Top 20 Chettinad Restaurants In Chennai

Top 20 Chettinad Restaurants In Chennai

Chettinad cuisine is renowned for its intricate flavor and aromatic spice combinations, as well as its wide variety of dishes that can satiate both meat eaters and vegetarians. It continues to draw food enthusiasts worldwide and is a significant part of the culinary heritage of South India. Here are the top 20 Chettinad Restaurants in Chennai :

1.Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant

Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant is a well-known South Indian restaurant franchise specializing in traditional Chettinad cuisine. It provides a diverse menu that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Some of their signature dishes include Chettinad Chicken Curry, Chettinad Mutton Curry, Chettinad Fish Fry, and Chettinad Vegetarian Biryani.

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2.Amma Chettinadu Restaurant

Chinnaiah, the late MGR’s top cook, owns and operates the Amma Chettinad Restaurant. MGR portraits are hung throughout the eatery, and music from his best records is played in the background. Their favored specialties include the Nattu kozhi roast, mutton chukka, brain fry, liver roast, and paya kurma.

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3.Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant

“Chettinad” is often used to designate Karaikudi and its surroundings. As a result, the food at this eatery is the most authentic. The restaurant takes pride in exclusively using traditional products and cooking methods passed down through generations. Although some dishes are quite spicy, there are also gentler options for those who want less heat.

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4.Viswanathan Chettinadu Hotel

It is an excellent choice for individuals who want to experience the robust and bold flavors of Chettinad cuisine. The atmosphere is always lively. Everyone enjoys a complimentary hot and spicy Chettinad Chicken Soup at lunch. The dal of the day, a vegetable fry, and three non-vegetarian curries, including chicken, mutton, and fish gravy, are all available for non-vegetarian lunches.

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5.Arasi Chettinadu Mess

Arasi Mess is a small restaurant that serves home-cooked, unpretentious, and authentic Chettinad cuisine. Using banana leaves or stainless steel plates for serving food adds to the genuine and traditional mood. They offer a modest menu for each course, often providing a set or fixed meal rather than a vast selection.

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6.Arul Chettinadu Hotel

The ambiance is cozy, and you can smell the strong incense immediately. Every meal, whether lunch or dinner, is served on a plantain leaf. During midday, it becomes pretty packed. The menu is simple but comprehensive. Chicken lollipop, meen fry, nandu 65, era roast, kadai fry, and pepper rabbit fry are their best-selling dishes.

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7.Karaigudi Sri Barani Chettinadu Sitrundi Unavagam

It’s a Chettinadu Community Kitchen, with enormous wood-burning stoves, clay pots, and other basic conveniences. Their ingredients is sourced from the surrounding area. Because the meals are affordable, they are accessible to many people. Some of their best-selling meals include Mutton Thalakari, Chilli Prawns, Chicken Dosa, and Karuvaadu.

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8.Hotel Vallavan

Hotel Valluvan is a Chettinadu family restaurant that only serves non-vegetarian fare. They use freshly ground spices that range from mildly spicy to severely hot and is made with a mortar and pestle. Their seafood options, which include prawns, crab, and fish cooked in several ways, typically with coconut or tamarind-based gravies, are highly recommended.

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9.Nachiyar Restaurant

Nachiyar Restaurant’s traditional Chettinad cuisine is well-known for its tasty and appealing entrees. The menu includes Prawn Biryani, Chicken Lollipop, Kadala Curry Dosai, Mutton Podimas, and Aatukal Oothapam, among other vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Their Egg Sweet Parotta is an absolute must-order.

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10.Southern Spice

This restaurant is renowned for delivering authentic South Indian cuisine, with dishes reflecting the region’s many culinary traditions. The setting is curated using South Indian architectural design attributes, elaborate carvings, and earthy colors. Dosas, idlis, vadas, biryanis, curries, seafood specialties, and tiffin delights are among the many dishes available.

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11.Thanjavur Military Hotel

They were initially constructed to service the needs of military personnel and soldiers stationed in the area, hence the name “Military Hotel.” They’ve built a reputation for serving unique meals throughout time. These eateries are well-known for serving traditional Tamil cuisine, emphasizing on meat and offal. The highlight dishes are their Dindigul Biryani and Chettinad Mutton Brain Masala.

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12.Thoondil – The Family Restaurant

It provides a warm environment reminiscent of a typical South Indian home, laden with earthy tones, wooden furnishings, and traditional murals, where friends and family gather to sample exquisite Chettinad cuisine. The restaurant’s seafood dishes are notable for being marinated in a special spice mixture of peppercorns, dried red chilies, fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise.

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13.Aachi Chettinadu Hotel

The Aachi Chettinadu Hotel strives to capture both the warmth of a grandmother’s cooking and the spirit of traditional Chettinad cuisine. It facilitates communal dining where people sit at huge tables and share meals. On the menu are Grandma’s specialties, such as Kal Dosai, Crab Veechu Parotta, Prawn Pepper Roast, Naatukozhi Kulambu, and Mutton Nalli Roast.

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14.Ponnusamy Hotel

Ponnusamy Hotel, which has many locations throughout the city, is an established favorite among South Indian cuisine enthusiasts and tourists looking to enjoy the powerful and fiery flavors of Chettinad cuisine. The Chettinad Thali is a 25-course dinner that includes curries, several types of rice, dosas, appams, parottas, apalams, sambars, rasams, poriyals, pickles, chutneys, curd, and a traditional South Indian sweet.

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15.Virudhunagar Chettinad Hotel

It’s a restaurant that combines the distinct flavors and customs of Virudhunagar and Chettinad cuisines to offer a gourmet experience. As a result, a broad menu with an exciting range of options emerged. Some of their best-selling dishes include Kothu Parotta and Varutha Kari, Ceylon Parotta and Prawn Varuval, Ennai Parotta and Mutton Kola Curry, Idiyappam and Aatukal Paya.

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16.Madurai Kumar Mess

It is the point where Madurai and Chettinadu cooking cultures meet. There are traditional sitting arrangements and South Indian decor. Many dishes on the menu will almost certainly be spicy, as Chettinad and Madurai cuisines are known for their spiciness. Some of the best-selling items include Naatukozhi Madura, Mutton Liver Roast, Chicken Kalakki, Egg Idli, and Nethili Fish Fry.

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17.Chettinad Canteen

Chettinad Canteen is an excellent alternative for those looking to experience the authentic flavors of Chettinad cuisine in a relaxed setting. They cater to customers who seek a quick, packed lunch without waiting long. Chettinad Canteen offers a variety of cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, despite its limited menu.

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18.Ammavin Adupankarai

Ammavin Adupankarai meals have a handmade touch, which adds to their attractiveness. Plenty of spices are used. Instead of exquisite decor, the primary draw is the cuisine. The mouthwatering meals on their large menu include Pichi Pota Kozhi, Velattukari Mutton Chukka, Mutton Elumbu Soup, Chicken Lapa, and Fish 65.

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Dakshin is a prominent Indian restaurant in the city. The environment is spectacular and is designed to highlight South India’s rich cultural legacy. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian goodies including dosas, idlis, appams, different curries, seafood specialties, and more are readily available. Dakshin’s specialties include Hyderabadi Biryani, Kerala Fish Curry, and Chettinad Chicken Curry.

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20.Erode Amman Mess

With a focus on original Tamil cuisine, this restaurant is well-known for serving delicious and genuine South Indian fare. The focus is on conserving traditional cooking techniques and flavors. Some of the best-selling items include chicken roast, Vanjaram Fish Gravy, quail chops, and mutton suvarotti. Other everyday Tamil meals include sambar, rasam, dosas, idlis, vadas, and rice preparations.

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