Top 20 Desserts In Jodhpur

Top 20 Desserts In Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city in Rajasthan. The city is famous for handicrafts, glass bangles, industries, carpets, furniture, and marble goods. In Rajasthan, the city is called “Blue City.” The city is well known for its street foods and desserts, which attract tourists. Gulabhalwa is one of the famous desserts of Jodhpur.


Gulabhalwa is the famous dessert dish of Jodhpur. Additives required to make gulabhalwa are milk, milk powder, sugar, alum, rose water, pistachio, and ghee. Gulabhalwa has a high nutritional value and tastes best. It is not only famous in India but all over the world and has become the first choice of everyone.



Among all the varieties of ghevar, malai ghevar is the most famous in Jodhpur. It is a sweet cake from all-purpose flour, milk, ghee, butter, cardamom, kewra, almonds, saffron, pistachios, and sugar syrup. It is scheduled during the Teej festival. It is also given to newly married daughters in Sinjara.



Matkakulfi is a frozen dessert. To make matkakulfi, the ingredients required are milk, condensed milk, cream, cardamom seeds, dry fruits, and saffron. It is more dense and creamy than regular ice cream.



Lassi is one of the most popular and traditional yogurt-based beverages. Ingredients required to make makhaniya lassi are hot milk, saffron, curd, sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits, fresh cream, and butter. This flavorful drink ideally helps you cool your body.


5.Anjeer Katli

Anjeer Katli is considered one of the sweetest of the royal people in Rajasthan. Additives required to prepare anjeerkatli are anjeer, water, ghee, silver vark, sugar, and milk.



Badamkatli, or almond burfi, is a healthy dessert that is rich in flavor. Like kajukatli, it is also one of the famous sweets. Badamkatli is rich in taste and very soft; it quickly melts in the mouth. Ingredients required to prepare the badamkatli are almonds, sugar, water, ghee, cardamom powder, and saffron.


7.Blueberry Waffle

Waffles are cakes that can act as snacks or desserts. Ingredients required to make soft and fluffy blueberry waffles are milk, eggs, sugar, salt, all-purpose flour, butter, baking powder, vanilla extract, almond extract, and blueberries. Blueberry waffles are also good for your health. They helps improve mood, improve concentration power, reduce body cholesterol, maintain body weight, and increase body strength.


8.Kiki And Cream

Kiki and Cream is a recently launched Belgian waffle. This waffle; prepared from black velvet batter filled with blue Oreo cream. It is a combination of crunchy chocolate cookies and sweet cream.


9.Chocolate Waffle

Chocolate waffles eaten as breakfast or dessert. This gorgeous dessert can be prepared at home easily within thirty minutes. Ingredients required to prepare chocolate waffles are all-purpose flour, white sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, and melted butter.


10. Kitkat Pancake

The KitKat pancake is an American pancake. Pancakes are easy to make and very delicious. They are one of the tastiest desserts. To make a KitKat pancake, we need plain flour, baking powder, caster sugar, semi-skimmed milk, eggs, butter, KitKat, blueberries, raspberries, and cocoa powder.


11. Chocolate Tart

Chocolate tart is also called chocolate cream pie. It is also considered a custard tart. This dessert is similar to chocolate mousse in composition. Various ingredients to prepare this delicious dessert are all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, unsalted butter, egg, ice water, heavy cream, cup milk, cocoa powder, and semisolid chocolate.


12. Butterscotch Donuts

Donuts spelled as doughnuts. They are eaten as breakfast, snacks, or desserts. Ingredients required to prepare a butterscotch donut are all-purpose flour, salt, milk, baking powder, baking soda, ground cinnamon, cider vinegar, vanilla extract, brown sugar, egg, unsalted butter, vegetable oil, butterscotch chips, and icing sugar.


13. Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate bombs are also called hot cocoa bombs or chocolate orbs and filled with cocoa powder, Nutella, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Ingredients required to prepare chocolate bombs are semi-sweet chocolate chips, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, sprinkles, and milk.


14. Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is served in pots. It is made from a special cheese sauce, garlic, and milk. Ingredients required to prepare cheese fondue are cheese, butter, crushed garlic, plain flour, milk, white wine, salt, herbs, and Brun bread.


15. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It is a coffee-flavored dessert; made by dipping ladyfingers into coffee and other additives. To prepare tiramisu, you will need lady fingers, mascarpone, coffee, whipped cream, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder.


16. Red Velvet Waffle

To prepare a delicious red velvet waffle, we require ingredients such as all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, buttermilk, eggs, vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar, and cheese.


17. Oreo Waffle

Oreo waffles are eaten as breakfast or desserts. They are made in Belgian or American styles. To prepare Oreo waffles, we require ingredients such as Oreo vanilla cookies, melted butter, fresh cream, milk, powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, baking powder, vanilla essence, and vanilla ice cream.


18. Nutella Pancakes

To make pancakes stuffed with Nutella, called Nutella pancakes, you require Nutella, plain flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, egg, milk, vanilla essence, butter, and sliced strawberries.


19. Kitkat Waffle

To prepare crispy and chocolatey KitKat waffles ingredients required are Middleton waffle mix, Nestle KitKat spread, KitKat mix, Madagascan dairy van, and white chocolate sauce.


20. Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream

It is a type of French-style ice cream. Strawberry vanilla ice cream is a mixture or blend of strawberry flavor or strawberries with vanilla, egg, cream, and sugar, then frozen to make ice cream. Ingredients required to prepare the strawberry vanilla ice cream are strawberries, granulated sugar, corn syrup, Kosher salt, heavy cream, whole milk, bean pods, egg yolks, and vanilla extract.