Top 20 Branded Coffee Shops In India

Top 20 Branded Coffee Shops In India
Top 20 Branded Coffee Shops In India

Coffee is a roasted, crushed, and brewed drink that can be served hot or cold. There are many variants to this drink like expresso, americano, cold coffee, milk coffee, and other creative ways to enjoy this beverage. Coffee lovers know that this is not just a drink but an emotion. When you wake up, you need coffee; when you work you need coffee; when you go on a date, you order coffee; or even when you go through a bad breakup, you need coffee! If you are a coffee lover then these are the top 20 places you have to visit.

1. Café Coffee Day

This is India’s favorite hangout place amongst everyone, especially amongst youngsters. Their coffee is from thousands of small coffee planters, and with their help Café Coffee Day is where it is right now.


2. Café Mocha

This place is known for not just their menu but also for their varied experiences to expand the café culture amongst everyone. They have 14 outlets in 12 cities, and that can tell that they are a popular café.


3 Starbucks

They aim is to inspire and nurture the human spirit. They make their drinks with the finest of ingredients be it Americano or Frappuccino.


4. Barista

This is an extremely popular café. Barista bears the Italian coffee flavor to the Indian café culture, and even till now, the popularity of this shop has not lessened a bit.


 5 Brewbakes

The main aim of this place was to provide a friendly, warm ambiance with a cup of coffee and have intriguing conversations with people, and socialize.


6. Stark Bistro

This is a lively café with the Marvel theme, which sounds so cool. Besides that, the food and beverages are sure to make your mouth water right when you smell and see them.


7 The Coffee Club

The interior of this place is of a coffeehouse, and the vibe when you enter through the door is very aesthetic. Order anything from the menu and a cup of coffee when you go here because every penny is worth the taste and quality.


8 Café Crème

This place gives the unique Kuka experience to all chocolate lovers. This place is famous amongst chocolate lovers as they make the most amazing chocolate-related dishes.


9 Gloria Jean’s Coffee

This place is about 800-1500 square feet, but they never fail to put a smile on their customer’s faces. This is a new addition to the line of café in India, and it has already made a mark in the business industry.


10. Café Frespresso

This is the fast-growing food and beverage industry.  It is the best café store which has a wide range of menus at affordable prices. The best thing about it takes care of the hygiene and uses fresh ingredients.


11 The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

It is a café that has the best coffee and tea to offer to its customers. They use the top 1% of Arabica Coffee beans that are grown at 6000 feet high altitudes


12. Le Café

This is the only waterfront café in Pondicherry. The location and the food make this the perfect food joint.


13 Costa Coffee

This is a UK-based store. It was first launched in Chennai and now even in New Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai, and Agra. They serve 4 million cups of coffee in a year.


14. Dunkin’ Donuts

This is one of the world’s leading franchisors. They have a massive range of freshly baked donuts and other baked goodies and fresh brewed coffee and expresso. This is a great hangout place for people.


15 Indian Coffee House

This coffee house played a very important role in the geopolitics of India. This place is where all people come and discuss different topics.


16 Brewberrys Café

This is a go-to place for Adda.  The aromatic smell and the long conversations are the perfect combinations that go with the aesthetic of this place.


17 Coffee Day Xpress

The concept of this place is unique as it feeds in transit.  They provide hot coffee while you are traveling between places or even walking the streets quickly.

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18. Café Chocolicious

The special factor about this place is that they make a coffee with a bar of chocolate, making it divine. The pizza and sandwich are also a very good combination with your drink.


19 Café spill

This café has been there since 2006, and they have been owners of many coffee shops across India. All it required was 500 square feet and an investment of 8 lakhs.


20 Mr.Beans

This is a coffee lounge in Bangalore. As you enter the doors of this place, you can smell the roasted coffee. The ambiance is very cozy and warm, making a hot cup of coffee just the perfect drink for this place.