Top 20 Cafes With Wonderfully Regal Ambiance in GTB Nagar, Delhi

Top 20 Cafes With Wonderfully Regal Ambiance In GTB Nagar, Delhi

GTB Nagar is renowned for its unique culture and cuisine, which has evolved over the years. It has become the food hub for Northern campus students of Delhi University. From different mouth-watering cuisines to everyday new food items have always been able to lure the students from the Delhi University campus. The best thing a food lover can do is try out the specialties of a few of the famous cafes having a cozy ambiance.

1. The Hudson Cafe

A cafe with a swanky theme which serves American and fusion food at pocket-friendly prices. It is beautifully decorated with vibrant murals & maps, serving international dishes from pizzas to burgers. It is the best place to visit with friends for brunch or with family for dinner. All the fast service options are available including Takeaway, Dine-in, and Delivery. The cafe serves you the best healthy vegan and vegetarian options, coffee, and a quick bite.

2. Sambookas Cafe

A cafe with an attractive, beautiful interior, high chair seating and vibrant ambiance providing a wide variety of cuisines rich in flavor and taste. The atmosphere inside gives you with a romantic, cozy vibe; what’s; better than having dinner with your loved ones at pocket-friendly prices? The cafe is LGBTQ+ friendly and provides all the basic amenities.

3. Abongchiiz

A light and the familiar multi-cuisine menu is served at this casual cafe preparing shishas for guests. The restaurant also includes Rooftop seating with a cozy ambiance; the best place to enjoy food while watching the sunset view. The restaurant gives you comfort by providing a late-night food facility too, along with various vegan options on the menu.

4. The Aura Cafe

Low-key operation with a hip ambiance offering global fare, including pizza & veggie options. The menu serves you North Indian, Chinese, and fast food with hot and sizzling flavors at affordable prices. Overall, Aura Cafe is a perfect mix of lip-smacking food in a gorgeous setting with excellent service.

5. Ace Cafe

A cafe with a warm and cozy ambiance whose interior and decor is a real spotlight. The restaurant serves you customized food and an elaborate menu in Chinese cuisine, Fast food, and Beverages. It is an ideal place for food lovers to satiate their cravings at any time of the day. It is a great place which gives soothing vibes to hang out with friends and family.

6. Cafeteria & Co.

A beautiful cafe with a classy ambiance, warm lighting, quite spacious with larger seating areas, and provides a relaxed atmosphere to dine in with family and friends. The restaurant serves you various cuisines, beverages, and desserts that will satisfy your tastebuds. The staff members are courteous and provide you quick service.

7. Woodbox Cafe

Rustic, wooden design cafe popular with students, serving Chinese, Italian & fast food. The restaurant also has a classy rooftop seating decorated with fairy lights, which sets up a vibrant, positive, and comforting environment. The restaurant gives you a warm and soothing vibe. The restaurant serves you good quality food at affordable prices.

8. Big Yellow Door

Pasta, nachos & other international nibbles are served in a cozy environment with offbeat decor. The interior of the cafe is aesthetically decorated, which gives you a very soothing vibe. It is a pocket-friendly place serving you Italian and Continental cuisines. It is one of the best places for an indoor-cafe experience.

9. Echoes Living Room

Burgers, pizzas, and other fast-food standards are served in a split-level, brick-walled cafe setting. The cafe has a unique concept in itself as it is managed by hearing and speech impaired staff. It is a cafe with a soothing ambiance and soft lighting and gives you a homely environment. The menu serves a blend of Continental, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and American cuisines. The staff is cordial, and helps you to have an overall unique dining experience in an embracing and judgement-free environment.

10. The Cafe Finom

This cafe has a wonderfully regal ambiance with a mini plant pot on every table, which gives a sense of freshness and brightens the atmosphere around. The restaurant also conducts live performances so that one can enjoy food while being entertained. The menu serves Chinese, Italian, and Fast-food cuisines at affordable prices. It is a clean and hygienic place with cordial staff providing quick service.

11. Hideout Cafe

A pretty little cafe, which has a decent ambiance serves Italian and Chinese cuisines, and beverages at pocket-friendly prices. The restaurant has a comfortable seating, including comfy sofas and chairs, and has a fantastic interior decor with fairy lights. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is warm and pleasant. Also, the staff is amiable, cordial and provides quick service.

12. Gorgon’s Gaze Cafe

Colorful beverages & casual pub eats are on the menu at this sultry bar with neon decor. A cafe with the best interior decor in the town, having vibrant lights, a romantic ambiance, and comfy seating. The interior of the restaurant looks classy, spacious, and regal. The restaurant serves lip-smacking Continental, Chinese, and North Indian food at affordable prices. The restaurant has live music performances, and rooftop seating, all decorated, which amplifies your mood. Best place to celebrate birthdays, special occasions, and weekends with your loved ones.

13. Coalition Cafe

Multi-cuisine menu & a lively vibe featuring sports screening at the center, live music & rooftop seating. Designed by space and craft, the cafe’s interior has a nice balance of coziness and sophistication. The food, the service, the ambiance, everything goes with the name & Epic.’ The restaurant is a blend of buzzy interiors, offering Italian, Chinese, and Fast- food cuisines.

14. Cantino

A pretty cafe with a decent ambiance featuring live music to enjoy with your food. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with plants and textured walls, having traditional wooden comfy seating with a blend of modern designs and aesthetics. The menu serves you Chinese, North Indian, and Italian cuisines at affordable prices.

15. Café Coffee Day

This outlet is quite spacious with ample seating areas. Cafe Coffee Day offered an informal ambiance with bright and eye-catching interiors. Visitors could sip coffee, browse the internet, conduct business meetings, or just while away time with friends. The cafe is beautifully decorated with fairy lights giving calm and soothing vibes.

16. Mama’s Buoi

A beautiful cafe with chic interior decor featuring sports screening, live music, and rooftop seating to enjoy your food. The cafe serves you the best, from ambiance to allure the taste buds with food delight. The menu serves you Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines at affordable prices. The concept of this cafe is associated with the present mama’s boys and future ladies’ man. It is one of the best cafes to enjoy the ambiance and food with your loved ones.

17. Spezia Bistro

An elegant restaurant with a spectacular Arabic-style pagoda & menu of modern European dishes. The cafe has a vibrant vibe with comfy seating, all decorated with aesthetics, fairy lights, and chic interior designs. The menu serves you beverages, pizza, and Chinese and continental cuisines with gracious hospitality and flawless service. This cafe is the best choice to celebrate birthdays as it serves a cozy environment to enjoy with your friends and family.

18. Ricos Cafe

Along with a beautiful exterior, this cafe has a warm and chic interior ambiance with accent lights. The deep, rustic colors inside the restaurant, combined with touches of gold, help subtly stimulate the appetite of customers. This picturesque cafe offers you a blend of Italian, Mexican, and American cuisines at affordable prices.

19. Xero Degrees

The cafe provides you pleasant ambiance, lip-smacking food, heavenly delicious drinks, the best cheesy fries, and Fast-food cuisines. The gracious hospitality and food filled with taste and flavors are the USP of this cafe. The cafe provides you a comfy environment to dine in with your friends and family at a very pocket-friendly price.

20. Paparizza

Great pizzas & Italian specialties are dished up in a comfortable venue decorated with murals. The cafe is quite spacious with ample seating areas including comfy sofas and chairs, all decorated with orange and golden vibrant lights giving a very cozy environment to dine in. This restaurant is featured in best Pizza places by So Delhi, The Hindu, Zomato, and Swiggy.