Top 20 Best Street Food Items In Bhopal

top 20 best street food items in bhopal 2

Bhopal also referred to as “The City Of Lakes” is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Historically, it was ruled by many Begums of the Mughal Sultanate and so Bhopali cuisines are mostly influenced by Mughlai Culture. Here’s the list of top 20 “lazeez” Street foods of Bhopal

1. Sulaimani Chai

Bhopalis begin their day with a cup of “chai” and so this article is beginning with the most famous Sulaimani Chai of Bhopal. Begum Sikander Jahan brought this special tea recipe from Turkey and now it is a well known part of Bhopalis’ life. It is a salted tea.

Sulaimani Chai

2. Poha Jalebi

Poha jalebi is the heart and soul of Madhya Pradesh. It is the most popular breakfast in the Malwa region. Poha with spicy flavour and hot served Jalebi is the best duo. Bhopalis garnish poha with chopped onions and sev on it with a slice of lemon to enhance the taste.

poha jalebi

3. Dal Pakwan

Dal Pakwan is a simple but delicious breakfast of Sindhis. It’s a deep fried puri of maida served with cooked Chana Dal which is garnished with some onions and tamarind pulp on it. It is mostly available in the Bairagarh area of Bhopal.

Dal Pakwan

4. Imarti

Bhopal is rich in taste and culture. This city has a variety of food and when we talk about sweets Imarti is one of the famous sweet among Bhopalis. It is a type of jalebi which is orange red in colour and also more sweet in taste than jalebi. Its shape also differs from jalebi a bit. Its juiciness and deliciousness will make you crave for more.

Imarti 3

5. Shahi Tukda

As the name suggests it is a shahi recipe of shahi cuisine, that is, it is a Mughlai dessert made with lots of nuts and love. This dessert is mainly consumed during the festive season of Iftar. It is crisp and is served with thick sweet condensed milk and lots of nuts. Chaandi aur gold work makes it look shahi. There are many restaurants and cafes in Bhopal which sell this dessert.

Shahi Tukda

6. Paan

Paan is the shaan of Bhopal. In the movie Sholay a character named Soorma Bhopali was also a paan addict. Even on wedding evenings there is a paan stall so that people can enjoy paan after food. It is basically a wrap in which many fruits or flavours are added and when we eat it, we feel refreshed.

paan 1

7. Paya Soup

Paya Soup is a traditional recipe served at gatherings. Paya means “leg” So basically it is a soup which has leg as the main ingredient cooked with various spices. “Kamar Bhai Paya soup” is famous for Paya soup in Bhopal.

Paya Soup

8. Bhopali Chicken Korma

Bhopali Chicken Korma Or Bhopali Gosht Korma originated from Bhopal itself. It is a Nawabi cuisine popular among bhopalis. Mutton is cooked in a lazeez gravy. Bhopali korma is prepared by making a loose bundle or potli of various masalas and the potli is then added to the cooker so that koorma can absorb all the aroma of mixed spices.


9. Bhopali Biryani

When we are talking about non vegetarian food, how can we miss our all time favorite Biryani. Classically it is made on firewood or chulha for the smoky flavour. It is served with hot raita. Saffron milk, khoya is also added to it.

Bhopali Biryani

10. Mawa Bati

It is a sweet mostly popular in North India. It is made by stuffing a mawa ball with nuts in it and then deep fried until it turns golden brown. It is then added to sugar syrup so that it can soak the syrup and become soft and spongy. It looks like gulab jamun but actually it is crunchy.

mawa bati

11. Barfi Rasmalai

Barfi Rasmalai is a very famous sweet dish in Bhopal. It is available in a stall near Jama Masjid. The owner of the shop pours the thick Rabri on the top and garnish it with some flavour like rose water to give a nice delicious taste to the dessert.

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12. Meethi Koki

Meethi Koki is sweet and popular in the sindhi cuisine. It is basically flatbread. Koki can be eaten as a breakfast and can also be prepared during festivals. It is a delicious recipe. It is mainly made of wheat flour, sugar and ghee.

Meethi Koki

13. Dal Bafla

 This dish originates from the heart of India that is Madhya Pradesh. It is a traditional recipe of the Malwa region. Dal bafla is similar to bati and litti. It is prepared by making small balls out of wheat flour dough and then baked on the firewood or cow dung cake or kanda. Dal Bafla is prepared on happy occasions or festivals.

dal bafla

14. Seekh Kebab

Seekh Kebabs can be seen at any street in Bhopal. Seekh Kebabs are prepared by making cylindrical shapes of meat and adding skewers into the meat and then are grilled on barbeque or tandoor. These are served by sprinkling spices over it.

Seekh Kebab

15. Chole Bhature

 Chole Bhature is the most famous street food in northern India. But it is also famous in Bhopal in new market. Chole bhature of new market is one of the best street food of Bhopal.

chole bhature

16. Sabudana Khichdi

 It is a traditional dish made during fasting. It is very popular in Madhya Pradesh. It is made by frying tapioca sago with some peanuts. It can be eaten with curd or buttermilk and garnished with some fresh coriander.

17. Guptaji Ka Burger

Bhopal’s best burger is Guptaji Ka Burger. It is located at 10 No. Market. Guptaji ka burger is the most popular burger. Due to its uniqueness this burger is very much famous. This Burger is very different from any other Burger or what we eat at MacDonald. It’s a simple Burger in which one aloo patty and tomato and a slice of paneer are sandwiched between two sides of bread. It is served with sauce and green chutney. It’s a simple yet delicious burger.

Guptaji Ka Burger 1

18.  Shahi Shikanji

 Madhya Pradesh has lots of shahi recipes but have you ever heard of shahi shikanji? Yes it is a very famous refreshing drink in Madhya Pradesh. It is made from milk with malai and garnished with rose petals and various crushed nuts over it. It is totally different from Nimbu Shikanji. It is a perfect refreshing drink for hot summers.

Shahi Shikanji

19. Malpua

 It is a traditional dessert made during the festive season. It is a pancake dessert served with Rabdi over it. Its batter is prepared with flour and then poured into the hot ghee after frying it is dipped in sugar syrup.

Malpua 2

20. Rogan Josh

 It is a Persian recipe. It originated from Kashmir. Nawabs evolved this dish by making it a bit spicy while the Kashmiri Rogan Josh is not at all spicy. Some use lamb while some use mutton to prepare rogan josh.

rogan josh