Top 20 Buffets from the City of Nizams

Top 20 Buffets from

For people who have huge appetites and love all kinds of food, buffets are a godsend. They have a wide-spread of dishes available, right from starters to desserts, and most of them are not very heavy on the pocket as well. Here are some of the best buffet restaurants in Hyderabad: a foodie’s haven.

1. Paradise

Hyderabad means biryani, and biryani means paradise. Every Hyderabadi-from a child to an old man, from a visitor to a long-time resident, will tell you how special Paradise Biryani is to them. Both the quality and the quantity is surprising for a restaurant that has become such a huge brand! Apart from their trademark varieties of biryani, they also have quite a few curries, rotis of every kind imaginable, and what not! All in all, this age-old restaurant, is a landmark in the city, and for a good reason too!


2. Barbeque Nation

Smoking hot barbecue, a tasty main course and mouth watering desserts are what this place is all about! They offer a wide variety of meats as well as vegetarian options including paneer, capsicum, and onions. The live grill right at your table makes sure your food is hot, sizzling and smoky. The main course, also equally tasty, consists of things from biryani, to roti and curries. The desserts are another reason people flock to this place very often. They have some of the best desserts offered by buffets. And not just regarding quality, but also quantity.


3. Urban Asia (Asian, Chinese, Japanese)

They feature in Pan-Asian delicacies, and brunch. If you love the smell of the salty ocean, and fresh seafood, this is a place you can’t miss. Calamari, crab soup, sushi, and momos are some of their choicest and best items. The polite staff, welcoming ambiance the spread of seafood and other delicacies, and being a little more budget friendly than most others make this place that much better.


4. Little Italy

This place in every vegetarian’s dream. It’s everything good about Italian and vegetarian, all bundled into one. Little Italy specializes in Italian food, obviously, but everything available is vegetarian. And contrary to the popular stereotypes, there’s a LOT to look forward to in a vegetarian spread. The rooftop lounge and ambiance in very pleasant and warm.  The extremely friendly and well-informed waiters make sure you order food as per your preference and have an amazing food experience.


5. Vera Pizzeria

Set amongst green trees in the hub of the city, Vera Pizzeria serves some of the best pizzas in town.The place has a classy kind of look with its tasteful furniture and lighting. Their concept of a do it yourself pizza and pasta ensures that you have everything you love in one dish. Now, what more could anyone need? Also, the appetizers and desserts, all authentic Italian dishes, make this place the perfect Italian haven!


6. Basil (Continental, Chinese, NI)

With plush, modern interiors which create an earthy and warm ambiance, Basil lives up to what its name means: freshness, purity, and healthiness. This is a place that especially vegetarians shouldn’t miss as it is one of the best in the restaurant business. Recommended dishes are the basil paneer masala and tawa vegetables are two dishes and for a good reason! They taste amazing! The live counters for pasta and dosas will make you drool even before the food reaches your plate!


7. Citrus Café

Citrus Café by Lemon Tree is one of the few places that serve American cuisine. Their breakfast buffet spread is noteworthy. The have everything you can think of: from pancakes, to break, to cereal, and the toppings: from maple syrup to Nutella. Yes, it’s the perfect American breakfast buffet. But what’s even more interesting about this place is that they serve Indian as well as European food, which is equally appealing as the American. For the spread of food available, the cost is pretty reasonable and is worth the money.


8. Dhaba (North)

If you love the earthy taste of food from a Dhaba on a highway, but prefer good ambiance to the tacky huts of dhabas, this place is definitely for you. They offer you a fine dining experience, without compromising on the variety, feel and quality of Dhaba food. Amritsari chicken, chili paneer, and murgh malai tikka are some of their best. They also have a typical village bar, with quite a few options in drinks. Overall, perfect for dining out with friends and family!


9. CIBO House (Italian, Continental)

Eating pizza with friends during a game of cricket, football or any other sport is always the best. CIBO House is all about an all-European menu, which includes pizzas and pasta, and some incredible desserts. The Virgin Mojito is something that everyone who visits the place loves. The staff are extremely friendly, recommend the best food, and take feedback in the most optimistic way possible.


10. The Grand Trunk Road (Chinese, NI)

Among the newer restaurants that have come up in this city, The Grand Trunk Road tops the list. It is another restaurant that has taken inspiration from dhabas. With the wide spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, they sure have something for everyone out there. The live chaat and street food counters are simply superb. The butter chicken, paneer papdi, and jalebi-rabri are some of their dishes that are lip-smacking good. All in all, great food, cozy ambiance, and worth the money.


11. Nautanki Galli

With a well-stocked bar, barbecue, live music and the Bollywood kind of ambiance, this place has been attracting customers from all around the city. The egg salsa, ras malai, chili chicken and chicken dim sum are some of the items that you just can’t miss. For the cost of their buffet, they serve some pretty amazing food and drinks and is often preferred by students and corporates.


12. Prego

A dining experience on Italian and European cuisine with a poolside patio is what Prego is all about. It is a definite go-to place for couples, thanks to the various options and combos they have especially for couples. A Sunday brunch here with your loved one will leave you sumptuous, full and happy on a bright Sunday morning. The tiramisu, mud pie, lentil soup and thin crust pizzas will leave you wanting for more.


13. Village

The smell of fresh food, greenery, and the earthiness is what makes any Indian village special. Inspired by that very soulful atmosphere, Village: The Soul of India is a restaurant set in one of the busiest places in the city. They specialize in traditional Gujarati and Kashmiri food, but also offer some other popular varieties. They also have group entertainment activities like dances and music, all of which gives you the authentic village experience!


14. Bikanervala

Although mainly a sweet shop, Bikanervala also offers many other things including North Indian and South Indian foods, and varieties of street food and chaat. It is an all-vegetarian place, but trust us, it will not disappoint you. Their most popular dishes are the lassi, kulfi aloo da, and dum biryani. If what you want is simple, yet tasty food and quality time with friends and family, you cannot miss this place!


15. Mamagoto

If what you’re looking is a decadent meal on a lazy Sunday morning at a nice, bright place with outdoor seating, this one is for you. Its vivid and bright interiors are sure to bring out the art critic in you and lighten up your mood. They specialize in Pan-Asian delicacies like momos and dumplings, but everything else on the menu doesn’t disappoint you either. The courteous and friendly staff ensure you have a hassle-free meal, and a good one too! This place is an Asian paradise, and perfect for some peaceful time with friends and family.


16. Exotica

If you’re someone who loves the local cuisine of Hyderabad, then Exotica is worth a visit. With its widespread of Mughlai and Chinese food, it is sir to leave you happy and content. The ambiance is impeccable too, with a rooftop seating and very tasteful decor. It is perfect for couples looking for a quiet, romantic, candlelight dinner. The food is indeed exotic, and will surely tickle your taste buds. Their kebab platter in starters is something that everyone who visits the place must try!


17. Tim Tai

The place is known for its plush and contemporary interiors, which are extremely peaceful and calming. The staff gives excellent suggestions based on your preferences. A specialty that most customers love is the Sri Lankan chicken. It is perfect for family outings, and corporate team lunches. The variety of meats that are tender, delicate and amazing make this place a must-visit for all non-vegetarian lovers. The Thai food, which the restaurant specializes in, is impeccable. The momos, Thai soup, and chocolate paan, are some dishes that you can try.


18. Noha (Hyderabadi, Mughlai, Lebanese)

If what you love is Mughlai, Arabian, and Lebanese cuisines; you are in for a treat as Noha by Four Seasons offers just those. The food, authentically made, is a perfect blend of spices and is sure to test you if you take pride in your palette. The Arabian platter, among others, is something that you can not miss. The non-vegetarian dishes are just perfect to make every meat lover’s mouth water, with the chicken and mutton biryanis, fish and chips, and much more!


19. Rayalaseemaruchulu

Although relatively old, RayalaseemaRuchulu has been serving traditional Andhra cuisine for over a decade. They have a variety of platters including the rajabhojanam thalis, or the Thali of the Royals. Ulavacharukodi pulao, ragisangati are the recommended and signature dishes. The huge plate, filled with some of the best foods from the regions of Andhra, Telangana, and Rayalaseema along with the friendly staff, ensure that you leave the place feeling like a royal! And why shouldn’t you? For the cuisine has been passed down to us from generations of Royals!


20. Ahobilam Foods

Want authentic Andhra food, but on a shoestring budget? Do not worry. Ahobilam foods offer just that at some of the lowest prices in the city. Their tagline is ‘millet cave’ and true to it, they serve a variety of grains and millets in their menu. Their thalis are humble, yet out of this world. Although an all-vegetarian place, the spread will leave you wondering how so many dishes could exist in a vegetarian menu!