Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Kishanganj

Top 20 Cafes And Restaurants In Kishanganj

Kishanganj is a district in Bihar which has numerous religious sites. It is famous for its rich heritage and culture. The HarGauri Temple is an old temple of Lord Shiva and is known for its celebrations of the Shivratri festival. In ancient times, during the Mughal period, Kishanganj was a part of Nepal. It was called Nepalgarh. Kishanganj was the old and dominant sub-division of Purnea.

1.Pool Café

Pool Cafe, located at Vijay Prasad Leena Prasad Market, 1st Floor, Caltex Chowk, is a cafe that provides delicious food. The food is diverse, and the prices are affordable. It provides fast service, a peaceful atmosphere.

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2.Zaki’s Café

Zaki’s Cafe, located in Imli Gola Chowk, Insaan School Rd, is a unique system of serving and dining in Kishanganj. It has delicious food at an affordable price. The quality of the food is satisfying. The staff are well-trained and helpful.

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3.The Old School Café And Restaurant

The Old School Cafe Restaurant, located in Paschimpally, Kishanganj, is a refreshing cafe to hang out with friends and families. The ambiance is refreshing. The staff and their services are satisfactory. Some recommended foods are paneer pakora, chicken wings, chicken mumtaj, chicken noodles, chicken drums of heaven, and Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani.

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4.Orchid Restaurant

Orchid Restaurant, located at Hotel Daftari Palace, 2nd Floor, Paschimpally Chowk, is a fine dining experience in the heart of Kishanganj. Chef Ranjeet Mehta is mind-blowing, and he mingles with the guests is even more fascinating. The decor is very subtle. The staff is super polite.

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5.Eat Park

Eat Park, located on Purab Palli Road, Dharamganj, is a cafe that provides magnificent food at a reasonable price. The ambiance gives a chill vibe. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the services are satisfactory.

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6.Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant, located at 4X28+892, Purab Palli Road, is a north Indian restaurant. It is a definite place to visit if you are on the way to Siliguri. It is a must-visit place if you already stay at Kishanganj. All the staff and manager are polite and humble. Chicken biryani, chicken butter masala, and lambi chicken are recommended foods.

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7.Rasoi-The 2nd Kitchen

Rasoi -The 2nd Kitchen, located on Subhaspalli Chowk, Kishanganj, is the best place to stay for dinner or breakfast. It provides delicious food at a reasonable price. The owner is friendly, and the staff is cooperative.

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8.FG Restaurant

Fg Restaurant, located on Dharmshala Road opp. Manoranjan Club is an Indian cuisine restaurant with a portion of delicious food. The atmosphere of the restaurant gives a relaxing vibe. The manner and behavior of the staff are gentle.

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9.Khana Khazana

Khana Khazana, located on the 1st floor, above Charlie Outlaw, Opp: Manoranjan Club, Dharmshala Road, is a quality restaurant to hang out and have a lavish dinner or lunch. The quality of food and services is up to the mark. The ambiance and decoration are marvelous.

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10.Balaji Restaurant

Balaji Restaurant, located on Neem Chand Rd, Gandhi Chowk, is a fast-food hidden gem for food lovers who are looking for good quality snacks at an affordable price. The menu offers a wide range of options that are fresh and delicious. The samosas and chaat are noteworthy for their crispy texture and delicious flavor. Other items such as kachori, bhajia, and pav bhaji are popular.

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11.Burger Hut

Burger Hut, located onRuidhasa-Qadamrasool Rd, near Bharat Gas godown, is a fast-food restaurant. It is the best burger shop in Kishanganj that provides yummy and delicious burgers. Owner behavior is too good. The place is hygienic. The price is reasonable.

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12.Anni Fast Food And Biryani House

Anni Fast Food And Biryani House, located at 4W4R+4V9, Abdul Rahim Khan Rd, Subhaspally, is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the city. They believe in quality and quantity. They serve the best quality dishes at affordable prices and maintain a healthy and clean diet.

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13.Bawarchi Food Corner

Bawarchi Restaurant, located on Kishanganj – Tayyabpur – Thakurganj Rd, Paschimpali, is a great place to spend time with your friends. The service is decent, and the food quality is excellent at a reasonable price. Indian cuisine is the solid spot of the restaurant. You can enjoy very lavish food here.

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14.Shake Singh-the King Of Shake

Shake Singh, located atCaltex Chowk, is a fast-food restaurant. It is the best place for food lovers in the town. Some recommended foods are Death by Chocolate, Chili Momo, Chowmin, and Sandwich.

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15.Barbeque 2

Barbeque 2 is a fast-food center located at 3WXV+8X5, Subhaspally, Kishanganj. The quality of the food is very mouth-watering. Some recommended dishes are egg veg roll, egg roll, egg chicken roll, chicken roll, and chicken chowmein.

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16.Bethak Café

Bethak Cafe, situated onKabir Chowk, Insan School Rd, is a cafe that serves delicious food drinks. It has a unique way of helping and dining. It has an ultimate taste with extra fabulous dining like Arabic restaurants. Some popular foods are Chocolate Ice Cream and Momos.

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17.Laziz Pizza

Laziz Pizza, located atCaltex Chowk, Hotel Chanchal Palace, is a pizza restaurant that provides mouth-watering pizza. It has the best pizza in town. Some recommended pizzas are Chilly Paneer Mexican pizza.

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18.Guru Sweets And Snacks

Guru Sweets And Snacks, located at 4W5V+82J, Pashchimpalli, is a fast-food restaurant. The sitting area is clean. Service was quick and good. Raj Kachori Chaat, Butter Masala Dosa, and mixed veg chow mein are recommended foods.

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19.Andhra South Indian Dishes

Andhra South Indian Dishes, located onDe Market, Sabji Mandi, is a South Indian restaurant that provides South Indian cuisine. It provides quality and hygienic food to customers at an affordable price. People are polite, and the service is good with authentic taste.

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20.Food Studio

Food Studio, located near Bank Of Baroda, Hospital Rd, Kishanganj, is a great place to have some delicious and mouth-watering recipes. It is small but beautiful. The behavior of the staff is fantastic. Some recommended foods are veg and non-veg biryani and momos.

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