Top 20 Chinese Meals In Telco Colony Jamshedpur

top 20 chinese meals in Teleco Colony jamshedpur

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the whole world. People of Asian countries love eating Chinese food.  We also get street-style Chinese food. We get a variety of Chinese cuisine at Telco Colony Jamshedpur. Whether inside a restaurant or in the street, people hop out in the evening to try delicious Chinese food. There is a wide range of Chinese food available at this place, ranging from noodles to spring rolls. Let’s look at the outstanding Chinese cuisine that Telco has to offer.

1. Noodles

Noodles are the most common and authentic Chinese food. There is quite a variety of noodles that are available in Telco. Chinese noodles, veg Hakka noodles, Schezwan noodles, etc. Adults, as well as children, love noodles. It is long and Slurpee and blesses the taste buds.


2. Chili Chicken

This is a famous non-vegetarian food. It can either be served dry or with gravy. This dish is often offered as a starter or along with chow min or fried rice. It has several flavors that create a blast. It is not typically a Chinese food originating in China but is a part of Indian Chinese cuisine.

2.Chili Chicken

3. Spring Roll

Spring rolls are rolled appetizers. It is a part of Chinese and Asian cuisines. It is a savory snack and served as a starter. It is a pastry sheet with vegetables stuffed inside, flavored with different sauces, and then deep fried. Various soups such as vegetable soup are given with this dish to compliment the dish. It can either be vegetarian or non-veg.

3.Spring Roll

4. Veg Manchurian

Manchurian is a type of Indian Chinese dish. It is fried round vegetable balls. First, the vegetables are finely chopped and, mixed with corn flour. Then the mixture is made into small balls and deep fried. After which, the balls in a sauce flavored with soya sauce and sauteed. The sauce is spicy and tangy. It is crisp and delicious and served with fried rice or chow min.

4.Veg Manchurian

5. Dim Sum

Dim sum is, unique Chinese dish. They are small bite-sized pockets with veggies stuffed inside. People enjoy them for their brunch.

5.Dim Sum

6. Roll

Rolls are a type of American Chinese cuisine. There are various types of rolls, such as egg rolls, chicken rolls, etc. It rolls crispy and delicious snacks. They have a quality filling of egg, chicken, and vegetables and side them. It is one of the favorite evening snacks for kids.


7. Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese fried rice is a famous authentic Chinese cuisine. In this, rice is mixed with vegetables and other ingredients and cooked well. It is an apt food for rice lovers. The vegetarians, as well as the non-vegetarians, equally love this dish. There are very subtle flavors that the rice has, and it is appetizing to the taste buds.

7.Chinese Fried Rice

8. Chili Paneer

Chili paneer is a classic Indo-Chinese dish. This dish gets elevated with Asian sauces and by using Indian ingredients. Chili paneer is a perfect combination of hotness and spice. It is a mouth-watering Chinese dish. Nobody can resist it.

8.Chili paneer

9. Sweet and Sour Prawns

Sweet and sour prawns are a Chinese fish dish. Prawns are a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. It goes well with Chinese chicken Curry. It is an excellent option for people who love to have fish. It can also be served as a starter to balance the taste. It is a fantastic dish for fish lovers interested in a mixture of sweetness and sourness.

9.Sweet and Sour Prawns

10. Honey Chili Potato

Honey chili potato is something you will find in every Chinese van. It has a very distinct balance of sweetness and spice. The sliced potatoes with numerous sauces and condiments is marinated. It is a perfect mixture because you will get both the spiciness of multiple sauces and the sweet flavor of honey in the potato.

10.Honey Chili potato

11. Vegetable Man Chow Soup

This is a very comforting dish. It can make you feel soothed and provide warmth on a chilly winter evening. Vegetable man chow soup has garlic, and ginger which keeps our body warm. It also has beans, mushrooms, and capsicums. There is a perfect mix of hot and spicy flavors

11Vegetable Man chow

12. Hot And Sour Soup

This dish is a perfect bliss on a chilling winter evening. It is spicy and with the goodness of veggies such as cabbage, carrot, and mushrooms. It also has vinegar, and red or white pepper. You can enjoy this soup with garlic bread.

12.Hot and sour soup

13. American Chop Suey

This is a crisp and crunchy snack. It is American Chinese cuisine. Although it is a problematic dish, by both children and adults it is loved. The base of American chop suey is either spaghetti pasta or noodles.

13.American Chop Suey

14. Garlic Chicken

This is an excellent hot and spicy dish. It can be love for non-vegetarians. The chicken with ginger and garlic paste is marinated and then grilled well. To the tongue as well as the stomach, it is a blessing. It is a perfect combination for people who love non-veg and spice.

14.Garlic Chicken

15. Schezwan Chow Min

This is a very spicy dish. It is an ideal dish for spice lovers. The noodles have a lot of vegetables in them, such as carrots, capsicum, and onions. Then it is tossed well in the spicy Schezwan sauce.

15.Schezwan Chow min

16. Prawn Chili

This is an Asian Chinese dish. It is a sizzling combination of sauteed prawns with Asian sauces and green onions. It is a very flavorful dish. It has a blast of flavors in it. It can be served as a starter or with hot and sour soup or Hakka noodles.

16.Prawn Chili

17. Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan fried rice is an Indo-Chinese dish. This dish has a delicious aroma and taste. There is a variety of vegetables and spices loaded in this. The spicy sauce has a blast of spicy and tangy flavors. It also comprises of dry chili pepper, garlic, and vinegar in it. These flavors enhances the taste of the dish.

17.Schezwan Fried Rice

18. Chicken Soup

It is a perfect dish for chicken lovers. A cold soup is a blessing on a chilly winter night. The chicken with various herbs and spices in water is being boiled. It has a base such as pasta, noodle, etc.

18.Chicken Soup

19. Singapuri Rice

Singapore fried rice is the rice fusion variant of Chinese cuisine. It is very spicy and fulfilling. This dish comprises rice, vegetables, soya sauce, Curry powder, and spices such as garlic.

19.Singapuri rice

20. Mushroom Manchurian

It is a Chinese veg dish. In this dish, mushrooms in various sauces such as chili sauce, sauce, and red chili sauce are being tossed.

20.Mushroom Manchurian