Top 20 Best Places For Desserts In Jamnagar, Gujarat

Top 20 Best Places For Desserts in Jamnagar Gujarat
Top 20 Best Places For Desserts in Jamnagar Gujarat

Jamnagar is a city located on the Western coast of India in the state of Gujarat in the Saurashtra region. It is the largest city on the west coast of India and is the fifth largest city of Gujarat. The population of the city is 479,920 as per the census of 2011. The city consists of many places of interest like Gabargadh Palace, Lakhota Fort, etc. Though Gujarat is already famous for serving authentic Gujarati dishes, but also there are also many places where one can enjoy delicious desserts in the city. After selecting the best dessert places, where you can enjoy sweets and satiate your sweet tooth and craving for sweets.

1. Dinesh Ice Cream Parlour

It is a decent place with a pretty ambience serving flavourful ice creams that are a treat to the sweet tooth. They have proper seating arrangements with well-maintained cleanliness.

Location: First floor of Sreeji Complex, Seta Ward Central Bank Road, Jamnagar

Dinesh Ice Cream Parlour

2. Baskin And Robins

They have a wide variety of ice creams, shakes, and sundaes available in various flavours. The quality is excellent, and also, the serving quantity is appreciable. You can visit this place if you want to try tasty shakes.

Location: Laxmi Apartment, Park Colony, Jamnagar.

Baskin And Robins

3. Whatta Waffle

They serve delicious waffles that you will always relish. The waffles are hot and crispy that tastes best when eaten warm. Also, they serve pancakes, among which red velvet pancake is delicious.

Location: Apurva Greens opposite Joggers Park, Jamnagar

Whatta Waffle

4. Scoop And Smile

It is an ice cream outlet on Joggers Park road in Jamnagar. The ice creams are rich in taste and creamy. They have a wide range of flavours available, all of them being tasty. It is a takeaway outlet not having any seating arrangement.

Location: In Joggers Park, Jamnagar.

Scoop And Smile

5. DNS Desserts N Shakes

It is a lovely place serving desserts, shakes, ice creams, and brownies. The flavours of ice cream are unique and tempting; the charcoal and banarsi pan flavoured ice creams are some of them. If you want to taste crunchy ones, then dry fruits ice cream is the best. They also have faloodas available.

Location: Pandit Nehru Marg, Park Colony, Jamnagar.

DNS Desserts N Shakes

6. Santushti Shakes

It is best place to visit with family or friends for desserts. They serve mouth-watering delicious shakes, which are loaded with flavoured sugar syrup and cream with dry fruits. You will surely not regret trying them at this place.

Location: Shop No.1, Ann’s High School, Shefali Tower, Park Colony, Jamnagar

Santushti Shakes

7. Havmor Hav Funn Ice Cream Parlour

They serve ice creams, brownie ice cream, and cold coffee. The best among all of them is a brownie with ice cream. The brownies are soft, and ice creams are flavourful. They have both scoop distribution as well as packed ones.

Location: Lakhota Lake, Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar

Havmor Hav Funn Ice Cream Parlour

8. Hitulal Rajwadi

They have varieties of shakes and ice creams. Among the shakes, the dry fruits shake is highly recommended. If you are planning to visit this place, then don’t miss Rajbhog special ice cream gola. You can also make your own customized gola here.

Location:  Kudrat Residency, Haira College Road, Jamnagar.

Hitulal Rajwadi

9. What The Freeze

It is mainly crowded with students and the young generation. They serve unique style Tawa ice creams, which are worth craving and relishing.

Location: Shefali Tower, Pandit Nehru Marg, Park Colony, Jamnagar

What The Freeze

10. Harshiv Cool Parlour

It is a good option if you are craving for creamy ice cream. The ice creams are made of pure milk and healthy ingredients increasing the taste of them. The quality and service both are appreciable.

Location: Nikanth Park, Bedi Ring Road, Jamnagar.

Harshiv Cool Parlour

11. Just Bake It

The pista gulkand cake is delicious and a unique and special serving here. They also provide cupcakes that are small and sweet, tasting excellent. You can buy cakes and other items from here for your celebrations.

Location: Radha Krishna Avenue, opposite Gujarat Ayurvedic University

Just Bake It

12. Yummy’s Food

This shop is very famous for cakes among locals. They are prepared fresh and in a hygienic manner. The choco chip cake is highly recommended. You can also try other flavours available that are lip-smacking.

Location: Valkeshwari Park Colony, Jamnagar

Yummys Food

13. JD Bakers

This bakery is popular in the locality for offering delicious baked items. The cakes are pretty well prepared and creamy as well. The place is famous for its puff, so you must also try them.

Location: Mahavir Circle, Jamnagar

JD Bakers

14. Keventers

This outlet serves one of the best quality milkshakes and sundaes. The glass bottles in which the shake is served makes them look more impressive. The taste is excellent and delightful. You can visit this place with friends as they have sitting arrangements also and enjoy delicious shakes.

Location: Apurva Greens Joggers Park, Jamnagar


15. Choco House

They serve dishes made up of chocolate that are lip-smacking and satisfying. The chocolates are served with a chocolate fountain also available. The price is also reasonable and is an excellent option for chocolate lovers.

Location: In Crystal Mall in Khodiyar Colony

Choco House

16. Rajwadi Ice Cream

It is a famous shop in the locality for offering golas. The special rajwadi gola cost Rs. 120, consisting of dry fruits and chocolate syrup. Apart from that, the ice cream shrikhand is another best seller here.

Location: Mayur Darshan Amusement Park Road, New Mehul Nagar, Jamnagar

Rajwadi Ice Cream

17. The Dark Room Bakery And Cake

They make the best-customized cakes in the locality. They also have various chocolate hampers. All things are homemade and healthy made in a hygienic manner. All baked goods are eggless and perfect for vegetarians.

Location: Parshwanath Apartment, Patel Colony, Jamnagar

The Dark Room Bakery And Cake

18. Raj Faluda Center

Do you also love eating Faluda ice cream? If yes, then do give this place at least a try, we are sure you would regret the experience. They have various flavoured faluda ice cream; the Kesar flavoured one being the best. It is a very old shop running since 2003 and is still a favourite place of people living in the city.

Location: Chandi Bazaar Road, Central Bank Road, Kadiawad, Jamnagar

Raj Faluda Center

19. Cibaro Foods

It is one of the best sweets and bakery shops in the whole locality. They stand upto people’s expectations in terms of taste and quality. They also serve shakes, which are sweet and tasty. Rasmalai is one of the best sweet dishes served here.

Location: Aerodrome Road, Kamdar Colony, Jamnagar

Cibaro Foods

20. Kabhi B Bakery And Pastries

It is a long-standing bakery chain store known for its cakes, bread, and cookies that are eggless and hygienic. The matki cake and fruit berry cake are the most delicious and appealing ones. It is an excellent place to book a cake of your choice for birthday celebrations.

Location: Silver Plaza Complex, Beri Road, Patel Colony, Jamnagar

Kabhi B Bakery And Pastries