Top 20 Cafes and Restaurants to try in Tollygunge, Kolkata

20 Cafes and Restaurants to try in Tollygunge, Kolkata

Kolkata is famous for its low cost of living. Apart from this, the restaurants are located nearby, and the delicious food is available at low prices. Tollygunge is another famous street where there are cool eateries and tiny food joints too. Be it biryani, rolls, kebabs, street food, or indian chinese, you will find it all, and that too at affordable rates.

Here is a list of all the famous cafes and restaurants that you must try whenever you are in Tollygunge, Kolkata:

1 Aminia

Aminia is one of the largest and well-known restaurants in Kolkata. Anyone who has lived in Kolkata since childhood has been going to this place. The quality of the food, as well as the prices, are spectacular. Their non-vegetarian delicacies along with Phirni are a must have.

Must have: Tandoori Chicken, Phirni, Chicken Bharta

Location: 140/35, N.S.C. Bose Road, Near Malancha Cinema, Tollygunge, Kolkata


2 The Copper Kitchen

The Copper Kitchen serves vegetarian food only. They serve delicious Chinese and North Indian food. Head over to this place for an early dinner with your family.

Must have: Noodles, Brownie, Manchow Soup, Cheese Kulcha

Location: 4, Russa Road, South, 2nd Lane, Hotel Myra, Tollygunge, Kolkata


3 Denzong Kitchen

If you love Tibetan food and crave momos the whole day, then you will surely love this place. Head over to this place to have affordable and delicious food.

Must have: Chicken Thukpa, Chili Chicken, Momos

Location: 223, Bus Stand, Near Pallysree, Golfgreen, Biyojgarh, Tollygunge, Kolkata


4 Silver Screen

It is popular for food and decor. It has signboards and posters of old Bollywood films. Their mutton dishes are delicious.

Must have: Chili Babycorn, Crispy Chicken

Location: 5, N.S.C. Road, Regent Park, Tollygunge, Kolkata


5 Sharma Snacks

Sharma Snacks is a tiny place having a little hole in the wall that serves snacks, cutlets, and sandwiches. It is a perfect spot to visit when hunger pangs hit you hard. They open at 7 am until 9:30 pm.

Must have: Aloo Curry, Gulab Jamun, Dhokla

Location: 42/2, Near Ashok Nagar Park, N.S.C. Bose Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata


6 A-One, Taj Biryani House

A-One, Taj Biryani House is a budget-friendly restaurant located in Tollygunge. You can order online and get hot biryani delivered at your doorstep. Mutton Biryani is quite famous and well cooked. You can also try other varieties too.

Must have: Chaap, Mutton Biryani

Location: 57/76 N.S.C Bose Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata


7 Chinese Pandit

Chinese Pandit is the best place for Chinese food at affordable prices. Call them up to deliver delicious food at your doorstep.

Must have: Noodles, Crispy Chicken, Chili Chicken

Location: 3/22, Azadgarh, Near Azadgarh Post Office, Tollygunge, Kolkata


8 The Royal Bengal Tiger Café

The Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe is dedicated to the tigers. The walls of this place have pictures of the animal. Their menu consists of delicious Bengali snacks.

Must have: Mughlai Paratha, Sandwiches, Latte

Location: Module Shanti, 91, Golf Club Road, Rajendra Prasad Colony, Tollygunge, Kolkata


9 The Chaiwala

The Chaiwala serves delicious burgers along with cold coffee.  It is a perfect spot for catching up with your friends.

Must have: Tea, Pasta, Kiwi Mojito

Location: 6/1/2, Graham’s Land, N.S.C Bose Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata


10 Rahmania

Rahmania is one of the oldest biryani joints in Kolkata. They are known for their kebabs and mutton delicacies. You must try their Mutton Rezala, Phirni, and Mutton Biryani with Haleem. It is also considered as a pioneer of Mughlai food.

Must have: Haleem, Phirni, Mutton Biryani

Location: 5/11, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata


11 Graham’s Kitchen

Graham’s Kitchen is another Chinese restaurant in Tollygunge which is a perfect spot for fuss-free dining. Visit this place with your friends and indulge in their delicious Chinese and seafood preparations.

Must have: Schezwan Chicken, Mixed Fried Rice, Momos

Location: 6/1, N.S.C. Bose Road, Graham’s Land, Near Indrapuri Studio, Tollygunge, Kolkata


12 Manti

Head to Manti if you want to indulge in delicious meaty dishes, kebabs, and rolls. They also have gravies and tandoori dishes to dip your rotis in. Visit this place for a full meal.

Must have: Biryani, Mutton Kasha, Egg Roll

Location: 27, Deshapran Sashmal Road, Near Tollygunge Tram Depot, Tollygunge, Kolkata


13 Sea-Estta Inn

Sea-Estta Inn has decor like the private beach which is a perfect spot for people who love sand and sea. Their menu consists of a lot of seafood. From scallops to sharks, everything is available here.

Must have: Lobster, Sea Food Platter, Hot Chocolate Roll

Location: 23, Russa Road, Near Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Opposite Bhavani Cinema Hall, Tollygunge, Kolkata


14 Dazzling Planet

Consider a quick meal from Dazzling Planet when you are super busy at office hours and hardly get time to have proper lunch. Grab their thick shake and a sandwich for a fulfilling meal.

Must have: Fruit Salad, Thick Shakes, Burgers

Location: 57/3G/1, NSC Bose Road, Near Malancha Cinema, Tollygunge, Kolkata


15 Gourmet Hut

Gourmet Hut is a great and extremely affordable Chinese joint offering lip-smacking Chinese food. Though the place is small, they can easily accommodate around 20 people.

Must have: Lekmi Chicken, Noodles

Location: 5/2, Netaji Nagar, Tollygunge, Kolkata


16 Chinmoyee Restaurant

Chinmoyee Restaurant is a popular Casual dining place located in Tollygunge. They serve delicious fast food and Chinese cuisine.

Must have: Fried Rice

Location: 3B/1, Kali Prasanna Roy Lane, Tollygunge, Kolkata


17 K2 The Restaurant

K2 is popularly known for its quality food. It specializes in North Indian and Chinese cuisine while their Chicken drumsticks are a must have.

Must have: Oyster Chicken, Chicken Butter Masala

Location: 5/28, Netaji Nagar, Near Netaji Nagar Bus Stand, Tollygunge, Kolkata


18 China Town

When it comes to the taste of Chinese dishes in Tollygunge, no place can beat China Town. Since it is a small place, it is good for takeaway.

Must have: Crispy Chicken, Pepper Chicken

Location: 257, Deshapran, Shashmal Road, Near Tollygunge Tram Depot, Tollygunge, Kolkata

China -Town

19 Savour N Chillers

Savour N Chillers is a new restaurant popped up in Tollygunge. The place has a cozy ambience. The quality and quantity are sufficient.

Must have: Golden Fried Prawns

Location: 112, Subodh Park, Tollygunge, Kolkata


20 Khan Saheb

Khan Saheb serves mouth watering Mughlai and North Indian delicacies. They serve the best Hyderabadi Biryani in the area.

Must have: Tandoori Chicken, Biryani

Location: 79, Deshpran Sasmal Road, Near Charu Market Police Station, Tollygunge, Kolkata