Top 20 Chowmein Places In Kolkata

Top 20 Chowmein Places In Kolkata

Kolkata is well known for its unique Chinese taste, People from far wide often come here to sample the cuisine. Desi Chowmein serves coffee, a staple in Indian Chinese and with a wide range of options like hakka noodles or gravy noodles. Here are a few places in the city that serve the most delicious desi chowmein:

1.Flavors Of China

In fact, it is one of the most famous and legendary Chinese restaurants in the city. As its name suggests their food is also full of Chinese flavors, and the memory of the taste. Be sure to try the – Chilli Garlic Hakka Noodles and Cantonese Noodles for a truly desi taste. Location: Taltala, Park Street. Cost:700/- for two people.

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2.Golden Joy

This beautiful and famous restaurant is located in the oldest Chinatown in Kolkata. Their range of Kolkata Desi Noodles is served in authentic Chinese with Indian flavor if twisted. Their sky is a red and white sign of a traditional Chinese restaurant. Location: Tangra, Topsia, Kolkata. Cost: 1400/- for two people(without alcohol).

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3.Tung Fong

Located in the city’s heart, the restaurant offers a dining experience under a dome with Chinese flavors. They serve mouth-watering desserts full of desi flavors with garlic and ginger in all their dishes. Location: Karnani Mansion, Park Street, Kolkata. Cost:1200/- for two people.

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4.Kim Ling

The restaurant is in the middle of the Chinese restaurant scene and has more than 20 restaurants in Chinatown. Various types of desi chowmein, like – mixed chow, hakka chow, gravy chow, chop sue, garlic yum men, etc, are served. You can pair your desi chow with any side dish you choose for a delicious meal. Location: Tangra, Kolkata. Cost: 1100/- for two people.

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5.China Wok

Tossing up the Chinese Flavors on the wok, serving a delicious meal. There are a variety of options to choose from: Chilli Garlic Noodles, Pan Fried Noodles, Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles, Singapore Rice Noodles, Meifoon, Pad Thai Noodles, and many more. Location: Triangular Park, Gariahat, Kolkata. Cost: 500/- for two people.

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6.Denzong Kitchen

This is a small place and the food is served at very affordable rates. They do unique Chinese foods that will make you visit this place many times. Their Hakka Noodles with Fried Momos are a must-try. Their quantity of food is equal to their prices and is worth trying. Location: Jadavpur, Golf Green, Kolkata. Cost: 300/- for two people.

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The brand has been spread across the city with multiple outlets so everyone can go to the right place to sample their food. They serve excellent Chinese and Indian food that will make you visit the site again. Their signature dishes include Fried Cheesy Noodles, Shanghai Noodles, Braised Noodles, and more. Location: Central Kolkata, Ballygunge, Baguihati, Newtown, Golf Green, Birati, Behala, Garia and many more. Cost: 1400/- for two people.

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8.Asia House

The restaurant serves many Asian dishes like – Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, etc. They make their customers happy by providing the best taste they want. You must try their Desi Chowmein. Location: Southern Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata. Cost: 600/- for two people.

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The restaurant is famous for its unique dishes to their customers, such as their special Overdose noodles. The Desi Chow Mein offered is a must-try at the stall and they have a lot of options in their menu that are also full of flavors, and taste. Location: Lake Market, Kalighat, Kolkata. Cost: 500/- for two people.

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10.Mainland China

Visit this place, and try Chinese food. This restaurant can tempt you with delicious chili prawns, fried fish, chowmeins, and basil chicken. The wait staff here serves excellent vanilla ice cream, chocolate rolls, and chocolate custard. A delicious and enjoyable beer or scotch awaits you in mainland China. Many visitors order extra hot chocolate, chocolate frappe, or jasmine tea. Location: South City Mall, Ballygunge, Kolkata. Cost:1000/- for two people.

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11.Hong Kong Bistro

Not only do you have to go to Mahanirban Maths, but you also have to go to Hong Kong Express. This restaurant has complimentary Chinese and Thai dishes. Hong Kong Express has perfectly cooked chili shrimp, green chicken, and red curry. Their chowmein dishes are mouthwatering. The sweet curry dessert is good to try. Come here and order a good sweet or amiable wine. This place will serve you great lemonade. Location: Golpark, Triangular Park, Kolkata. Cost: 1300/- for two people.

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12.Wow, China! Bistro

This restaurant serves delicious food on the Chinese menu. Food delivery is a great plus for WOW! China is the country. At this place, visitors can sample beautifully cooked chicken wings, chicken noodles, and garlic rice. Location: Salt Lake, Sector V, Kolkata. Cost: 1200/- for two people.

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13.China Town

Visit Futnani Chambers and check out the menu at this restaurant. Chinese food menu Chinatown offers delicious food. Ordering the beautifully cooked chili chicken, chicken noodles, pork chops, and soup is a really good idea. Location: Tollygunge, Kolkata. Cost: 850/- for two people.

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14.D’Ley Chinese Eating House

Customers book a table here for a hearty meal and a view of William Carey Church. This restaurant serves Chinese food. D’Lay specializes in serving perfectly cooked pork, fried wontons, and wonton soup. Take your chance to taste the best tea or coffee. Location: Barabazar, Kolkata. Cost: 500/- for two people.

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15.Eau Chew

Browse the Chinese menu. You can always try the best Chinese soup, chicken cutlets, and garlic prawns at this restaurant. Try their pleasant or beautiful wine. Eau Chew’s drinks include sweet lemon or sweet jasmine tea. Location: Chandni Chowk, Kolkata. Cost: 700/- for two people.

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16.Krystal Chopstick

It is time to relax in this restaurant overlooking this Gariahat Market. Chinese food can be ordered at Crystal Chopsticks. Beautifully cooked crab meat, noodles, lamb, and chicken can make a great impression. Enjoy excellent fleas, chocolate custard, and vanilla ice cream while in this place. This place is famous for its delicious wine and good company. You will never forget the great chocolate frappe, lemonade, or hot chocolate you can enjoy. Location: Hindusthan Park, Kolkata. Cost: 650/- for two people.

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17.Hatari Restaurant

Here Chinese and Indian Foods are in great demand. Hatari can treat you to succulent lamb, glazed duck, chowmein, and pork. According to guest comments, beautifully baked brownies are a recipe that everyone can enjoy. Tasting soft wines is a nice idea. Start your meal with a good lemonade or a cup of coffee. Location: Gariahat, Kolkata. Cost: 1100/- for two people.

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18.Mandarin Restaurant

It would be best to visit this restaurant after enjoying Shibananda Dham. For Chinese cuisine, the Mandarin Restaurant serves delicious food. The chefs at this place go out of their way to serve delicious chicken soup, chicken nuggets, and chicken nuggets to visitors. A good cordial is the right choice. You will enjoy a great cup of coffee or a nice lemonade at this place. Location: Deshapariya Park, Kolkata. Cost: 850/- for two people.

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19.Beijing Bar Restaurant

It offers Chinese recipes and ingredients. Try the perfectly cooked fried fish, chili shrimp, and hot and sour soup served at this restaurant. Enjoy here and share delicious sundaes, fleas, and puddings with your friends. In Beijing, you’ll enjoy a good cordial, wine or beer. It’s time to pop a high tea, chocolate frappe, or lemonade. Location: Tangra, Kolkata. Cost: 1200/- for two people.

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20.That Food Truck

Located in Sector V, this serves authentic Chinese cuisine. The signature dishes are chowmein, chili chicken, gravy momos, and many more. You can also find many deserts here. Do give this food truck a definite visit. Location: Salt Lake, Sector V, Kolkata. Cost: 200/- for two people.

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