Top 20 Best Restaurants Near Chang-Dong, Dobong-Gu In Seoul

top 20 best restaurants near chang dong dobong gu in seoul 1

In the Northeast part of Seoul lies the lesser-known neighborhood in Dobong District called Chang-dong. Chang-Dong is a predominantly residential neighborhood with several restaurants and cafes visited by the neighborhood locals. The well-known mountain Dobongsan, a part of the Bukhansan National Park, lies in the district. Many development projects, such as the ‘Chang-dong platform 61’—a cultural space designed to host several events in the fields of music, performances, art, and fashion—have been developing as a way to renew and improve the image of the four districts of Northeast Seoul, including Dobong-gu.

1. Haiku

This cozy little restaurant tucked away on 40 Dobong-Ro 114-Gil in Chang 1 (il) Dong holds a good reputation as a Japanese restaurant. You can taste amazing Japanese recipes like Kaisen Don, Sashimi, Sushi, Castella, Chawanmushi, and many more. The restaurant is well-known for its Kaisen Don. Don’t miss the excellent quality of sushi available at an affordable price. The ingredients used in their recipes are fresh, enhancing the taste.

1 Haiku

2. Ikoi

Another Japanese Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant on our list is Ikoi, located in Changdong. The restaurant receives quite favorable reviews, and customers often feel the taste of the food served here is close reminiscent of the one we get in Japan. This restaurant is perfect for eating some fresh tuna at an affordable price. Customers often mention Bluefin Tuna Bowl to be scrumptious, so consider the dish a must-try!

2 Ikoi

3. Mimi

Mimi at 657-68 Chang (il) Dong (a little away from Ssangmun Station) lets you taste their delicious Chinese cuisine. A popular menu item in this restaurant is ‘Sweet and Sour Pork,’ which attracts rave reviews from customers. Customers also recommend other dishes like Jjajangmyeon, Jjampong, Mapo Tofu, and Chinese Cold Noodles. The restaurant is clean with pretty interiors. The service is satisfactory.

3 Mimi

4. Normal Kitchen 

Located in Dobong-Ro 114-Gil is a Western-Style Fusion Restaurant named Normal Kitchen. Although it is called ‘Normal Kitchen,’ the food here is extraordinary! Rice Bowls, Pasta, Steak, Salads, and side dishes are the categories you get to order from in this cute little restaurant. You can also try their set menu. Pasta is a favorite among customers, so make sure you treat yourself with one.

4 Normal Kitchen

5. Ssangmundong Pandas

Another Chinese cuisine restaurant on our list is Ssangmundong Pandas, located on Uicheon-Ro 24-Gil, 49. Even though customers deem the food offered by the restaurant expensive, the restaurant received high ratings for its excellent taste and quality. The texture of meat and seafood is tender and well-cooked, and the flavors are sure to keep you wanting more. In addition, customers consider the service in the restaurant to be excellent.

5 Ssangmundong Pandas

6. Menya Konoha

Menya Konoha is a restaurant dedicated to serving Ramen and other Japanese dishes. The taste and quality of Ramen are mindblowing, as per many customers’ opinions, and the broth in the Ramen is of the right consistency. The restaurant tends to get busy during the weekends. The hospitality shown by the staff is warm and welcoming, which is also one of the reasons why customers like to revisit this Japanese restaurant.

6 Menya Konoha

7. Hanuso

Hanuso is one of the big restaurants in the Dobong District of Seoul, located at 327, Nohae-Ro. This traditional Korean restaurant is perfect if you want to experience Korean cuisine. Customers praise the restaurant’s ‘Galbitag,’ a soup with Beef short ribs as its primary ingredient, along with onions, radish, and other seasonings. The restaurant is well-organized, and hygiene is maintained well. The staff is courteous and kind.

7 Hanuso

8. Sanukki

If you want to try the best pork cutlet that you can get in Dobong District, then straightaway head to Sanukkin at 135-12 ChangDong. This dish is a hot favorite among customers. Consider this dish a must-try, and rightly so; the crispy texture on the outside and the softness inside can get you addicted. 

8 Sanukki

9. Matsumura Donkatsu

Another restaurant on our list that offers delicious pork cutlets is Matsumura Donkatsu. This restaurant, too, is well-known for providing affordable thick cutlets crispy on the outside and soft inside. The restaurant is famous among locals of Dobong-gu; hence you will notice a considerable local crowd. It is impossible not to visit this restaurant again and again!

9 Matsumura Donkatsu

10. Bugsaetong

Bugsaetong, located on 454-1 Chang-Dong, is a Korean Barbecue restaurant known for serving delicious beef ribs. The restaurant sources its beef from the US. Customers mention the price of food to be incredibly low and affordable. Other dishes like Sundobu Jjigae and the pickles are delicious too. In addition, the beer available in this restaurant is cheap. You get free Ramen too!

10 Bugsaetong

11. Ssangmunyeok Pasta

Ssangmunyeok Pasta is a casual dining Italian restaurant offering a decent range of affordable pasta. The food served in generous portion sizes is an advantage, mainly because the prices are already low. Customers mention Risotto to be very tasty, so consider trying this dish when visiting. The menu is limited, but you are sure to have a fine meal here.

11 Ssangmunyeok Pasta

12. Gyeongbokkung 

The restaurant takes its name after the famous palace of the Joseon Dynasty; Gyeonbokgung palace is one of the many worth visiting cultural attractions of Korea. The restaurant, however, incorporates Korean and Japanese cuisine into its menu. A dining spot perfect for families: This restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable.

12 Gyeongbokkung

13. Hello

Hello is an Italian restaurant located at 19 Dobong-Ro 110a-Gil. The food served here is delicious and light without the unpleasant feeling of being too greasy. Portion sizes served are generous, and the price is affordable. Although there aren’t many tables, the wait time is pretty less. Meatballs, Tomato pasta, Arancini, cream pasta are dishes that customers mentioned as delicious, so make sure you try them out!

13 Hello

14. Seusihon

This Japanese restaurant located at 8 Dobong-Ro is a perfect spot for enjoying some refreshing Japanese lunches. Although the wait time is relatively high because of its popularity, the food here is worth the wait. Experience the freshness of Sushi and Sashimi that melt in your mouth right away. The staff is friendly and will make you feel comfortable right away. Visit with your family for a wholesome time.

14 Seusihon

15. Trattoria Jin

Visit this small Pasta restaurant in the neighborhood of Chang-Dong. Because of the constricted space, the tables are closer to one another. But the taste of the food served here is delicious, available at a reasonable price range. You will observe a lot of local customers in this restaurant. The ingredients are utilized well in the pasta, with many seafood/meat pieces found in the dish.

15 Trattoria Jin

16. Real Pasta

There are several places in Chang-Dong to enjoy a plate of some lovely Italian. One such place, among the many, on our list is Real Pasta. It is a small yet prettily decorated restaurant serving Italian mains and other western-style dishes. However, the place tends to get noisy as crowds of families, friends, and couples are closely seated in this small restaurant. But the cost-effective and ample quantity of food is something you don’t want to miss.  

16 Real Pasta

17. Burger King

This American Fast-food joint has its presence everywhere in the world. Burger King has received favorable reviews in Chang-Dong as an excellent location for some guaranteed delicious hamburgers. In addition, customers mention Burger King as a pleasant restaurant to enjoy coffee and hamburgers. The staff takes requests, and the interiors are spacious. Any restaurant with fast service, affordable prices, good hygiene, and delicious food will become a customer favorite.

17 Burger King

18. Goobne Chicken

Some good fried chicken is comfort food for many. Explore the one available at Goobne Chicken, which translates to Fried/Grilled Chicken located in 27 Chang 4(Sa) Dong. The oven-grilled chicken is light and delicious; the restaurant offers a decent range of various items. This quiet place also offers outdoor seating. 

18 Goobne Chicken

19. Changdong Jjampong

If you want to taste the best Jjampong in Seoul, then don’t miss out on visiting Changdong Jjampong located at Nohae-Ro 63-Gil, 84. The Jjampong served here (a seafood-based or pork-based noodle soup and includes ingredients like onions, zucchini, garlic, carrots, cabbage, and others) is so delicious that you wouldn’t want to taste any other Jjampong! 

19 Changdong Jjampong

20. Changdong Jogae Ilbeonji

Jogae Ilbonji, located at 647-14, Chang-2(i) Dong, is a perfect restaurant to savor seafood, especially clams. The owner himself chooses the shellfish—so you can be sure of the freshness of food offered at the restaurant! The service is friendly and kind; the prices are affordable, and you can get ramen refills for free! The restaurant has been around in the neighborhood for a long time, so it is popular among the neighborhood residents.

20 Changdong Jogae Ilbeonji