Top 20 Cake Brands In India


India is home to a few deeply grounded cake brands and new companies advancing toward becoming famous in the ice cream parlor industry. Cakes are often utilized in conventional practices for celebrating events, similar as birthday events, weddings, commemorations, Christmas, New Year, and so on. Their flavors, additional items, and enhancements are likewise interesting to many. Here are a few of the top cake brands in India.

1. Defence Bakery 

Opened in 1962, the cake bakery is another famous old bread shop and ice cream parlor shop in India. Besides, the Pastry kitchen is notable for its extraordinary and delicious cake shop dishes. The bakery has three branches in South Delhi and gives online conveyance and focal point choices.

2. Bakingo 

Bakingo is a famous bakery in Gurugram, Haryana, where you can arrange cakes, treats, and other pastry shops things online for all events. Every one of the items is famous for its ideal way of icing. The flavor of the food varieties has not changed in a very long time. All food things have a flavorful taste.

3. CakeZone 

CakeZone is a bread kitchen and a web-based cake conveyance entry offering another regular style of cakes utilizing quality fixings, scrupulousness with special review, and offering customized consideration in both their administrations and online shop providing food. In their web-based shop, clients can browse a large number of imaginative and occasional cakes to treats to make recollections of events and exceptional occasions.

4. German Bakery 

German Pastry kitchen establishment opened its entryway for administration in 1988 in Pune. It has product stores in the town and gives delectable food items. The German bread shop is one of the seasoned and most dependable pastry kitchens around and a must-visit on everybody’s rundown.

5. Glen’s Bake House 

Glen’s Bake House is situated in Bengaluru. They are an exceptionally renowned cake shop in South India. They are most famous for cheesecakes and more food and nibble things. Their different things incorporate cupcakes, choco fudge pie, red velvet cupcakes, tarts, and some more.

6. Kookie Jar 

It has become one of Kolkata’s milestone brands offering unrivaled dessert shops. It likewise turned into an easily recognized name, one that conveyed incredible tasting, great items to clients all through India and, surprisingly, past our shores. The cakes are delicious and perfect.

7. Marwan’s Cake Stop 

Marwan’s Cake Stop is one of the 27 well-known pastry kitchen outlets laid out by Merwans Confectioners throughout the city of Mumbai. Begun by an Iranian family in 1972, the ‘Merwans’ brand name has been conveying grins to individuals’ appearances for a long time through their unmistakable and sustaining scope of cakes.

8. Mio Amore 

Mio Amore was established in 2015 by Arnab Basu after a split with Monginis. They are one of the famous and handy dandy pastry shop brands in India. The organization has more than 300 Mio Amore stores. Mio Amore offers potentially the broadest scope of Bread kitchen and Candy parlor.

9. Mr. Brown Bakery 

Mr. Brown Bakery is one of the connoisseur family-possessed cake stores established in the core of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It presently has an immense presence in top urban communities in India like Delhi, Lucknow, and Kanpur. The organization began its venture in the time of 2009. Their cakes are terrific.

10. Sugarr And Spice 

Sugarr and Spice is a Kolkata-based pastry kitchen organization. They began in the year 1990. The pioneer behind the organization is Supriya Roy. The organization is right now filling in upwards of 51 things, including cakes.

11. Theobroma 

Theobroma offers a large number of things, both sweet and exquisite. Their contributions incorporate liberal brownies, cakes, sweets, and so forth. Their obligation to quality, creative items, legit costs, and customized administration as guaranteed an extensive rundown of steadfast clients.

12. Wengers 

It is the most seasoned enduring foundation in the city’s Connaught Spot region. Their new outlet, named Wenger’s Store, was begun in 2011 and has been fruitful since.

Their specialty in cake and baked goods treats incorporate Almond Cake, Dark chocolate Cake, fruit cake, Butterscotch Cake, and so forth.

13. WS Bakers 

WS Bakers are carrying grins to individuals’ countenances with their extraordinary items. They are a renowned baked good establishment organization based out of Pune. The brand gives pastry kitchen things like heated cakes, baked goods, and sweets that are accessible for shopping and conveyance throughout the city.

14. Nahoum And Sons 

Nahoum And Sons are more than an exceptionally old pastry shop situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is one of the seasoned and well-known pastry shops in the city. The business was begun by Nahoum Israel Mordecai, who used to convey generally prepared merchandise and cheddar, and in the year 1902, he laid out a pastry shop ice cream parlor store. Every one of the things in the pastry kitchen are famous for the good way of frosting. These things are yet unchanged, with similar tastes throughout the long term.

15. Monginis 

Monginis is an Indian worldwide cake and bread shop chain situated in Mumbai. After the split from Mio Amore, the organization was renamed, Monginis. Monginis Cake Shops are strategically placed in neighborhood markets and networks to guarantee the simple accessibility of their cakes, cupcakes, and that is just the beginning. Gateaux, Baked goods, cupcakes, cakes, and so forth.

16. Kayani Bakery 

Kayani Bakery shop was begun in 1955 and is a renowned pastry kitchen that is situated in Pune. They have highly famous things like Mawa cake and numerous assortments of salted and sweet rolls. It would be best if you attempted their mawa cake, as it is delicious. They have a full rundown of tasty things, so they are a must-try.

17. Flurys 

Flurys is a Kolkata-based famous cake brand that was laid out in 1927 by a Swiss ostracized couple Mr. and Mrs. J. Flurys. Introducing the best European conventional sweets, it before long turned into a quite popular gathering place for all times of individuals. The spot is exceptionally known for its outlandish cakes, soft baked goods, best hand-made Swiss chocolate and worldwide delights.

18. Ellora’s Melting Moments

Ellora’s Melting Moments is truly unique and most seasoned pastry shops running in Dehradun, offering many items, including cakes, rolls, biscuits, cheap food, and substantially more. The cakes delivered are genuinely remarkable. They offer numerous assortments of bread rolls, biscuits, and so forth.

19. Ahdoos Bakery 

Ahdoos Bakery gives an immense assortment of items expected by its clients and attempts to keep its stock in a new and wealthy state. Staple shops hold a vital job in our day-to-day routines. Individuals come to foundations like Ahdoos Pastry shop to get cakes, flour-based merchandise: and different sweets, slices of bread, pies, and wafers.

20. Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven, established in 2014, is a cake establishment with a live kitchen idea. This brand likewise explicitly offers cakes, 3D cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, and substantially more things. They are highly known for their fair costs, immediate conveyance of redone cakes, and tasty pastries. Their cafes likewise have a decent assortment of exciting drinks.