Top 20 Cafes In Bandra, Mumbai With The Best Interiors And Dining Experience

Top 20 Cafes In Bandra, Mumbai With The Best Interiors And Dining Experience

Cafes in Bandra are Mumbai’s one of the finest places to go with your friends and family, and where you get to enjoy the best interiors and premium dining experience. But when you have too many options to choose from, deciding which one to pick can be a tiring task. Don’t worry, this article got your problem covered and here’s a list of Top 20 cafes in Bandra that offer the best dining experience with beautiful interiors.


Pleo is a newly opened all-day casual dining space in BKC with modern interiors and an elegant bar. This place offers a range of cuisines like Asian, Indian and Continental and the food here will leave you wanting for more. You’ll definitely fall in love with the vibe of this place and its chic aesthetics.

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Located near Linking Road in Bandra, Binge has to be your next dining place if you’re looking for a space with beautiful and classy interiors. It’s quite popular for its Mexican cuisine and seafood. Serving excellent drinks and amazing desserts, this place offers a pleasant ambience and wonderful service as well.

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3.Joshi House

If you want to enjoy a modern fine dining ambience with a touch of Rajasthan, this is a perfect place for you. Located in Pali Hill, Joshi House provides a fascinating and warm ambience and serves delicious North Indian food. This place is designed in such a way that it will refresh your memories of Rajasthan.

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4.Cou Cou By Oberoi

Located in BKC, Cou Cou by Oberoi is an all-day café which is quite popular for its warm service. The décor of this place makes it a perfect place to enjoy a fine dining experience with your friends and family.

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This newly opened brunch café and bar is a must-visit place in BKC. This place has beautiful interiors which makes it a perfect place to enjoy a perfect meal with your loved ones. It’s quite popular for its beautiful decor and cleanliness with multiple options for vegan and healthy food items.

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6.Donna Deli

Donna Deli is a beautiful café-cum-bar located in Bandra, serving comfort food and refreshing cocktails. The most attractive part of this café is it’s Italian-themed interior. Offering a great variety of Italian and Asian cuisines, it’s a perfect place for your next date.

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7.Roofberries Restaurant

Offering a premium rooftop experience, Roofberries Restaurant is Bandra’s one of the most happening terrace restaurants. This place provides a perfect blend of delicious food and an ultimate rooftop experience.

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Located near Linking Road in Bandra, this place is perfect for enjoying a fine dining experience. This place serves delicious pizzas and amazing desserts and is perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

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9.Ray’s Cafe And Pizzeria

Ray’s Café and Pizzeria, located on Hill Road, is a perfect place to enjoy a delightful pizza. It is a casual dining café offering the finest and a huge variety of pizza in Bandra. This cute little café has to be every pizza lover’s go-to place.

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10. Kyma

Famous for its Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, this restaurant in BKC is a delightful place to enjoy a perfect meal. This place offers a perfect blend of a classy and elegant dining experience. It’s warm and cozy ambience and delicious food will definitely make you fall for this place.

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11. Zima

If you’re in the mood to try authentic Lebanese food in Mumbai, then Zima is the place for you. It serves a variety of cuisines, such as Lebanese. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. With indoor and outdoor seating options and a relaxing ambiance, this place is beautifully decorated and provides the finest dining experience.

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12. Nava

Nava is a beautiful fine dining restaurant in Bandra with delightful interiors. It’s quite liked for its chill and calming vibes and comforting ambience. This place serves fresh food and is a perfect place to enjoy a good meal.

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13. Amazonia

This beautiful space in BKC is one of the finest places to experience luxury dining in Mumbai. Serving multiple cuisines including Japanese, Italian, Korean and Thai and crafty cocktails, this restaurant is definitely a pleasure for your senses.

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14. Izumi

Izumi is a beautiful Japanese-themed place in Bandra which will offer you a unique dining experience. This place has a comfortable seating area and serves beautifully presented food. It’s a perfect place to enjoy good Japanese food with your family.

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15. Chantilly Café

Chantilly Café, located near Pali Hill in Bandra, is one of the best places to have an amazing cup of coffee and mouth-watering desserts. This place is quite liked for its cheesecakes and offers a very chill and pleasant vibe.

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16. The Burrow

The Burrow, also located in BKC, is a bistro and a bar serving some amazing and flavourful Continental and European dishes. This place is quite liked for its calm and chill vibes and handcrafted drinks. This place has beautiful lighting and lovely interiors. The music playing in the background further adds to a premium dining experience.

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17. The Little Easy

This pretty space is located near Linking Road in Bandra, which has beautiful wooden interiors. It’s quite liked for its amazing food and warm ambience. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a comforting dining experience.

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18. Drifters Café And Bar

This café in Bandra is a cute and cozy place that serves multiple cuisines, including European, Lebanese, Asian and Continental. Its chill and relaxing vibes and comforting ambience provides for a perfect dining experience.

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19. Café Mommy Joon

Café Mommy Joon in Bandra is a small and cozy place with beautiful interiors. This place has a comforting atmosphere and is a perfect hangout place. Serving the best Persian food in Mumbai, this is a really good café to enjoy a delicious meal.

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20. Love Fools

This charming café in Bandra has a rustic décor and offers a unique dining experience. It’s a hidden gem in Bandra with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The food here is definitely a treat for your stomach.

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