Top 20 Dal Recipes

top 20 dal recipes

A typical Indian Thali always includes Dal. It is present to soak the plain Rice. All over India, there are around fifty-plus types of Dals. You can make Dal from Lentils, pulses, or different fruit vegetables. Dal provides the protein and fiber requirements of our body. Also, You can eat it with Chapati and Roti. Apart from its nutritional benefits, Dal helps your heart be healthy. It helps with the Metabolism and the Immunity building process of the body. Taking hot Dal will help you with digestion and even cure your constipation problem. The further articles discuss a cure to all of these diseases. As it discusses the Top 20 Dal Recipes.

1. Mixed Dal

Mixed Dal comes first in the Top 20 Dal Recipes, as it has many lentils. Mixed dal has Split Yellow Gram, Split Black Lentils, and Split Red Lentils. They cook it in a pressure cooker until soft. Later, add tempering with mustard seeds, garlic, and curry leaves. Add tomatoes. Onion, chilis, and a delicious mixed dal to go with your Rice are ready.

mix dal

2. Dal Tadka

We all are fond of Dal Tadka. It is a partner of Jeera Rice. Dal Tadka is a Punjabi recipe. Make the dal using Ahar and Split Bengal Gram. Tadka is tempering. You can make this using dry Kashmiri chili, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and garlic. The Tadka gives the Dal its flavor and taste.

Dal Tadka

3. Masoor Dal

Masoor is Split Red lentil. Masoor Dal is a famous dal after Dal Tadka. It takes around twenty to thirty minutes to cook. Masoor Dal goes best with Rotis. It is spicy, creamy, and has many more nutrients. It is a rich source of Protein, Vitamin C, B6, and Calcium.

Masoor Dal

4. Dal Fry

Dal Fry is a famous North Indian Recipe. It goes by the name of Dal Tadka and Chana Masala. Make Dal fry with Chana Dal. Chana Dal (split Bengal gram). Add mustard seeds, garlic, and curry leaf to the boiled Chana Dal. Lastly, add onion, tomato, dry fenugreek leaves, and coriander to make Dal Fry.

Dal Fry

5. Sambhar

Sambhar is in the top 20 dal recipes without any doubt. It is a famous South Indian Recipe. For Sambhar, use Arhar or Toor dal. Add the tempering to it along with a few veggies. These veggies include Tomato, Drum stick, Pumpkin, Onion, and Tamarind Pulp. It goes well with Wheat Puris.


6. Dal Chenchki

Dal Chenchki comes from Bengal. They have an authentic way of preparing this dal. Primarily, they give it flavor and aroma. Use Split Red Lentils to make this dal. Add the tempering to the dal before boiling it. Steam the dal with the tempering, tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients. Adding Bayleaf and Nigella Seeds makes all the difference.

Dal Chenchki

7. Dal Rasam

All the south Indians are licking their fingers right now. Dal Rasam is indeed one more delight from South India. They use a special Rasam Powder to make this dal. With that, they add Tamarind to it. Tamarind is a double bonus to all. Dal Rasam is spicy due to the Rasam powder and tangy because of the Tamarind.

Dal Rasam

8. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is in the top 20 dal recipes from the Punjabi Culture. For all the Jains, we have a special without onion and garlic version of Dal Makhani. Dal Makhani has Kidney beans and whole black lentils as the main ingredient. It is spicy to taste.

Dal Makhani

9. Methiche Varan

Methiche Varan comes from Maharashtra. Varan refers to all the Lentil-based dishes in Maharashtra. Also, Methi is Fenugreek leaves. Methiche Varan has boiled toor dal that is Arhar and fenugreek leaves. It gets its aroma from Methi and the tempering. It goes well with Rice and the authentic tomato salad.

Methiche Varan

10. Dal Dhokli

Dal Dhokli originates from Gujarat. It is the Gujarati Toor Dal. They make it by boiling toor dal many times to infuse its flavors. Also, they add ingredients like Peanuts and Yam to the Dal Dhokli. Dal Dhokli balances a perfect sweet and spicy flavor. To increase the sweetness, they add Jaggery and tomatoes to the dal.

Dal Dhokli

11. Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati Churma is a three-in-one Rajasthani Treat. Precisely, Churma is coarsely ground wheat. Crush and cook it with Ghee and Sugar. Baati is fried unleavened bread. Dal has Split Bengal gram, Split green gram, Black lentils, and Arhar. Make it delicious and soulful by adding spices, veggies, correct tempering, and beautiful garnishes.

Dal Baati Churma

12. Kerala Parippu

Kerala Parippu is an authentic Onam Recipe. Parippu is very easy to prepare yet very delicious to taste. It requires Yellow Split Gram, grated coconut, onion, curry leaves, and dry chilis that are Pandi and Jeera to make. It is a creamy delight. It tastes heavenly on hot boiled Rice.

Kerala Parippu

13. Trevati Dal

Trevati Dal is a combination of three lentils together. This masterpiece again comes from Gujarat. The three lentils that Trevati has is Arhar, Split green gram, and Split Bengal Gram. They use Kashmiri Red chili, Cloves, Bay leaf, lemon juice, and Hing for extra taste and aroma. Trevati is something you can cook daily and welcome health in the form of a delicious dal.

Trevati Dal

14. Khatti Dal

Khatti Dal is a specialty of Hyderabad. It has Moong dal (Whole green lentils). It is a source of protein for all vegetarians in the house. It has nutrients that help to build the immunity of the cells in our body. To make Khatti dal, you need Split Red lentils, Split Green gram, Split Bengal Gram, and Split black lentils.

Khatti Dall

15. Dal Kalai

Next on the list we have Dal Kalai. Dal Kalai is a famous Bengali variant. You can make it easily by adding Saunf paste and ginger to boiled Urad Dal. A hot and spicy tempering of Chili adds to the iconic taste of Dal Kalai. It does not require much oil and Cream. It is a great go-to dish for diabetics and Weight- watchers too.

Dal Kalaii

16. Drum Stick Dal

Drum Stick Dal comes again from South India. It is a delicious variant of the daily spicy Sambhar. Drum Stick dal has Drum sticks Arhar has its main ingredients. It has a coarse mixture of coconut, Cumin seeds, garlic, onion, Chili, and curry leaves. This mixture gives it its iconic taste and aroma. Also, you can enjoy this Dal with Rice or Idli.

Drum Stick Dall

17. Shahjahani Dal

The name Shahjahani Dal explains its royalty. It is famous by the name Kabuli Chana Dal. Precisely, the dal gets its name from the Mughal Emperor. Initially, people used chickpeas from Punjab to make this dal. In recent times, they have used the Chickpeas that come from Hyderabad. These chickpeas are rich and have a good taste over the Punjabi ones.

Shahjahani Dall

18. Panchmel Dal

Panchmel Dal is a combination of Five dals flavored with special masala water and whole spices. The five dals in Panchmel Dal are Arhar, Split Bengal gram, Split Black lentils, Split Red lentils, and Whole green gram. The masala water has turmeric, coriander and cumin powder, chili powder, and garam masala.

Panchmel Dal

19. Dalcha

Dalcha means cooking something until it mashes. Hyderabad has its own famous Dalcha. Dalcha has four dals together. These lentils are Arhar, Split red gram, Split Bengal gram, and Split yellow gram. They mash it and add mashed pumpkin to the recipe. They increase their taste by adding spices and Tamarind to the dish.


20. Hariyali Val ki dal

Hariyali Val ki Dal is one more masterpiece from Maharashtra. It is last in the top 20 Dal recipes. Locally, Maharashtrians know it by the name of Hirva Bhirda. The main ingredient here is Sprouted Butter beans. They are buttery to taste and go well in the spicy Hirva Bhirda.

Hariyalii Val ki dal