Top 20 Desserts And Sweets Hyderabad Is Famous For, And Where You Can Buy Them From


Hyderabad is a melting pot of cuisines, known popularly for its Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and Haleem. It is an amalgamation of various prominent cuisines found throughout the history of its development. It is also a gold mine for a variety of sweets and desserts. Having said that, let us dive into the 20 most famous Hyderabadi sweets and desserts that will make your tastebuds tingle.


Qubani-Ka-Meetha is arguably the most popular dessert in Hyderabad. One can never achieve a similar taste as when made by authentic Hyderabadi restaurants. It goes perfectly with the famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Qubani-Ka-Meetha is a dessert prepared from dried apricots. It is served at most weddings as a dessert, and every Hyderabadi swears by it.



Double-Ka-Meetha, also famously called Shahi tukra, is another classic Hyderabadi dessert that will make you love the local cuisine. Just as popular as the former, it will make you want to have more and more. It is a pudding made from fried sweet bread and dunked into thickened milk with saffron and other spices. Do not forget to taste this dessert the next time you’re in town!



Falooda is a Summer-time special drink that quenches your thirst like no other. It is a dessert made by mixing thin vermicelli noodles, rose syrup, and basil seeds in milk, usually topped with ice cream. What is not to love about this delicious drink?



“Kaddu” translates to “Pumpkin.” Yes, it is a dessert made from pumpkins, sugar, milk, and spices such as cinnamon and saffron, among others, topped with dry fruits and ready to be served. Pumpkins, sometimes, are replaced by bottle guards, but both variations taste equally excellent. It is usually prepared during festivals but can also be available throughout the year.



Kunafa is a famous Middle Eastern dessert made with a spun pastry called Kataifi, soaked in sugar syrup and topped with cream and pistachios. In the mood for something Arabian? Then The Kunafa Station in Tolichowki, Hyderabad is the place for you.


6.Apricot Fantasy

This curious-looking dessert goes popularly by the name Apricot Fantasy or Apricot Delight and is quite popular among Gen Z. Relatively new to the Hyderabadi dessert family, it has undoubtedly made its mark. This dessert is available at The Spicy Venue, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, where they make the best Apricot Fantasy. This is most certainly a must-try dessert.


7.Nizami Kheer

Nizami Kheer is a special Hyderabadi dessert made with rice, milk, kova, and dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, and dates. It is a special kheer with an enormous nutritional value, rich in vitamins. One can find this Royal Kheer at Abidi’s Kitchen, Hyderabad. Do not forget to give this delicacy a taste. It will make you want more!


8.Shahjahani Meetha

Shahjahani Meetha is one of the hidden gems of Hyderabadi cuisine. It is a type of halwa made from tomatoes. Who would’ve thought it? Nevertheless, it is an extraordinary Hyderabadi delicacy that is a must-try.


9.Mulberry Malai

Of course, Hyderabad is most famous for its Charminar. But not many are aware of a small shop that goes by the name “Milan Juice Centre,” located just opposite this beautiful architecture. It is famous for the dessert “Mulberry Malai,” which everybody is skeptical about at first, but later says it is hands down one of the best desserts in the city. There is a massive fanbase for this dessert, and once you get a taste of its deliciousness, you will understand why. It is a milk and kova dessert in which mulberries are added. One can enjoy this sweet and tangy dessert alongside the view of the Charminar.



Parmannam is an evergreen South-Indian recipe made using rice and jaggery and topped with almonds and raisins. It is made in almost every household during festivals and is enjoyed by adults and children. It is perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth and is, surprisingly, very easy to make.



Gajar-Ka-Halwa is a very popular Hyderabadi dessert that is made with carrots. Yes, carrots! But not the regular carrots that are added to salads, but a sweeter variety of fresh, seasonal, red carrots, which are grated and mixed with whole milk to make a halwa that is to die for. It is topped with almonds and raisins, and the picture-perfect, mouth-watering dessert is ready to serve.



Badam-Ki-Jali is a sweet made with almonds, which are crushed and made into a creamy paste, and then molded into a desired shape. It can satisfy that undying craving for sweets while maintaining nutritional value.



Gil-E-Firdaus is a particular type of Firni, made during the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr. It is made with bottle guards and condensed milk and is served either hot or cold. It is a must-try dessert during Eid.


14.Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma sometimes spelled Sheer Khorma, is a dessert prepared by Muslims on Eid al-Fitr. A similar dessert is prepared during Hindu festivals as well. It goes by the name “Payasam.” It is a milk product in which vermicelli noodles and sago balls are added, along with dry fruits and nuts such as raisins and almonds. Spices such as saffron and cinnamon are a complete game changer when added to the dessert. It is a festive sweet that is enjoyed by everybody.



Mauz-Ka-Meetha is a dessert made from bananas. Bananas, right? Ripe bananas are smashed into a paste and added to condensed milk. Spices and nuts are added to the milk dessert, and it is ready to be served. Remember, when life gives you ripe bananas, you make Mauz-Ka-Meetha!


16.Kova Karjikai

Kova Karjikai, synonymously called “Garijalu,” is a sweet found in almost every sweet shop. It is one of the more commonly available sweets. It is made by taking small amounts of a kova mixture and wrapping dough around it like you would make a dumpling. These dumplings are deep-fried, coated with powdered sugar, and then ready to be served.



Poornalu, sometimes also referred to as “Boorelu” is another commonly found sweet item in many sweet shops. Like the former, it is made with a dough prepared with rice flour stuffed with jaggery and dry fruits. It is then rolled into a ball and deep-fried. It is served hot and is made during almost all Indian festivals.



Basundi is a very popular dessert made with sweetened condensed milk. In North India, it goes by the name “Rabdi.” It is either made fresh at home or bought at the nearest sweet shop. Either way, it is a must-have dessert for festivals and weddings.



Madilalu are laddus made with chapatis. They are made on multiple occasions in many Hyderabadi households. It is a very creative and efficient method of utilizing leftover chapatis and jaggery to make laddus that are engorged by children and adults alike.



Ariselu are small puri-size sweets that are made with rice flour and stuffed with jaggery. They are available at almost any sweet shop. They are either made during festivals or for the kids at home. These sweet and crispy disks make excellent snacking items. Most of the sweets mentioned above are common in the streets of Hyderabad and are available in all major sweet shops. Some famous sweet shops in Hyderabad are Emerald Mithai Shop, Dadu’s Sweets, Almond House, Pothgaal Sweets, G Pulla Reddy Sweets, and Mithaiwala, among many others. Hyderabad is indeed a treasure chest of sweets and desserts. Do not forget to try out these popular sweets and desserts the next time you are in town!