Top 20 Continental Restaurants Of South Mumbai


Mumbai, one of the many metropolitan cities with quite the hustle and bustle, harbors some of the most popular restaurants in India. South Mumbai, stretching from Colaba to Mahim, has some of the best continental food for its tourists. One can always freshen things up from Pav Bhaji to Calamari or maybe even some regular Mac n’ Cheese. Continental is one of the fastest growing cuisines in India, and where else to look for the best in South Mumbai?

1.The Table, Colaba

Possibly one of the select few restaurants to achieve perfection, booking a table (pun intended) at The Table, and enjoying the extravagant food and a very comely ambiance, is one of the most pleasant and grandiose experiences you’ll ever have in Mumbai. Their Calamari and signature dish – Truffle Pasta, will tantalize your senses in every possible way. Having one several awards over the years, The Table is truly a reflection of Mumbai’s posh yet satisfying lifestyle.

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2.The Wine Rack, Parel

How can one be in Mumbai and not enjoy the exploits of the sea? Their continental seafood dishes range from Calamari to their special, seared tuna with crispy skin is heavenly. A brainchild of Masterchef Sarah Todd, The Wine Rack also provides an exquisite dining experience with its amazing curation of vintage wines—a must-go place for dates.

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3.Colaba Social, Colaba

It’s daunting to think of someone who hasn’t been to a Social Restaurant Chain in their lives! People from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry, and many more know Social. Their “Zaaikedaar Swaad” draws crowds, and the ambiance, paired with fresh pop music and sometimes the good old classics, truly steals the show. Besides being very affordable, Colaba Social offers a wide range of burgers, biryanis, shwarmas, and seafood. Notably, the Ghee Roast Mutton is their signature dish, and they also have platters to make your taste buds dance with joy.

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4.Shamiana, Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba

One must attend the Shamiana about the luxurious Taj chain of hotels. One of the best spots for old-school enthusiasts, the place oozes with a mixture of old-world settings in the neo-hustle-bustle of the site. The lighting is jaw-dropping, and even more impeccable is the food. The continental breakfast buffet is simply the definition of perfection. Dinners with your family are even more special with the adroit service and hospitality.

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5.Qmin, Taj Wellington Mews Hotel, Colaba

Qmin announced the opening of their café for gourmands in the December of 2021. Famous for its continental Italian dishes and cheese croquettes, Qmin offers unmatched service and hospitality—a must-visit place for luxury enthusiasts, which only the Taj provides.

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6.Woodside Inn, Colaba

Truly, it’s a difficult task to find a good steakhouse or even just a regular café with decent burgers and fries. Well, you’re in luck at Colaba, with some of the best burger patties and filet mignons. The Woodside Inn ensures that once you dig into one of their steaks (rib-eyes, filets, even wagyu), you experience bliss and an explosion of delicate yet resounding flavor on your taste buds.

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7.Gadda Da Vida, Parel

The times are changing; people prefer to dine out with their special ones. Speaking of which, Gadda da Vida doesn’t get any better; enjoying your favorite continental dish, whether it is Alfredo Pasta, a simple ricotta cheese pizza or sweet potatoes, along with the view of the sun setting over the Arabian Sea, makes for the best romantic places to be at. You must try the Lamb Kibeh and Chicken Satay, two of the most popular among the regulars.

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8.Leopold Café, Colaba

This historic café has been in service since 1871, certainly the oldest one on the list. Scarred from the 2008 attacks, this place remains one of the most crowded spots serving continental, Indian, and oriental cuisines. Complete with a bar offering classic cocktails, especially the whiskey sour and the old fashioned, Leopold café draws thousands every year. It should be a top priority anytime you are in South Mumbai.

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9.Garage Inc., Colaba

The intrinsic artistry of the wooden interiors will truly astound the patrons, which perfectly aligns with the theme of this establishment. Famous for its rack of lamb and a Vietnamese twist to its chili prawns, Garage Inc also has a wide assortment of amazing cocktails ranging from espresso martini (in case you’re feeling a bit low on energy) to their signature Apple Cinnamon mini (when you want to wind down with your clique).

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10.Canto Café And Bar, Charni Road

Remember, as kids, everyone wanted to have ratatouille after watching a Disney movie? Well, Canto Café specializes in exactly that. A very classy café and bar serving Sicilian chicken, vegetable mezze platter, veg tempura, and Pineapple pizza if you’re feeling adventurous. The décor is elegant, and so is the service. The servers and host of this place are quite courteous, making your experience even more comely and comfortable.

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11.Clearing House, Fort

This fine establishment is all about the excellent quality of food and drinks. This place offers an extensive assortment of choices between American and European delicacies and a vast bar menu with almost all spirits you can imagine. One of the numbered few to strike a perfect balance between taste and healthy, this is a must-visit place for all the fine dining gourmands. The Clearing House specializes in the coq au vin and smoked chicken, so definitely try it.

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12.Churchill Café, Colaba

This café might lack the pomp of the Taj; however, it makes up for that in the food quality. This legendary café is THE SPOT for meat lovers, offering a wide variety of lamb, chicken, and seafood. This restaurant has mastered almost every dish – soups such as Brodo de Pollo con Crostini, pasta like Fungi Alla Parmesan Pasta, and so much more. The only shortcoming of this establishment is their lack of space, and long waiting times, although worth it.

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13.The Society, Ambassador Hotel Mumbai, Churchgate

The Ambassador Hotel provides a robust service and an out-of-the-world dining experience, overlooking the Queen’s Necklace in Mumbai. Getting started with martinis, wines, or cocktails is the way. Patrons enjoy and recommend fried vegetables and an assortment of Italian Chicken, tender and flavorful. The accessibility of Society makes it convenient for people to visit at any time of the day post noon.

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14.Indigo Deli, Colaba

Colaba does have an extensive network of restaurants, and competition is stiff. This popular deli chain knows how to get it right, whether it’s their popular beef burger, tiramisu, mashed potatoes, or risotto. Customers who want to eat healthy can also go for the grilled cottage cheese steak, bursting with flavor, served with a side of fries or vegetables. The service is prompt, and the décor is subtle yet classy.

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15.The Americano, Fort

Relatively new, this grand establishment is headed by the world-renowned chef Alex Sanchez. Rather expensive than the restaurants in the list hitherto, patrons express satisfaction with the service and the food. Specializing in American and continental, this place is known for its crispy duck confit and calamari. The restaurant is also known for its refreshing drinks, serving originals and the classics with a little twist.

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16.Tamasha, Lower Parel

Mumbai’s nightlife can be eccentric or electric; I prefer the latter. Tamasha is all about that electric, creative, and robust nightlife. One can choose from a wide range of cocktails and booze while enjoying the mains, such as brown mushroom risotto, chicken gyoza, and spicy caprese pizza. Youngsters flog to this place; it is the definition of living laid back and enjoying life to the fullest—a must-go lounge for anyone backpacking across Mumbai. Also, live performances on Wednesdays light up the entire lounge.

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17.Café Marina, Colaba

To enjoy the perfect view, open skies, and a drink with your loved one, Café Marina is the place to be. The café promises a mesmerizing view and a relaxing ambiance, from candlelit meals to brunch with your besties. A popular spot among tourists for its pasta and seafood, one should go to this place to enjoy the luxury of seaside dining at an affordable price.

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18.Sobo Meals, Worli

Honestly, with some of the most attractive prices, compared to its contemporaries, SoBo’s specializes in barbeque pizza, bologna sandwiches, and rich coffees and milkshakes. People enjoy the amazing ambiance and rustic décor, complete with 2010s Bollywood music in the background (heaven for the millennials).

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19.Ls Bistro And Pizzeria, Churchgate

Short for ‘Long and Short,’ the LS provides a chill living room vibe, which most people find relaxing and mellow. The menu is vast, full of exciting options for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and vegans. The dahi-chutney is a one-of-a-kind creation and something one should try.

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20.Fountain Sizzlers, Fort

Boasting a legacy of operating for more than 25 years, the Fountain Sizzlers have some of the best starters and sizzlers you’ll ever have in Mumbai. They bake their pasta, which is always a good sign. Apart from a hospitable service and easy access, this place also serves the best iced tea in Mumbai.

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