Top 20 Best Places In Pune To Eat Egg Dishes



Vohuman Cafe

Vohuman Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Pune which was started and owned by an Irani person Hormaz Irani. With just a limited dish list, Vohuman specializes in its omelettes and Burji. Vohuman cafe is a perfect breakfast place with less expense to the pocket. Their cheese Omelette is one of the best dishes they serve. The first bite of the omelette takes you to a heavenly eating experience. With the fried eggs, Bun Maska and masala tea become a perfect match.


Irani cafe

Situated in the area of Viman Nagar, this is another Iranian restaurant. Just like any other Iranian restaurant they serve the typical menu of Kheema, eggs, Sandwiches, etc. Their masala omelette is full of unique flavours which are hard to identify and differentiate. Once you enter the Irani Cafe you tend to have a sumptuous breakfast which will not leave your mind for the whole day.


Cafe Goodluck

Cafe Goodluck was established in the year 1935 when cafe was not a very popular trend of having a breakfast. Since then it has not changed its location as well as the dishes that it offers. It has a variety of Non-vegetarian dishes but it is mainly known for its omelette sandwich. This legendary omelette sandwich consists of a flavorful omelette put between a thick buttered spongy bun. A masala tea or a cup of hot coffee goes the best with this for breakfast. Cafe Goodluck’s egg burji too is worth a try.



Atharva Eggs Corner

This small restaurant is situated in the middle of the city and is creating its fan club since many years. Apart from the omelettes and egg scrambles, Atharva Eggs corner also offers a variety of egg rice and noodles like Butter egg rice, Mushroom egg rice, Egg Schezchwan rice, Paneer egg rice, Egg noodles, etc. In a very small amount of expense, Atharva eggs corner surely wins the customers’ hearts forever.



Yolkshire is a sophisticated breakfast house which serves just eggs on the menu. Inspired by the western breakfast dishes Yolkshire has dishes like baked egg and cream, Scotch eggs, English muffin with poached eggs, Bacon and egg etc. These English style dishes are totally loved by the Puneites and Yolkshire is becoming one of the most famous egg places in Pune.



Reshma Egg Burji Centre

This Burji Centre is situated on the side of the road but has become one of the comfort foods for the Puneites and especially for the student class. It has a number of flavoured egg scrambles on their menu. Their Pathani cooking styles is reflected in their food. One must try their Mughlai Burji, Egg Chingari, Mughlai egg Biryani and other egg dishes which are spicy and satisfying. If you eat once at Reshma’s you will surely get addicted to this place.


Pune Railway Station

The best place to eat hot steaming egg burji is the Pune Railway station. There are a number of stalls situated in the Pune Railway station area. They do not have a variety of egg food but their swift way of making the burji fascinates the customer and adds to the flavour of the burji. These stalls around the city railway station are open for 24 hours. So if any Puneites crave for hot egg burji in the midnight, they can visit these stalls and fulfil their cravings.


Where else Cafe and Bar

If you want to try the authentic Parsi egg dish then you must surely visit this cafe. On every Sunday they serve a special egg dish known as the Tomota Per Eedu which is a half fried egg served with a spicy tomato sauce with a pair of Pav. In the weekdays they also have a large variety of egg dishes like Mushroom Omelette, Mexican Omelette, American Omelette and much more exciting recipes.




Marz-O-Rin is a small restaurant in the Camp area which is famous for their sandwiches, salads and bakery items. They do not have much egg dishes on their menu. But the egg sandwich and egg roll are worth mentioning. Their signature mayonnaise and egg scramble are the fillings in this creamy sandwich. For egg lovers, this is one better place to visit.


German Bakery

German Bakery had been established many years ago. Since then they have balanced the western as well as the Indian culture through their cuisine. In their breakfast section of the menu card, they have a number of egg items which are taken from the English culture. Their Fluffy folded Omelettes are perfect for a heavy breakfast and a good start to the day. Poached eggs, German omelette, Japanese omelette, Sausage omelette, Spanish Omelette etc. too reflect the respective food culture.


Hotel Durga

Hotel Durga is a typical Pune style small food place owned by a Puneite. Cafe Durga too is a very old food chain in Pune and their hotels are spread at many places in the city. Their egg burji and Pav is their signature dish. Their simple egg recipe with onions, turmeric and chillies is very famous in Pune.


Hotel Abhishek

This is a restaurant which specializes only in Non-vegetarian and Seafood. However, it is the best place to have a casual egg breakfast, lunch or supper. They have a variety of egg curries in different sauces, Egg Biryani etc. So it is a good option for the people who are vegetarians but Eggetarians.


Cafe 11 East Street

This modern style cafe is situated in the Camp area which has a variety of classic pasta, noodles, burgers, sandwiches etc. They just have one egg dish that is the street like egg kheema and pav. That burji is a perfect blend of the modernity and the local street food taste. It is fun to eat in the cafe with a couple of drinks and good ambiance.


Hotel Tiranga

If you are a spicy food lover, you must definitely visit this place because all the dishes are cooked in a very spicy curry here. The egg Thali, Egg masala and other egg dishes prepared in the Malvani, Kolhapuri and other methods are mouth-watering. Tiranga also has one of the best Egg Biryani served in Pune city.


Gopi Restaurant

This is a typical Maharashtrian Restaurant amidst a town which specially serves the authentic Maharashtrian curries. In their egg menu, they have Egg Masala, Egg Burji, Egg Curry, Egg Biryani, Egg Fry which will leave your taste buds and stomach stunned for a while.



This is a restaurant in the most visited area of Pune that is the Fergusson College road. It cooks all its dishes in the authentic Maharashtrian form. They have Bun Omelette, Omelette Pav, Half fry Pav and Burji Pav for breakfast. But the egg Thali, Egg curries are the items of attraction because they are prepared in the typical spicy and oily curry which is the main cooking style of Maharashtra. These curries are available also in the Kolhapuri style preparation.


Peter’s Pan

Peter Pan specializes in the American breakfast plus it has a separate omelette menu for the egg lovers. There are a number of Omelettes from all around the world. The most loved omelette is the Farmer’s Omelette which is prepared with salami and sausages in it. Other Omelette menu includes Greek, Spinach, Mexican, Cheese, Chicken, Mixed veggies Omelettes and Akuri (scrambled eggs) too.


Breakfast cafe

Omelette can be made with the variety of ingredients but many people do not know this. Breakfast cafe of Pune is here to show the customers what wonders can be done using eggs. They make Omelettes with different veggies like spinach, mushrooms, Chicken, Cheese, Sausages, etc. They also have some continental Omelettes like French Omelette, Smoked Chicken Omelette, etc.



Terttulia is another English cuisine influenced cafe with no separate egg menu. But their one egg dish is lip-smacking. They serve Truffle scrambled eggs on Toast which really is a very tasty dish of Terttulia which everyone should try. They also offer fried egg as an extra filling in their yummy sliders and burgers.


The Yogi Tree

This casual Dining room is situated in the area of Koregaon Park and offer a large variety of breakfast foods. This is that rare restaurant in Pune which serves the Potato omelette and it is heavenly. Their masala Omelette consists of Onion, Tomato and Capsicum and is the best choice to start a day with healthy breakfast. For more healthier and tasty option they also have Egg salad made of boiled salad pieces and Egg grilled sandwich too is one more mouth-watering dish of Yogi tree.