Top 20 Chat Items you would love when it Rains

Top 20 Chat Items you would love when it Rains
Top 20 Chat Items you would love when it Rains

Climate is always amazing when it rains or when it is about to rain. Evening food cravings are normal, but on a rainy evening our taste buds demand more spicy chat items. Here are Top 20 Chat Items I would suggest you for the upcoming rainy days!

1. Golgappe/ Pani – Puri

In every friendship gang, there would be a pani-puri fan. It is an  Indian snack which has different versions over different regions. Pani-puri is basically mashed potato with spices inside puri which are dipped into spicy water. Puri are made usually with suji or rava and pani has jaggery, tamarind, green chilly, coriander, mint etc. Overall, it is a spice-packed fun snack. They even have grated carrots and chickpeas with mashed potatoes.


2. Dahi Puri

It is a great chat if you are a curd lover. It is originated from Maharashtra, but it is more famous in Delhi. Small puris are filled with mashed spice potato, chilled dahi (curd) or sweetened yogurt, chat masala, and a generous amount of mixture. Green chutney and tamarind adds more taste.


3. Samosa Chat

Do you love samosa? Do you also love dahi? Then this is your dream dish! Samosa’s are broken into half, garnished with spice powders, and added with a grand amount of curd! It is then garnished with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, freshly chopped coriander and diced onions. This dish looks delicious and absolutely colourful.


4. Frankie

This is most famous roadside snack. A medium sized chapati is filled with customized toppings like spiced paneer, spiced mushroom, noodles, etc. along with mint chutney, cheese, diced onions, tomatoes, and genuine amount of butter. It is famous around street side shops and is rare to find in restaurants. It serves your hunger and taste at the same time.


5. Aloo Dom

Aloo Dom is basically a Kashmiri dish. Small baby potatoes are handpicked and deep fried first and added into a spicy gravy. It surely has a great taste and it is an amazing feel when a potato enters your mouth and melts. A must try dish for all who loves potato.


6. Corn Chat

Boiled corn is mixed with freshly cut tomatoes and onions, crispy sev on the top, loaded with imly chutney, chopped carrots, onions, coriander, chat masala, and are customized as pepper corn, butter corn, masala corn, etc. as per the customer preference. A healthy yet tasty choice on some drizzling evenings.


7. Fruit Chat

Another one for the health freaks out there, as it contains no extra calories. It is one of the most loved snacks by calorie conscious people.  A perfect choice of snack on a nice evening! The fruits added in here are papaya, pineapple, apple, grapes, bananas, etc.


8. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is very popular in Bihar, and it is rather a meal than a chat but now-a-days it is had as a snack. The wheat and chickpea flour are the main constituents. Litti Choka tastes amazing specially on a rainy day.


9. Aloo Tikki

Do you like potatoes? Yes? Then you’d definitely go crazy for this dish. It is mashed potatoes along with onions and genuine amount of spices. Tikki means something similar to cutlet, which is crispy from outside and soft inside. It is had along with mint chutney.


10. Pakora

Nobody can forget the tea commercial, where a grandpa asks for pakora on a rainy evening. It was a standard trend during sometime back. Onions are dipped in gram flour and are deep fried. The batter is mixed with spices and herbs sometimes. Crispy onion chunks taste heavenly with tomato ketchup and chutney.


11. Momos

Momos have been in trend recently. They are available in both veg and non-veg! It tastes best with red chutney and mayonnaise. The spicy mixture inside momo along with chilly chutney is a great experience. This is healthy because it is steamed without oil.


12. Thupka Soup

Love to have soup on a rainy evening, right? How about a fusion of noodles, veggies, spices, and soup? Sounds interesting right? It has its origin from Tibet, and is lip smacking specially during rainy climate. The Thupka Soup tastes really amazing.


13. Vada Pao

This is the Indian version of the burger, and is a take away snack for many young people. Potato is mashed with spices and herbs, and kept in between the bun which is toasted with butter. It is served with a gravy like liquid sauce of onions and tomatoes. The chilly might spoil your stomach but it is awesome to eat this tight pack of tasty buns.


14. Molaga Bhaji

It is a perfect South Indian snack for spice lovers. Jalapenos are dipped in chilly gram flour mix and deep fried. It tastes better with chutney. The seeds of the chilly inside gives a great taste.


15. Papdi Chat

It is built from small flaky biscuits (papdi) and layered with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, curd, mint chutney, onions, tomatoes, crispy sev, and for a sweet variation even pomegranates are added.


16. Chole Bhature

This is an Indian dish originated from the city of Punjab. The huge maida puri is served with lime, onion, and chana dal gravy or pickles or mixed vegetable sabzi. This isn’t exactly a chat but people have started to have this for evening cravings!


17. Mushroom Manchurian

Mushroom are intresting to have during rainy days, and they are healthy and tasty to have. Mushrooms are stir fried with onion, and made like a thick gravy. It is then sprinkled with mixture in a generous amount which makes it delicious to eat.


18. Medu Vada and Chutney

Traditional Indian Medu Vada (literally “Soft Vada”) is generally made in every South Indian household. This is made of dal which is healthy and is deep fried in oil, which makes this tasty. It tastes great when you have them hot.


19. Cheesy Maggi with Fried Onion

Around the world, there are many fans of Maggi. Maggi is superb to have during rain! Sprinkled with fried onions, loaded with butter and cheese, it tastes amazing. Street side Maggi’s are cheesy and excellent to have.


20. Spring Potato Rolls

Potatoes are cut in a specific manner; deep fried and added the required masala. They are served with mayonnaise. It actually originated from Japan and are also known are Tornado Rolls. From kids to elders, everybody loves this potato sticks.