Top 20 Best Sea Food Of Cochin

Top 20 Best Sea Food Of Cochin

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a city in the southwest region of Kerala. Cochin is the largest coastal city of Kerala. It is also famous for being renowned as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” of Kochi. Moreover, Cochin is also known for its sumptuous seafood, which is worth trying. It gives the best experience with a delicious flavor of seafood. In this article, I will discuss the best 20 Seafoods of Cochin. These seafood are worth the taste, such as crab roast, squid fry, and fish fry. These dishes are available at local restaurants in Cochin at a reasonable cost. So, the delicious sea foods are here:

1.Fish Fried

Fish fried is also renowned as Meen Varathathu. It is the most famous dish in Kerala. This dish is simple to cook. It comes in various variations in fish. It is such a delectable and mouth-watering dish. It is available at local restaurants.


2.Kerala Prawn Curry

Kerala prawn curry is known as Chemmeen curry. It is a sumptuous Kerela-style prawn curry that can be made with or without coconut chutney. It is a sprightful and gluten-free food.


3.Fish Molee

Fish molee is a comforting cochin-style fish curry, Originated from Kerala. Fish molee has a rich creamy texture. Then, a mildly spiced fish stew prepared with coconut and Tamarind. It is a delicious and heavenly dish.


4.Crab Roast

Crab roast is known as Njandu Roast. It is a famous seafood of Cochin. Here, the crab is cooked in shallots, onion, and tomato. Then it is simmered in flavourful spices. It is a must-try dish, whenever you visit Cochin.


5.Squid Fry

Squid fry is also called a kanava roast. Mainly, Squid is known as an English cuisine. It can be prepared and sizzled in various ways. It is a prominent dish of the coastal region, Cochin. The cocktail is offered with squid fry in many restaurants.


6.Lobster Butter Garlic

It is a fusion version of the cuisine of Cochin. Butter and garlic are the main ingredients for this dish. These two ingredients enhanced the taste of lobster. First, garlic is used for marinating, then deep fried in butter in a pan. It is a delicious and comforting dish for those who love seafood.


7.Fish Biryani

Fish biryani is also called as Meen biryani. It is such a heavenly dish for non-vegetarian food lovers. You can pair this dish with mint chutney and raita. It is such a wholesome and delicious food. It can be amused as lunch option . This dish also contains a lot of protein, which is healthy yet tasty.


8.Shrimp Masala Curry

It is a very authentic dish, yet easy to cook. This tender and delicious shrimp masala curry is cooked in an Indian gravy. The main ingredients in gravy are onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and aromatic spices. It can enjoyed with rice or Naan. Shrimp Masala curry is a twisted version of seafood, which is worthy.


9.Crab Curry

Kerala-style crab curry has a fusion of good spices and coconut. Crab curry is mouth-watering food, made on special occasions. This dish preparation required good hygiene. It is an instant dish, ready in 30 minutes. The main components of this dish are grated coconut, cumin seeds, and Kashmiri red chili, which enhances its taste.


10.Squid Masala

Squid masala is also known as Kanava Masala. It is an eminent dish of Cochin. It is easy to cook a dish, that requires a few minutes in making. It contains onion and aromatic spices. It is the best authentic and classic seafood. It is also rich in nutrients.


11.Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biryani is also renowned as Shrimp biryani. Here, flavorful basmati rice is cooked with prawns and aromatic spices. Biryani is a tasty food made by cooking Basmati rice with prawns, which enhances its taste. It can enjoyed with raita or vegetable salad. It is a much simpler food, yet it is a delectable dish.


12.Lobster Thermidor

It is a French cuisine, But the Cochin version of lobster Thermidor is also worth trying. Here Lobster Thermidor is cooked in a wine sauce. It is stuffed into a lobster shell. Then, It is topped with parmesan cheese. It is the best restaurant-worthy, which everyone can try it.


13.Fish Curry

It is a very pleasing and nutritious dish. It contains lots of Indian spices, which relishes its taste. The main ingredients are onions, tomatoes, spices, and herbs, which enrich its taste and flavor. It is comfort food, which delighted the whole family.


14.Shrimp Fry

Shrimp fry is renowned as Royyala Vepudu. It is easy to make the dish, prepared in a few minutes. It is a delicious food with a good amount of crunchiness in it. It is kid-friendly food, preferable for their lunch. Shrimp fry can also eat with steamed rice.


15.Crab Masala

As we all know; crab is the most eaten food in Cochin. Cochin people have different varieties of crabs. Crab masala is a favorite food, as it is available in every restaurant. This crab masala is a fusion of aromatic spices, which relishes its taste. It is eminent for its unique taste and flavors.


16.Squid Curry

Squid curry is famous for its delicious taste. This food is the best choice for you if you love the seafood. Squid curry is also known as Kari Sotong. It can pair with roti or rice. It gives the best combination with rice. It is a classical dish of cochin, which shows the ethnicity of seafood.


17.Prawn Roast

Prawn roast is also known as a Chemmeen roast. The main ingredients of prawn roast are coconut, onion, tomatoes, garlic, and Indian spices. It is a simple dish, brunch-friendly meal. Whenever you have cravings in the evenings, this dish fully satisfies your evening cravings.


18.Lobster Curry

Lobster curry is a brunch-favorable food. It is a mouth-watering food that can prepared in homes. This dish has soothing and comforting vibes. This dish requires simple home-based spices and its main component is grated coconut. It is delicious food, yet it is simple to make.


19.Fish Tikka

It is a sumptuous and tender food of Cochin. It is also a prominent dish in cochin. It is known for its tandoor crispiness with mild spices such as herbs and turmeric. It can enjoy with mint chutney and some drinks. It is a must-try dish, whenever you have a chance.


20.Fish Masala Fry

It is an eminent dish in cochin, yet it is rich with so much flavor and aroma.
It is made with fish coated with spicy marinade, then fried on tawa. This dish is also renowned as Anjal Masala fry. It is the best option for spicy food lovers. It can pair with rice and daal.