Top 20 Best Foods In Ecuador

Ecuador is a fantastic South American nation. It has a variety of terrain and beautiful landscapes. Amazon jungle, Andean highlands, and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands are all found here. It is a great country with a great culture. It has fantastic cuisine as well. These food dishes are very delicious and must be tried at least once.

1. Empanada

Empanada is a fried pastry famous in Ecuador. It consists of the dough wrapped over a filling of meat, vegetables, or boiled eggs. This can be baked or fried. It has a fantastic taste.


2. Fritada

Fritada is a traditional Ecuadorian dish. This braised pork recipe is prepared with many spices in boiling water. It is prepared on a brass pan. Yuca, tomato, pickled onion, corn kernels, and fried plantains are also cooked. It has a rich taste.


3. Seco De Chivo

Seco de Chivo is a famous dish in Ecuador. It is a goat stew that has a rich taste. The special ingredient of this dish is either fruit juice or chicha. Regular beer can also be added.

3.Seco de Chivo

4. Torta De Higo

Torta de Higo is a sweet fig cake famous in Ecuador. The fully ripe figs are used to prepare this sweet and jammy dessert. Nuts and spices are also added to enhance its taste.

4.Torta de Higo

5. Hornado

Hornado is a popular dish in Ecuador. It consists of a whole pig that is roasted in a wood-burning oven. The meat is roasted until it becomes tender and crispy. It is injected with beer or fruit drink and seasoned with salt and spices.


6. Muchines De Yuca

Muchines de Yuca is a cassava root recipe that is very popular in Ecuador. It has a delicious and savory filling. The coating is very crunchy, and it makes for a perfect meal. It is enjoyed as a side dish too.

6.Muchines de Yuca

7. Ceviche

Ceviche is a popular seafood in Ecuador. It is prepared from shrimp marinated in lime juice to boost its natural taste. The seafood is preferred poached in Ecuador rather than raw. It has a refreshing taste and a delicious flavor.


8. Fanesca

Fanesca is a traditional soup prepared during Easter. It is prepared with balacao and beans. It has a rich flavor and is a special meal.


9. Carne En Palito

Carne en Palito is a very famous Ecuadorian recipe for beef skewers. It is loaded with spices and condiments. This “meat on a stick” recipe is a very authentic dish the locals enjoy.

9.Carne en Palito

10. Chicharrón De Pescado

Chicharrón de Pescado is a very famous recipe in Ecuador. It consists of deep-fried pieces of fish. It is an easy-to-make recipe and goes best with salad, lime wedges, and fried plantain.

10.Chicharron de Pescado

11. Locro De Papa

Locro de papa is a traditional and delicious potato soup recipe from Ecuador. It is prepared with potato, cheese, onion, garlic, and cumin. It is served hot with avocado and chopped cilantro.

11.Locro de Papa

12. Bolón De Verde

Bolón de Verde is a popular fritter dish of Ecuador. It is prepared with green plantain, cheese, roasted peanuts, and pork cracklings. It is made into a ball and then fried. It has a fantastic taste.

12.Bolon de Verde

13. Churrasco

Churrasco is the grilled meat enjoyed in Ecuador. The meat is grilled with basting sauce over a charcoal grill. It has a smoky flavor and an authentic taste.


14. Dulce De Higo

Dulce de Higo is a trendy and authentic dessert in Ecuador. It has a rich taste and is prepared with figs and a brown spiced cane sugar sauce. This exotic dish has a sweet taste and is enjoyed with unsalted cheese.

14.Dulce de Higo

15. Humitas

Humitas is a steamed corn cake that is very popular in Ecuador. It is prepared with ground maize, onion, eggs, and spices. The dough is wrapped in the leaves of the cobs and thoroughly steamed. It has a fantastic taste.


16. Pescado Encocado

This is one of the most loved recipes in Ecuador. It consists of tender fish that is enjoyed with rich coconut sauce. It has a delicious taste and is a fantastic meal.

16.Pescado Encocado

17. Llapingacho

Llapingacho is a very famous recipe in Ecuador. It is potato pancakes or thick patties. It is filled with loads of cheese and fried until crispy. It can be enjoyed as a side dish or main dish with salads, eggs, or avocado slices.


18. Caldo De Gallina Criolla

This is a Creole chicken soup recipe popular in Ecuador. The chicken is served whole with bones. It is served with vegetable broth that enhances its taste. It is a rich and iconic meal enjoyed at dinner.

18.Caldo de Gallina Criolla

19. Corviche

Corviche is a popular dish in Ecuador prepared with deep-fried fish and green plantain. It is prepared with Corvina fish. It has a fantastic taste that is enjoyed all over the country.


20. Suspiros

Suspiros is a baked meringue dessert popular in Ecuador. It is a delicious cookie that melts in the mouth. It has a white or beige color, and sometimes food coloring is added to make it more appealing.