Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Cooch Behar

Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar, also known as Koch Bihar, is a district in West Bengal. The Madan Mohan Temple, Bara Debi Bari, Rajmata Temple, and Baneswar Temple are notable religious centers. Durga Puja and Raas Purnima are the most popular festivals in Cooch Behar. Sericulture in the Cooch Behar district is for the growth of the rural economy.

1.Café Yugen

Cafe Yugen, located atSilver Jubilee Rd, Subhash Pally, Cooch Behar, is the best restaurant in this area for Italian cuisine. The ambiance is extraordinary, with a spacious seating arrangement. Lively atmosphere with music playing on a decent sound system. Humble staff with generous service.

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2.Momo Nation Café

Momo Magic Cafe, situated at Siliguri Rd, Khagrabari, Cooch Behar, is a pleasant and welcoming spot for friends to gather and hang out. The cafe has a cozy ambiance despite its limited space. The idea of offering various momo varieties is commendable, although the momos are mediocre.

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3.The Floof N Whiskers

The Floof N Whiskers, located at B.S. Road near Green View Hotel, Badur Bagan, is the first of its kind, fully pet-themed, and pet-friendly café in town. The environment is lovely and photogenic. Food quality, as well as quantity, is excellent. The behavior of the staff is outstanding. The main attraction is the husky of the owner. He’s so adorable. The shrimp recipes are amazing here.

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4.Lassi King

Lassi King, situated atthe CPM party office, Raj Rajendra Narayan Rd, near Puratan Post Office Para, is a quality soft drinks corner per the taste concern. They serve a lot of the products in a reasonable price range. It also has varieties of soft drinks and ice cream available here.

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5.The Aromas Of Punjab

The Aromas Of Punjab, situated at Nripendra Narayan Rd, Cooch Behar, is a fine dining multicuisine rooftop restaurant known for authentic Punjabi gravy dishes alongside serving tandoori, Mughlai, Chinese, Lebanese. Some recommended foods are butter naan palak paneer chicken kasha, butter paneer and chicken Dishes, and chicken biryani. The staff is humble, and the services are remarkable.

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6.Sly Panda

Sly Panda, located at Devibari Lamba Dighi, Cooch Behar, is a one-of-a-kind Chinese restaurant in Cooch Behar. It invites everyone to its abode while bringing flavorsome delights from the kitchen tossed in the wok with secret spices ingredients to emerge as the best restaurant in Coochbehar. Some suggested foods are brownies with ice cream, garlic chicken, non-veg Hakka noodles, chicken drums of Hell, and burnt garlic fried rice.

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7.Aayaat Biryani

Aayaat Biryani, located at 130 Raj Rajendra Narayan Rd, Puratan Post Office Para, is a faithful place for kebab, biriyani, and Mughlai cuisine. It’s family-friendly and even has good staff cooperation. Some recommended foods are chicken biryani, chicken cheese kebab, murg reshmi kabab, and murgh tikka kebab.

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8.7th Heaven

7th Heaven, situated atNN shopping mall, Cooch Behar, is essentially a pâtisserie, a French and Italian bakehouse. The bakery has a modern cafe-bakehouse pop culture-inspired interior, elevating the mood and appetite. They serve various pastries like muffins, brownies, donuts, cakes, pies, and tarts. Along with pastries, they serve savories like pizza, burgers, pasta, hotdogs, and sandwiches.

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9.The Table Talk Café Bistro

The Table Talk Cafe Bistro, located at Biswa Singha Rd, North, Cooch Behar, is a cozy cafe with hookah service. The variety of coffee is delectable, and the snacks are yummy and pocket-friendly. The interior is for people who love to click and save memories. Some recommendations are an Irish latte and a grilled chicken sandwich.

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10.Terabite Café

Terabite Cafe, located at Polytechnic College, Kesab Rd, Cooch Behar, is a one-stop solution for pizza, burgers, shakes, beverages, cocktails, Indian combo meals, biryani, and coffee hunger. It has delicious food at an affordable price. Some recommended foods are non-veg combo, spicy peri-peri chicken pizza, and chicken kicker.

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11.The Roof

The Roof, situated at Biswa Singha Rd, North, Cooch Behar, is a temperature-controlled rooftop dine-in serving Indian cuisines. A pleasant atmosphere and beautiful ethos surround it. The food present is delicious. Food quality is the best at an affordable price.

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12.Ripples Restaurant

Ripples Restaurant, situated near Bus Stop, Kesab Rd, near Kachari more, Cooch Behar, is a place to hang out with family and friends. Food is cheaper than in other restaurants in the town. You have various options on the menu across Indian dishes and other continental foods. They maintain their hygiene as their top priority. The staff are good and well behaved.

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13.Laziz Pizza

Laziz Pizza, situated at Keshab Road NN MALL, opposite Rajbari, Cooch Behar, is an authentic pizza restaurant. The pizzas are delicious and cheesy at a reasonable rate. The ambiance is cozy. The staff is well-behaved. Some recommended pizzas are chicken tikka pizza and chicken nuggets.

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14.Monarch Restaurant

Restaurant Monarch, located at 8CFV+GX8, Biswa Singha Rd, Cooch Behar, is one best restaurant in coochbehar. Both veg and non-veg foods are available. Fully air-conditioned. The staff is well-behaved. Food quality is mouth-watering and tasty.

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15.Mitali Restaurant

Mitali Restaurant, located at Rup Narayan Rd, Cooch Behar, is one of the oldest restaurants in Coochbehar. The restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal choice for family lunches and dinners. The friendly staff ensures a pleasant dining experience, and the overall atmosphere adds to the enjoyment. Some recommended food is Mughlai paratha with chicken curry, egg chicken biriyani, chicken kasha, Devil chop, double egg Moglai paratha, and biriyani.

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16.The Rich Table Restaurant

The Rich Table Restaurant, located 2 minutes from cooch behar palace and 5 minutes from NBSTC and a private bus stand, is the best restaurant for dine-in. Small and cozy with limited seating but an okay place. The ambiance is clumsy. The staff is polite, and services are up to mark.

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17.Rais Kitchen

Rais Kitchen, located at Rup Narayan Rd, Puratan Post Office Para, is a top player in the category of restaurants in the Cooch Behar. It is known to provide top-notch service in the following categories: restaurants, home delivery restaurants, inexpensive restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Punjabi restaurants, and Indian restaurants. The place has a chill vibe. Indian dishes are pretty standard.

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18.Galaxy Restro Bar Lounge

Galaxy Restro Bar Lounge, located at City Mall, 4th Floor, Khagrabari, New Cooch Behar, is the ultimate destination for food and fun. The pub offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for gathering with friends or family. Our menu features a variety of delicious dishes, including classic pub favorites and exciting new creations. It provides the best in food, drinks, and entertainment.

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19.Golpo Food Court Banquet

Golpo Food Court Banquet, located at Prm Market City, Cooch Behar, is a brilliant space to grab lunch or evening snacks with friends and family in a peaceful ambiance. It’s a bit more costly than other cafes, and the food quality is incredible. Some recommended foods are Chicken chili, Biryani, Hakka noodles, and masala dosa.

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20.Restaurant Trishna

Restaurant Trishna, located at 8CFW+Q58, Rup Narayan Rd, Cooch Behar, is an Indian restaurant that provides veg and non-veg dishes. It is a fantastic place for quick bites. Their moglai, dosa, and afghani cutlet are very good, and the price is very reasonable. The ground floor has veg food, and the upper floor is for non-veg food.

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