Top 20 Continental Restaurants In Bangalore

top 20 continental restaurants in bangalore

Bangalore has risen from being merely a garden city to becoming one of the most sought-after cities in the world after finding the perfect combination of modernism and then blending it with tradition. Some of the top restaurants in Bangalore are testaments to the city’s evolution into a rich and diversified cuisine paradise for visitors and locals alike. These restaurants have sprung out not just as a result of restaurateurs’ daring exploits, but also in response to the international audience and eclectic palate that the citizens have cultivated. We all enjoy a good old English dinner, complete with barbecued steak, stir-fried sausages, hash browns, and sauteed vegetables, so ditch the Sunday cooking and indulge in delectable English brunches at these establishments.

1. Cafe Noir, Lavelle Road

Cafe Noir is a great place to dine in UB City because of the gorgeous boulevard vibe. Every bite of this tiny cafe brings you closer to the flavours of France. Here you may enjoy fluffy omelettes with a French twist. They also serve elegant sandwiches made with their freshly baked bread and contents such grilled ham and zucchini. So, the next time you’re in UB City, make it a point to stop by here for a Continental lunch!

1. Cafe Noir Lavelle Road

2. Treat Restaurant, Indiranagar

It can be difficult to find good North Indian eateries in Bangalore. Treat in Indiranagar, on the other hand, is a notable exception to all of Bangalore’s North Indian restaurants. This restaurant offers an appealing experience of rich and excellent North Indian food, thanks to a North Indian staff of cooks and an owner who knows exactly what guests expect. It is well-known for serving some of Bangalore’s best cuisine.

2. Treat Restaurant Indiranagar

3. Boozy Griffin, Marathahalli

You may be familiar with this location because of their fantastic Bollywood Karaoke Nights, but did you know that they also serve excellent Continental cuisine? For starters, try the Beer Batter Cheese Balls and Cilantro Fish, both of which are robust Continental meals. Have their delicate Cottage Cheese Steaks and red wine marinated Lamb Chops for your main course. To get the most out of your dining experience, pair it with one of their extensive selections of alcoholic beverages. Bangalore’s Boozy Griffin is also a fantastic nightclub.

3. Boozy Griffin Marathahalli

4. Koshy’s Restaurant

In the changing times of Bangalore, Koshy’s has managed to keep its old-world charm. One of the few good restaurants in Bangalore that has held to its original recipe for success and thrived in the face of fierce competition from cuisines that have arrived with Bangalore’s modernization.

4. Koshys Restaurant

5. Three Dots & A Dash, Indiranagar

Three Dots & A Dash checks all the boxes when it comes to a party-like Bohemian styled resto-pub and ridiculous cocktail servings. This is one of Bangalore’s best Continental restaurants, and you must visit it with your loved ones. Plan a dinner date with your bae here, where you can savour Continental cuisine, great cocktails, and plenty of Instagrammable moments. They have everything from Pan Roasted Trio Pepper Sweet Corn to Herb-Crusted Fish Fingers. Their Mushroom Leek Saffron Risotto was delicious and perfectly cooked. Try their Lemon Flavoured Griddle Chicken if you enjoy acidic flavours. So get your cameras set to take amazing photos and your appetites ready to gorge on delectable Continental fare.

5. Three Dots A Dash Indiranagar

6. Shri Sagar CTR (Central Tiffin Room)

Shri Sagar CTR, another historic and legendary breakfast spot in Bangalore, dates back to the independence of India. While some may say that the old must make way for the new and exciting top restaurants in Bangalore, this establishment has defied the odds and continues to thrive at what it does best. It also serves some of Bangalore’s best street food.

6. Shri Sagar CTR Central Tiffin Room

7. The Hole In The Wall Cafe, Koramangala

When planning a breakfast visit to this popular cafe, don’t be put off by the huge lines; believe us, it’ll be worth it! Browse their book library while eating The Farmer’s Breakfast or The All English Breakfast, two of their famous Continental breakfast dishes. Get your fill of fried eggs, baked beans, chicken sausages, salami, and anything else English! If you’re thirsty, try their fresh juice of the day, and if you’re hungry for something sweet, try their fluffy pancakes and crispy waffles. This well-known Continental restaurant in Bangalore should be on your list of places to visit.

7. The Hole In The Wall Cafe Koramangala

8. Nagarjuna (Andhra Cuisine)

Nagarjuna has become a trusted brand for individuals who enjoy Andhra cuisine after establishing a successful chain of eateries across the country. Some of the adjectives used to characterise the famed Andhra thali served in Nagarjuna restaurants are rich, aromatic, spicy, and tempting.

8. Nagarjuna Andhra Cuisine

9. Communiti, Residency Road

Communiti, as the name of this microbrewery suggests, is a great spot to hang out with your friends. While having fantastic chats with your loved ones, you can sip on cold artisan brews and eat delectable Continental food. Try the Balsamic Crunchy Veggies with Bread Sauce and the Grilled Chicken with Veloute Sauce. If you enjoy a nice steak, try their Steak Diane, which consists of a grilled beef steak cooked in an aromatic mushroom sauce.

9. Communiti Residency Road

10. The Humming Tree

The Humming Tree is the place to go if you reside in Bangalore and enjoy music. Music aficionados in Bangalore have turned this location into a busy and happening atmosphere every weekend, promoting independent artists and performers from the underground music industry.

10. The Humming Tree

11. Church Street

This charming eatery, nestled in the heart of Church Street’s bustle, is likely to transport you to Goa. The wooden chairs, cottage-like setting, and red-white plaid tablecloth give off a warm and inviting vibe. The Philly Cheese Steak and Sirloin Tips are two of the best steak meals served here. Aside from that, you may try their extensive range of Gourmet Burgers, which will leave you wanting more. Finish your dinner with a sweet note by ordering their signature handmade Apple Pie with fresh cream. We just couldn’t stop ourselves from eating another enormous helping of this!

11. Church Street

12. Truffles, Koramangala

This place is paradise for every Christite and Jyoti Nivas student! Truffles has seen it all, from a gang get-together to a casual night with your bae! And if you haven’t been here yet, make your reservations right away! This eatery is as foodilicious as it gets, from their exquisite range of veg and non-veg steaks to their gooey pastas. Try their European specialties such as Chicken Cordon Bleu and Poulet Champignon. Make sure to save room for their handcrafted pastries and Ferrero Rocher cold coffee.

12. Truffles Koramangala

13. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR), Lalbagh Road

Mavalli Tiffin Room, or MTR (as it is more often known among the millennial population), is the oldest of all the greatest restaurants in Bangalore on this list. MTR is a true Kannada cuisine experience with a particular audience to whom they have been serving great meals for decades. This is one of Bangalore’s greatest vegetarian eateries.

13. Mavalli Tiffin Room MTR Lalbagh Road

14. The Pump House, JP Nagar

This adda in your area should be on your go-to list if you’re seeking for home craft brews combined with wonderful Continental food. Their large seats and beautiful design provide the perfect setting for a delicious meal with your loved ones. While you’re there, order the Grilled Tenderloin Beefsteak, Fish & Chips, or Sausage Grill Platter, which are all Continental specialties. With their precise brews to wash it down, you’re on your way to getting ‘tastefully wasted.’ The Pump House is unquestionably one of the best Continental restaurants in Bangalore.

14. The Pump House JP Nagar

15. Corner House Ice Cream

Corner House Ice Cream is a delicious treat that continues to do what it does well in offering some of the best Hot Chocolate Fudges and Brownie Sundaes in Bangalore, despite having only opened its doors at the turn of the millennium.

15. Corner House Ice Cream

16. Smoke House Deli, Lavelle Road

Smoke House Deli screams push European with its classy white decor. Smoke House Deli is one of Bangalore’s best Continental restaurants, and it should be on your list of places to visit. This venue has everything for an intimate European dining experience: beautifully prepared authentic European cuisine, an excellent wine collection, and a great dessert. Start your lunch with one of their creative salads or a plate of delicate sausages. It goes well with their sweet sangrias. A perfect entree is the Smoke House Deli steak pit. Enjoy their delectable pasta and wood-fired pizzas if you’re a vegetarian.

16. Smoke House Deli Lavelle Road

17. Smally’s Resto Cafe

Smally’s café, a local favourite, exudes a small-town cafe charm, with both indoor and outdoor seating to provide a pleasant ambience for its visitors. Smally’s is one of the few new good restaurants in Bangalore that has been able to build a devoted client base.

17. Smallys Resto Cafe

18. The Only Place

At this fantastic restaurant in the centre of Bangalore, fill your plate with delectable continental cuisine. At The Only Place, you’ll find a cheerful ambience, a dynamic staff, and delectable food ready to be devoured. This is one of the greatest restaurants in Bangalore

18. The Only Place

19. Cilantro, Koramangala

With its magnificent atmosphere and scrumptious food, this hidden gem in Koramangala transports you to the alleyways of Venice. Cilantro has a nice, relaxed atmosphere, making it ideal for bringing your date. You can savour their classic Continental delicacies like Penne Carbonara, Club De Madamoiselle, and Club De Boy while sitting by the pool. We enjoyed their warm atmosphere and expertly prepared European dishes, and we’re confident you will as well.

19. Cilantro Koramangala

20. Truffles Koramangala

Truffles has a name in Bangalore for serving up tasty burgers and steak. This restaurant, out of all the greatest restaurants in Bangalore, has the most reserved tables for a fast-food establishment. Truffles’ position in central Koramangala is the most important factor in its success.

20. Truffles Koramangala