Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Howrah

Top 20 Chinese Restaurants In Howrah

Howrah is one of the biggest cities in West Bengal. There are plenty of restaurants where Chinese dishes are served, and they taste the best. The cost of the plates is pocket-friendly. The vibe of the restaurants never fails to attract a ton of customers. If you visit Howrah and are craving Chinese, then you should probably check out these mentioned restaurants. They promise to serve you some good food. The city is enriched by the charms of the restaurants and their mouth-watering delicacies. Below mentioned are the top 20 Chinese restaurants in Howrah.

1.The Chung Wah

The Chung Wah is one of the best restaurants for Chinese delicacies in Howrah. The quality of the food is outstanding. The interior is nicely decorated, giving a vibe like you are in a genuine Chinese restaurant. The environment makes it a perfect hangout spot with friends or family dining. The place serves Chinese food on a pocket-friendly budget, so you don’t have to worry about your bank account status.

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2.Bong Chow Studio

The restaurant is located in a very eye-catching place, so you won’t miss it in any way. The must-tries from their menu are Prawn Ching Ling, Mixed Hakka Chow, Chilly Garlic haka chow, and Chilly wine chicken. The staff of the restaurants are amiable and will make you feel at home with their outstanding hospitality. The ambiance of the restaurant is superb. The air filled with Chinese aroma will make you return for more.

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3.Wow! China

Wow! China is located in Avani Riverside Mall, so if you are in the mall for some quality time, you must visit this restaurant. Wow! China is very famous for its Chinese delicacies. Their incredible quality of food will make your taste buds dance in happiness. Don’t forget to try out their Wow! Noodle Soup, Chinese Bhel Tangy Tangra style, Honey Chilli Potato, Wok Tossed Shanghai Chicken Spring Roll, Chicken in Oyster Sauce, and Chicken Wrapped Prawns.

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4.Majestic Restaurant

The restaurant truly defines its name. The food quality is as majestic as it can be, and pocket-friendly. The atmosphere of the eatery is excellent and convenient for family time. You will want to go back for more once you get a taste of the mouth-watering dishes of the restaurant. Try their Chicken Hakka Noodles, Veg Manchurian, Crispy Chicken Balls, Chicken Lollipop, Mixed Fried Rice, and more. Besides Chinese, they also serve biriyani and other snacks like fish fingers.

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5.Bong Chow

Bong Chow is a very cozy Chinese restaurant and one of the best restaurants in the city that serves authentic Chinese. Their menu comprises a variety of delicious Chinese delicacies, and your taste buds will be craving more. The tempting aroma of the place gets a hold on you, making you return for more. They have great budget-friendly combos to choose from. If you don’t want combos, choose from their plethora of other dishes.

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6.Noodles And Live Pasta

This restaurant is located in the Aavani Riverside Mall. It surely knows how to win the crowd’s hearts with lip-smacking food. The combo meals are one of the must-tries. The price of the food is pocket-friendly as per the quality and quantity of the food. The restaurant maintains top-notch hygiene, and the behavior of the staff is also outstanding.

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7.Rahul Restaurant

The restaurant serves mouth-watering Chinese and Indian dishes. The meals are very delicious. The served portions are generous and enough to fill your stomach. The ambiance is comfortable and friendly. Groups of families and friends can have a great time here. The taste of the dishes will be lingering on your taste buds long after you have had enough. Their menu has taste-bud tantalizing chili mushrooms, crispy chicken balls, schezwan fried rice, chili paneer, and more.

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8.Food Night

This restaurant is one of those restaurants where you can eat till you are tired without worrying about your balance in your wallet. They have a variety of dishes on their menu with top-notch quality. The restaurant is very famous among the locals, so you can unquestioningly trust their food quality and quantity.

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9.The Congo

The Congo is a must-visit restaurant! It should make it into your to-do list, or you will miss a big deal. Serving upscale food, the restaurant is African-themed, and the décor is welcoming and cozy. The interior is unique, and the food is delicious. They serve North Indian, Biryani, Mughlai, Chinese, Sichuan, Italian and Fast Food. From their Chinese section, don’t forget to try Phuket Chilli Chicken Fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Vegetable, and Chicken Lung Fung Soup.

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10.Kichhukshan Restaurant

It is a family-friendly restaurant. The place serves North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai, but they specialize in Chinese cuisine. The food is tempting and mouth-watering. Once you taste their dishes, you will love the touch of authenticity and will return for more. The menu comprises affordable plates.

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11.Panchmisheli Restaurant (Grill N Wheel)

If you are looking for a variety of dishes at a very reasonable price, you don’t have to look any further because this restaurant is here to rescue you. It is one of the best restaurants in the city, so visiting it should be on your to-do list. The famous dishes praised by the customers are their variety of noodles, fried rice, soups, and snacks. The Chinese delicacies will leave an imprint on your taste buds.

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12.Flavour Fest

The taste of the food in this restaurant is incomparable. The must-try Chinese dishes from their menu are chili chicken, crispy chicken, man chow soup, veg Manchurian, Hong Kong noodles, Chinese choupsey, and honey chilli potato. They also serve Indian cuisines like biriyani, tandoori roti, paneer butter masala, and chicken resala. The plethora of dishes will leave an impression on your heart.

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13.Mannat Restaurant

At this restaurant, you will get everything at a pocket-friendly rate. You will find Indian delicacies along with Chinese delicacies. The food quality is good, and the ambiance is welcoming. Everything from their menu is delicious and will satisfy your taste buds. This small and cozy restaurant should be on your to-do list if you are looking for something good at a cheaper rate.

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14.New Mirch Masala

The restaurants specialize in Chinese delicacies. The interior is welcoming, and the behavior of the staff is good. The quality and quantity of the food are excellent. The price of the dishes is pocket-friendly. Once you enter the premises, the mind-blowing smell of Chinese food will flood your senses, and your taste buds will want to relish all the items.

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15.The Fried Factory

It is a very pocket-friendly restaurant, and the recommended dishes from their menu are their Chinese combos, chili mushroom, schezwan chicken, schezwan gobi, American corn salt and pepper, and Kung Pao chicken. The place serves authentic Chinese food with other yummy delicacies like burgers, pasta, momos, mocktails, mojitos, and cold coffee.

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16.Panda Momo

Panda Momo is located inside the Avani Riverside Mall. With a cute name, the place serves delicious Chinese. Starting with crispy chicken, man chow soup, and momos, the price range is from Rs 150 to Rs 300. You can enjoy a delicious snacking time at this place. They also have a variety of noodle options on their menu. Don’t forget to try out their sizzlers.

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17.Skylark Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in the main market area and always attracts Chinese lovers. You will drool over their nicely curated menu. The flavourful and succulently tasting meals will make you return for more. Most of the dishes are affordable. The quality and quantity are top-notch. The staff is amiable and makes you feel welcome.

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This restaurant has a great vibe, with excellent quality and quantity of food. It cooks one of the best Chinese in the city and has a touch of authenticity. It is also pocket-friendly. Eat the best Chinese dishes without drilling a hole through your pocket. The ambiance is welcoming, allowing large or small groups to deck up at the restaurant. The eatery promises you a delicious time.

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19.China Town

The ambiance of the restaurant will make you return for more. It is one of the best Chinese joints in the city, serving food of excellent quality and quantity. As per the quantity of the food, the price is average. They have numerous rice and noodles options with Chinese dishes. Chinese lovers will find this restaurant a heaven.

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20.Pirates Of Bengal

One of the best restaurants in Howrah, the place is famous among every age group. The restaurant is a theme-based restaurant and serves top-notch quality food. From their Chinese options, try out their chili mushroom, Chinese chop suey, manchow soup, honey chili potato, hakka noodles, and more. Your taste buds will want more of their dishes once you try them out. They also serve biriyani, fish and tandoor delicacies.

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