Top 20 Bihari Sweets In Chajubagh, Patna

Top 20 Bihari Sweets In Chajubagh, Patna

Chajubagh is an area in Patna (Bihar) famous for several sweet shops selling sweet delicacies famous all over Bihar. There is a wide range of sweet treats and desserts you can get any time of the year, but there are some seasonal sweets, too, like Ticket, which is made just in winter. The delicacies range from the rasia of north Bihar to the lai of Gaya. There are a variety of sweet treats, and they are somehow associated with traditional backgrounds. Let’s look over after some:

1. Thekua

There is a famous sweet of Bihar associated with chhath puja, a famous festival dedicated to worshiping the sun. It is made from wheat flour (atta), jaggery, sugar, and ghee. It is a biscuit-like sweet dish that is deep-fried.


2. Khaja

It is a multi-layered, wafer-like sweet dish made from maida and ghee and deep-fried in vegetable oil or ghee. After frying, it is dipped in sugar syrup(cash). It is usually a part of the marriage ceremony. It is a famous delicacy of the Nalanda district.


3. Malpua

Malpua is an authentic sweet dish of Bihar. It is mainly made on the occasion of Holi. It is made from a thick batter of all-purpose flour ( maida), semolina( sooji), dry fruits, milk, banana, khoya, and some sugar and cardamom powder. It is dipped into the sugar syrup after frying it in oil or ghee. This dish is famous in the Mithila region.


4. Parwal Ki Mithai

Yes, you heard it right, we Biharis have even turned a vegetable into a sweet dish. To make this sweet, parwal is peeled off, the pulp is taken out, then boiled. After this, it is filled with khoya, dry fruits, and dunked in cash. It is one of the most unique dishes in Bihar.


5. Naivedyam

The Mahavir Mandir near Patna junction is renowned for naivedyam, a famous prasad of lord Hanuman. It is made from gram flour, dry fruits, sugar, cardamom, saffron, and other flavors.


6. Tilkut

Tilkut is a seasonal sweet of Bihar made and sold in winter. This is the famous sweet of Gaya. Tilkut is made from sesame seed, Jaggery, and lint, heated together, hammered, and given shape.


7. Rasia

Rasia is a particular type of kheer specially made during Chhath Puja and is used as Prasad. It is made from rice, gur, and milk. And tastes heavenly.


8. Peetha

This typical food of Bihar is covered with rice flour and stuffed with Jaggery and sesame seeds mixture. The dumpling is then steamed. It is also a seasonal sweet dish made in winter.


9. Pedakiya

This sweet treat is usually made in Holi. It has its unique taste and is a famous delicacy of north Bihar. Its outer cover is made from all-purpose flour and is filled with a mixture of khoya and dry fruits and then fried and dipped in cash.


10. Anarsa

This sweet Bihari delicacy is made from rice flour and jaggery. It is then coated with sesame seeds and deep-fried. Anarsa is found all year long in all parts of Bihar.


11.Khobia Lai/ Khoya Lai

Also called ram dana ladder is a famous all-year-long sweet of Bihar. It is made with jaggery and, as the name suggests, ram dala, which is a small-sized cereal.


12. Laai

Another form of the lanai is seasonal, made in winter. It can be made using puffed rice or beaten rice with jaggery syrup.


13. Balushahi

A dessert made of maida, baking soda, ghee, and sugar syrup looks like a doughnut and has so many flavors- this is a sweet every Bihari swears by!


14. Chandrakala

Similar to pedakiya, just round in shape. Chandrakala, too, is a ceremonial sweet of Bihar which you can see in every Bihari marriage.


15. Kala Jamun

A dessert that is perfect to end your meal and your cravings too. Kala. Jamun is made using maida, khoya, and mawa shaped in balls, deep fried, and then dipped into the sugar syrup. A total savor dish.


16.Laung Latik/ Laung Lata

This stuffed sweet is a complex mixture of flavors and is as different as its name. Prepared using maida and loaded with khoya, mawa, and sugar. Lastly, what makes it unique is the clove in the center.


17. Belgrami

Belgrami is a famous sweet of Udwantnagar, a small town near Ara ( Bihar). It is a unique dish made from paneer, fried, and dipped in sugar syrup.


18. Khurma

Also called shakarpara is a sweet snack typical in Bihar. It is made using maida, deep fried in oil, and then dipped in sugar syrup. Sugar syrup is let to cool down, giving khurma an outer powdery texture.


19. Gaja

Similar to Khurma but a little different. Instead of cooling down the sugar syrup, it is fried, dipped in cash, and taken out.


20. Khurchan

Another famous delicacy of Bihar is made with milk and sugar. The milk is boiled until it gets thickened, and sugar and cardamom powder is added to give it a taste. After cooling, it is topped with pistachio and other nuts and is cut in a diamond shape.