Top 20 Desserts Of Jaipur


1. Gajar Halwa

Gajar means carrot and this is a sweet dish of gajar with mawa/khoya (milk cheese). Carrots are grated and cooked till the water evaporates and the dish is dry. Then, mawa and sugar are added to the cooked carrots and fried in ghee till the sugar caramelizes the dish. The dish is garnished with dry fruits. Gajar ka halwa is a winter dessert, usually served hot but can be eaten cold too.

Gajar Halwa

2. Mohanthal

Mohanthal is a sweet made of besan powder (Chickpea powder) and mawa. Besan powder is cooked in ghee and sugar is added once cooked. The mixture spread on a flat tray to cool, garnish with dry fruits and is kept to settle. Once cool, the mix is cut into pieces and served. Mohanthlal is a semi-solid sweet made during Diwali.

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Mohanthal 1 1

3. Moong Dal halwa

Moong dal halwa is one of the favourite sweet dishes of every Jaipur-ite. It is a winter dessert and you will find this dessert in most Rajasthani weddings. It is a pudding like dessert made of moong dal (green gram (dehusked)) soaked and blended into a thick paste. The paste is fried in ghee till the texture is grainy and light brown in colour. The mixture is then mixed with sugar syrup and served hot.

Moong dal halwa

4. Churma

Churma is a traditional Rajasthani dessert. It is a dish made in the rainy season and contains wheat flour, semolina, milk, ghee and sugar. It is a semi-powdery dish served as a meal with Dal-Bati or can be eaten as a dessert..


5. Mawa Kachori

Kachori is an Indian version of puffed pastry. Everyone has heard about savoury kachori stuffed with onion, dal, potato and many more. Mawa kachori is a sweet kachori filled with mawa and dipped in sweet sugar syrup. It is only available at farsan shops (Maharashtrian or Gujarath cuisine stores) and is an exotic dessert.

Mawa Kachori

6. Gujia

Gujia is a dessert mostly made during holidays. A mixture of coconut powder, mawa and raisins stuffed inside small flat circles rolled out from a dough made of all-purpose flour. These stuffed pouches are deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Finally, coated with edible silver foil.


7.  Rabdi Ghevar

This dessert is famous all over India. Ghevar is made specially during a festival in Jaipur called “Gangaur”. Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet cake made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup. Rabdi is dish made by boiling milk for long time till it becomes dense and then, mixed with sugar and nuts. Rabdi is poured over ghevar and served. The combination is tasty and a favourite to all. You can find the best of rabri ghevar at L.M.B. Jaipur.

Rabdi Ghevar 1

8. Feni/ Pheni

Feeni is another traditional dish of Rajasthan which is made during the time of Makar Sankranti only. This is a crispy dessert basically thin vermicelli fried in ghee which is dipped in sweet sugar syrup or you can have it with hot milk. Feeni has a good flavour of saffron in it which makes it tastier. You can find the best of feeni’s at Sambhar Mishthan Bhandar, Jaipur.

Feeni 2

9.  Gud Ki Gajak

Gajak is a sweet dish which is available only in winters because it keeps you warm from the inside. Gajak is a dry sweet prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar. Since the temperature gets very low in Jaipur it is the most recommended dessert in winters. You find the best of gajak at Narayan Ji’s, Jaipur.

Gud Ki Gajak

10. Til Sankari

Another winter dessert made up of jaggery and til (sesame seeds). People tend to eat this a lot in winters because it keeps you warm in winters. It is a crispy dessert with a crunch made of jaggery, milk, cardamom powder, peanuts and sesame seeds. You can find the best of til sankari at Narayan Ji’s, Jaipur.

Til Sankari 1

11. Makkhan Bada

As the name implies, this sweet is not made of butter but it is named so as it melts in your mouth like butter. Makkhan Bada is a summer dessert. The dough is made of all-purpose flour, ghee, curd and soda. The dough is divided into small balls with a depression in the centre. These are fried in ghee on both the sides and let it cool to room temperature. These are then soaked in sugar syrup. It is a layered dessert garnished with dry fruits.

Makkhan Bada

12.  Doodh Ke Laddoo

It is by far the most famous laddoos in Jaipur. People crave for this kind of dessert and availabe 24/7 in sweet shops. It is laddoo made with milk powder, condensed milk and garnished with dry fruits. You can find the best doodh ke laddoo at Bhagat Mishthan Bhandar, Jaipur.

Doodh Ke Laddoo 2

13. Kullhad Lassi

Lassi here is served in a clay pot called ‘kullhad’. Lassi is made by beating sugar and curd together. Flavours are added to the lassi as desired with cardamom or rose syrup. It is a liquid dessert and serving in the kullhad enhances its taste. You can find the best of kullhad lassi at The Lassiwala, Jaipur.

Kullhad Lassi

14. Shrikhand

It is a thicker and creamier form of lassi also served in clay pots, but cardamom and saffron flavours are added to it. The yogurt is drained to achieve thickness and mixed with sugar. It is a summer dessert, served chilled and keeps you cool from inside.

Shrikhand 1

15. Badam Halwa

It is a winter pudding like dessert made from blanched and crushed almonds. It is cooked in lots of ghee is always served hot, garnished with dry fruits.

Badam Halwa

16. Dry Fruit Kheer

The kheer we eat usually, is made of milk and rice. Dry fruit kheer, is a special kind of kheer during the festivities of Janmashtami. This kheer is made only with milk and dry fruits with cardamom and sugar. This is a pudding like dessert and usually served hot.


17. Khopra Barfi

It is a summer dessert made mostly during Holi. It is prepared with a mixture of dry fruits, mawa (fried), and coconut powder mixed with sugar syrup. The mixture is flattened on a plate to set and then cut into pieces. It has a rich taste of coconut and is a very light dessert and garnished with saffron.

Khopra Barfi 1

18. Thaal Ki Barfi / Mawa Barfi

This is a mawa barfi made with cooked mawa put inside huge trays with sugar syrup. It is a very famous sweet dish in Jaipur and is also a summer dessert. It is pearl white in color. You can find the best of thaal ki barfi at Sodhya Mishthan Bhandar, Jaipur.

19. Gulaab Sakri

As the name suggests, this dessertd oesn’t have anthing to do with roses. It is a richer version of thaal barfi. Gulaab sakri is made condensed milk and mawa flavoured with saffron. You can find the best of gulaab sakri at Sodhya Misthan Bhandar, Jaipur.

Gulaab Sakri 1

20. Kangan / Imarti

This dessert is a richer form of jalebi but cannot be compared with jalebi. It is made of urad dal with saffron batter which is dropped into hot oil in the shape of a flower. Once fried, it is dipped in sugar syrup to expand in size. It is a summer dessert that can be served hot or cold.