Top 20 Chinese Restaurants Of Varanasi


Varanasi is a city in the southeastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Its ancient name is Kashi or Banaras. There are temples in this city, and It is the city of music. Due to temples and culture, how can we imagine Chinese restaurants in this city? it is not true that contains good quality Chinese food. Let us see the list of the top 20 Chinese restaurants-

1.Ming Garden

It is one of the best and oldest Chinese restaurants in Varanasi. It gives a more pleasing experience to the customers. Ming Garden has comfortable seating, and the menu has a variety of Indian and Chinese foods with soft music.

2. Masala Kitchen

This restaurant is known for its better prices, perfect packing of food, and tasty Chinese food is also known for Indian food. It has a good interior design. Paneer makmali tikka is one of the most famous dishes of this restaurant.

3.  Maharaja Food

The Chinese food of this place is delicious, making this place a must-visit. It is known for good quality, best service, timely service, and young crowd. If you are waiting, then chill. Its best food is the big chili. It also gives home delivery.

4. Sunrise Restaurant

This restaurant gives options for a variety of vegetarian items. The indoor design is just beautiful, and the services are also good. This restaurant serves delicious food.

5. Chili Hunters Restaurant 

It is a simple multi-cuisine restaurant known to serve a great variety of delicious Chinese dishes for all food lovers. The naan, dragon rolls, and biryani are a little famous amongst other regular fo. It is known for its Good Music, Elaborate Menu, Customizable Food, Ambience, and Fresh Food.

6. Dolphin Restaurant

This restaurant is on the banks of the river Ganga. It gives a beautiful view and a relaxing atmosphere to the customers. It offers many dishes and types of Pizza and many more Chinese dishes. These are some of the most popular dishes gobi lollipop, pats paneer sandwich gravy, pineapple cheese sticks, and aloo dum Banarasi.

7. Holy Chopsticks

The food is yummy. These are the most popular foods Garlic Chicken, Tibetan Delight, Sweet Corn, Hong Kong Style Tofu, Pan Fried Noodles, and Chicken Spring Rolls & Thai Green Curry. This restaurant gives the best service and taste of food.

8. IFC SO Best Restaurant

It is one of the top restaurants. It gives the best prices for food and the best services. So let us try dishes that are famous all over Varanasi.

9. Jazzman’s Di Hatti

The restaurant is best for Chinese and Indian food. It serves fresh and aromatic foods.

10. Anika Restaurant

For those who love spicy,  food is ad bit spicier than regular food. And interior design of this restaurant is also good. It provides beautiful lighting and a good sofa for their customer.

11. Hotel Milap

It is a  good restaurant which serves fresh food at a low price. It is open  24 hours, so do not worry about time. A fantastic place that gives Jain food options also.

12. V Desi ‘Eat Different’

If you want some of the best Chinese food, then this is where you should go. A beautiful indoor design with decorated lighting provides good services to its customers. And in the outdoors, this type of balloon décor is there. It has a fence of bamboo in the main door or entry door.

13. Ambrosia Restaurant

A great restaurant. It serves the best Chinese food to the customer with a great atmosphere. One of the best noodles serves here. The taste of all the dishes is yummy. It gives the most reasonable kindness to the customers.

14. Sagar Ratna – South Indian, North Indian, And Order Online Chinese Veg Restaurant

The variety of flavors will make you a fan of this restaurant. Veg Spring Roll, Stuffed vegetables in deep-fried rolled pancakes, Honey Chilli Potatoes, – potato fries tossed with honey & dried chilies, Crispy Veg Salt & Pepper Crispy vegetables tossed with crushed pepper are one of the most popular dishes in this restaurant.

15. Restaurant UP-654

Restaurants up-65 to is quite different. Its interior is just beautiful. It gives wooden chairs to the customers. Kadhai Paneer, Paneer Noodles, Panneer Butter Masala, Palak Paneer, Hakka Noodles, and Paneer Chili are one of the most popular dishes of this restaurant.

16. Kashi’s Kitchen

This restaurant serves south Indian as well as Chinese food. The taste is good, and it gives the best services to the customers. It is a fantastic place to visit with friends and family.

17. Sushi Cafe And Continental Restaurant

This café or restaurant is very good at hygiene and cleanliness. It serves the best sushi, the same as japan (by reviews). The taste is delectable and aromatic.

18. Sri Annapurna Restaurant & Sweets

It is one of the finest restaurants in Varanasi. Dosa and pasta are delicious in this place and will satisfy your taste buds. It gives good service and good hospitality.

19. Mid-Night Munchies

This restaurant serves an assortment of Chinese foods. It gives the best prices for food, the best services to the customer, and other services. The food is just tasty and aromatic.

20. Rasna Family Restaurant

If you are with your family and friends, this is great. It gives the value of money and good services. Try the mix of noodles, baby corn, and their Rava Dosa which is super awesome. The unique flavor of the dish will surely get your attention.