Top 20 Cafes For Cold Coffee In Patna

top 20 cafes for cold coffee in patna
top 20 cafes for cold coffee in patna

Patna is one of the city in Bihar. It is a great place where you can explore so many things. Some of the places that you can explore here are: Gol Ghar, Patna museum, Funtasia water park, and many more. People come here to explore, but they don’t know where to get good food and drinks. People are really confused about which cafes they should visit for a cold coffee, which is worthwhile. So, here we are with the solution for those who love cold coffee. We will help you find the top 20 cafes for cold coffee in Patna.

1. Cafe 13

It is one of the top cafes in Patna where you can have the best cold coffee. Along with it, you can also have other food items as well. It is situated in Surya Crystal, Boring Road, opposite Karlo Automobiles. The popular items on the menu are cold coffee with ice cream, cappuccino latte macchiato, and so on. You can enjoy your cold coffee with your favourite item.

1. Cafe 13

2. Café Coffee Day

This cafe is located in Regent Theatre, near Kargil Chowk, in Bakarganj, Patna. The place is very decent for a small outing. The most popular coffee that you should definitely try here is called “Coffee of the Day.” It’s really amazing and tasty. People who tried this coffee really loved it and recommended it, so include this in your must-try list. There are other variations of coffee as well, which you can try.

2. Cafe Coffee Day

3.  Cafe Hideout

It is one of the greatest cafes in Patna. It is a perfect place where you can easily hang with your friends or family. The ambience is nice, and the food quality is good as well. It’s a perfect, cosy place to go on a coffee date. Overall, it’s a very decent and nice place to have coffee. This cafe is situated near the post office in Patliputra colony.

3. Cafe Hideout

4. The Boring Café

It is just the opposite of its name, as it is not a boring cafe at all. It’s a very chilled place where you can enjoy food and especially cold coffee. This cafe is situated in Nath tower in Nageshwar colony, Patna. The cold coffee in this place is completely worthwhile. You can have it with your favourite other food items like: paneer chilli, chomotkar, fried chicken momo, etc. So, it’s a nice place where you can enjoy your cold coffee and food with some good music.

4. The Boring Cafe

5.  Barista

It is one of the best cafes in Patna where you can enjoy the best cold coffee. If you are a cold coffee lover, then you will definitely love this place and its coffee. It offers you the best cold coffee. There are other food items as well, and all of them are nice. It seems like the food or coffee at this place is made with so much love. It is in South Gandhi Maidan, near Hotel Maurya.

5. Barista

6.  Brewbakes Cafe

From tandoori momo to cold coffee, you will get everything here at a fair price. Along with food, the place and its members are nice as well. It’s a small place where you can chill out with your friends. There are so many variations on coffee as well. So, you can order it according to your preference.

6. Brewbakes Cafe

7. Cafe Unplugged

Cafe Unplugged is a place where once you visit, you can’t unplug yourself from this place. This place is so beautiful because of its interior. In addition to cold coffee, chicken lollipops and kitkat shakes are popular here. You should try these two as well. This place is situated near Ams Park in Anandpuri, Patna.

7. Cafe Unplugged

8.  Cafe Sipn Smile

This cafe is one of the best in Patna because its cold coffee is just like its name. When you take one sip of cold coffee, a smile will automatically come onto your face. So, you will love spending time here. This place is situated near Indira Bhawan Hartali More, on the West Boring Canal Road in Patna.

8.Cafe Sip n Smile

9. D’ Hoot Cafe & Kitchen

Cold coffee with ice-cream is one of the most popular items on its menu. Most of the people who visit this cafe always order their popular cold coffee. The taste is fully satisfactory and it will take you to the next level. You should definitely give it a try; you won’t feel bad for having it. This place is located in Basant Bihar Colony, Sri Krishna Puri in Bihar.

9. D Hoot Cafe Kitchen

10. Signature Cafe & Grill

It is one of the great cafes where you can spend your time having a great coffee. It’s a nice place where you can spend quality time as well. The environment of this place is also peaceful, so you can fill your tummy very peacefully here. It is located near Mangaldeep Apartment in Patliputra Colony in Patna. Overall, this place is highly recommended if you are in Patna.

10.Signature Cafe Grill

11. Indian Summer Cafe

It is situated in the Satya Narain Building, Exhibition Road in Patna. You can have different variations of food items at this place, but it’s the best place where you can have cold coffee at this location. You should definitely check out this place to have a worthwhile experience.

11.Indian Summer Cafe

12. The 9’tees Cafe

It is one of the best cafes in Patna where you can enjoy your food and drinks at an affordable price. It’s the best place to hang out, and the interiors are nice as well. This place serves the best food, and once you visit this place, you will return here again and again. This place is located near the Bank of Baroda, Hajiganj, in Patna.

12.The 9tees Cafe

13. Dabka Cafe

This cafe has different variations of coffee. So, if you want to explore in terms of coffee, then you must visit this place. You will definitely have a wonderful experience here. This place is situated in Sadikpur, Khamji Begum Colony, in Patna. You must try Hazzlenut cold coffee here. It will give you worthwhile experience.

13.Dabka Cafe

14. Roof Top Cafe

This cafe is just like its name. It is situated over the roof, and you will get the best view from this cafe. The coffee at this establishment is so delicious that you will fall in love with them. It smells so nice that it will take you to another world. If you want to have the perfect date, then visit this place. Its vibe is also nice, so overall, it’s a great place to visit.

14.Roof Top Cafe

15. Cafe Lit

This cafe is situated on New Dak Bunglow Road, Chowraha, in Patna. Cafe Lit is actually a lively place where you can have a lot of fun. The place is very artistic, and its interior is nice as well. You can have the best cold coffee at this location. This place is a must-recommended place.

15.Cafe Lit

16. The Lassi Hills

The Lassi Hills, aka Dev Cafe, are situated in the housing board colony of Kankarbagh in Patna. It is the best coffee shop at this location. It will serve you the highest quality products at a very affordable price, and the service at this place is nice as well. You will really love the lassi at this place, apart from the coffee. It’s a great place at this location to have snacks and drinks as per your mood.

16.The Lassi Hills

17. Watson’s Café

It is a good place to hang out with your friends. From food to coffee, everything there is affordable. The food in this place has a great taste as well. It is located at Pal Shatabdi Mall, Ground Floor, Saguna More in Patna. According to reviews, people say that it’s the best place for having coffee and other beverages.

17.Watsons Cafe

18. Bonkers Cafe

Bonkers Cafe is one of the best cafes in the Frasar Road Area in Patna. The most popular coffee on the menu is Hazelnut Coffee with fruit cake. There are other items as well, like chicken lollypops, kitkat shakes, etc. But cold coffee is a must-try item here. It’s such a beautiful place, which will give you positive vibes.

18.Bonkers Cafe

19. The Downtown Cafe

It is one of the top cafes in Patna. From cold coffee to hot coffee, you will definitely like and enjoy them. If you are dating, then it’s a perfect place to visit, and the best thing to order on a date here is cold coffee. For a while, you may forget about the person with whom you’re dating, but the taste of the cold coffee you’re not going to forget. So, visit this place for a wonderful experience.

19.The Downtown Cafe

20. DC Cafe

DC Cafe is one of the good cafes in Anisabad, above BlackBerry Ballamichak More, in Patna. The food at this place is so delicious that you’ll enjoy each bite of it. And when it comes to coffee, then it is extra delicious because the people who are behind the coffee made it with so much love. The cold coffee in this place is highly recommended.

20.DC Cafe