matar

This Mughlai, minced with Mutton gravy and peas has a bengali fusion. First, the minced meat is prepared on medium flame to get a luscious savor and now fresh roasted spices are added to create a tasty non-vegetarian curry. Addition of peas in the dish make it crunchy and give edible fragrance.


14.Doi Fulkopi

This is a cauliflower dish cooked in a yogurt curry. This dish is thick with full of flavors. Swathed in cinnamon, garam, masala, bay leaf, chilies, and ginger paste and has correct quantity of moisture which gives equal amount of spices to the curry.


15.Macher Dum Pukht

Another fish delicacy in the list. The specialty of this dish is just not the Bengali touch but the presence of its main three ingredients that are almonds, poppy seeds, and yogurt.


16.Kosha Mangsho

Among all Bengali dishes known all over the planet, kosha mangsho or say mutton curry made with yogurt is the best and it is the best because it’s the best.



This is everyone’s favorite Bengali dessert which is prepared with milk and sugar.


18.Cham cham

Cham cham is a traditional Bengali sweet/dessert made of chhena or say unripened curd cheese with a tinge of the sweetness of love.


19.Mangsher Singara

This Bengali Keema samosa is a delicious appetizer and is a must to try. The filling is of perfectly cooked minced meat, chaat masala, lemon juice under the crispy cover of maida is surely an appealing appetizer served with chutney.


20.Bhapa Doi

It is the Indian counterpart of cheesecake which is made using sweet yogurt. Bhapa doi is a sweet dessert which is consumed easily and has great savor.