Top 20 Cafes In Church Street, Bangalore

Top 20 Cafes In Church Street, Bangalore

Church Street, in the middle of the central Business District of Bangalore, is a paradise for food lovers. This hustling street is known for its restaurants, hotels, cafes, artistic works, and arcade play areas. From mouthwatering South Indian food to global cuisine, church street has it all. Church Street is not just a place to eat it is an experience.

1.Matteo Coffee

This coffee shop is a popular spot for those seeking a place to unwind with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, filling sandwiches, or pasta and listen to fine music. It is one of the most spacious cafes in the street to sit and hang out with your family, friends, and colleagues. They are known for flavored coffee, such as expresso, Colombian, and Arabic.

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2.The RCB Bar Café

There’s no better place for a [RCB] Royal Challengers Bangalore fan to spend an evening than at their home ground. This café offers a chic atmosphere, diverse cuisine, artisanal cocktails, live music, sports, and other events. It’s the ideal spot for those who love sports and entertainment. In short, this place is a paradise for RCB fans.

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3.Rasta Café

This cozy restaurant serves various cuisines, including bar food, fast food, North Indian, Italian, salads, continental dishes, desserts, and beverages. They are mainly known for their delicious cocktails and lively weekend crowds. This restaurant also has outdoor seating, live performances, and parking, making it an ideal spot for group gatherings.

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4.Café Rustico

A fine dining outlet that gives you a tour of global flavors. The restaurant features Italian, French, and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant offers an array of wine and craft beers. This location is ideal for either a romantic evening meal or a casual lunch.

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Wolf’ish is where you will have a great time with your friends, so go here with them and have a great time. It has a great ambiance. They are known for their Nicky chicken burger; you should order it only if you love spicy food. Their lamb burger is drool-worthy. Their buttered mushrooms will make you fall in love with their food. The Don Pedro pizza is one of their bestsellers.

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6.The Crepe Café

This is the right place for you if u have a sweet tooth and love having nice soft crepes and pillowy pancakes. From morning breakfast to salads to brunch, they have it all. Indulge in crepes filled with various sweet or savory ingredients, ranging from vegetables and fruits to meat and dairy. These crepes offer a delicious and fresh option that can be enjoyed hot or cold at any time whether you prefer to sit and eat or enjoy them on the go. Don’t miss out on their Strawberry Delight crepe, a must-try for any crepe lover.

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7.Café Azzure

This cafe is one of the prettiest cafes in Bangalore because of its white and blue color combination, which gives you Greek vibes. They have several locations in Bangalore with separate seating areas for smoking, hookah, and non-smoking. Their famous dishes are Blackberry Mojito, Blueberry Cooler, Mushroom Stroganoff, Pesto Fish, Kiwi Mocktail, and Spicy Fries.

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8.The California Café

Explore the taste of California right in Bangalore at California Cafe. With a menu inspired by the Golden State’s diverse cuisine, savor fresh, locally sourced ingredients in every dish. Step on a culinary journey through California’s vibrant food culture with crisp salads and gourmet burgers.

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9.Third-wave Coffee

Are you a hot coffee or cold brew fan? They have it all. Third Wave Coffee is a fantastic and vibrant space with a spacious layout. You can also work from here. They are very famous for their coffee and other flavored milkshakes and frappes.

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This global coffee branded café located near church street metro has two floors spacious enough to work and have team meetings. Starbucks is famous for its range of coffee options, including traditional espresso drinks and unique coffee blends infused with local flavors. In addition to coffee, Starbucks also offers handcrafted teas, refreshing Frappuccinos, and pastries.

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11.Cafe Noir

Do you enjoy French cuisine? Café Noir offers a French experience in the heart of the city. Indulge in their delectable French pastries, artisanal bread, and dishes that will transport your taste buds to the streets of Paris. This café is perfect for a cozy brunch or a romantic evening out. Don’t forget to try their freshly brewed coffee and extensive variety of wines to enhance your dining experience.

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12.The White Room Café

This little white café provides Continental dishes served in a stylish setting with both a terrace and garden seating. This café is an English-inspired coffee shop with a quaint atmosphere. Their menu promotes a variety of dishes including Huevos Rancheros, Chicken Pie, Chamomile Tea, Hibiscus Tea, Quiche, Chicken Stroganoff, Chicken Sliders, Ratatouille, Brownies, French Toast, Egg Waffles, and Pancakes.

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13.Brik Oven

This café is known for its Italian-style pizzas, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The pizzas feature a thin and crispy crust in the center, with a thick and slightly charred edge. Among their most popular pizzas are the Popeye and Olive Oil Pizza, a classic Italian pizza topped with grilled chicken, spinach, onions, mozzarella, and tomato sauce, as well as the Streaking Pigs Pizza and the Big Bang Shake.

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14.Paris Panini

Jean-Claude, a chef from Paris, opened Paris Panini in Bangalore to bring the authentic flavors of French cuisine to the city, combining his culinary expertise with a passion for introducing Bangaloreans to Parisian street food. Their must-try are Gourmet paninis, Biscotti, Caramel crepes, Creme caramel, Cajun fries, Cookies, Tiramisu, Onion rings, Ratatouille, and Artisan coffee.

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15.Indian Coffee House

A must-visit spot in church street is Indian Coffee House. Their affordable coffee and snacks are delicious, and the historic, old-world setting creates a unique vibe with a touch of nostalgia. It’s a perfect spot to unwind, chat with friends, or read a book. Be sure not to miss out on their iconic South Indian filter coffee; it’s a true delight.

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16.Café 22

Looking for a cozy hangout spot. Café 22 offers a diverse menu with tasty food, from sandwiches to pasta. The ambiance is relaxed, perfect for casual gatherings or quiet work sessions. Plus, their specialty coffees and desserts are a go-to.

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17.Café Coffee Day

In Bangalore, Cafe Coffee Day is a great place to grab a casual cup of coffee. They have a variety of coffee and snacks at reasonable prices. It’s a popular franchise with a relaxed vibe, great for catching up with friends or a quick coffee break. Don’t forget to try their café frappe, expresso, Cheese Chilli Toast.

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18.Nebula Café

This café takes you into another world or, in other words, a galaxy. This is a galaxy-themed café for all space lovers. This venue is ideal for casual get-togethers due to its welcoming atmosphere and amiable staff. The must-try dishes at Nebula Cafe include Shakes, Cheddar cheese balls, Mackeen cheese pasta, and Alio Olio.

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19.Smoke Up Resto Café

Smoke Up Resto café is a casual dining spot with a distinctive dining experience. The café has a welcoming ambiance and features a diverse menu with dishes from around the globe. The restaurant offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pasta, and starters along with a vast selection of beverages such as craft beers, wines, and cocktails.

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20.Glen’s Bakehouse

One of the most famous bakeries in Bangalore is a bakery that reaches your heart with its flavorsome food items and incomparable quality. You have got a well-lit outdoor seating and a setup. Banana Walnut Cake and Pulsar Cherry smoothies are highly recommended by the residents.

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