Top 20 Desserts That You Must Try In Ludhiana

Top 20 Desserts That You Must Try In Ludhiana

Ludhiana, the Manchester of India, is renowned for its industrial prominence and its delectable culinary offerings. While Punjabi cuisine is most famous for its savory dishes, it would be remiss not to explore the realm of desserts that this city has to offer. From traditional to international delicacies, Ludhiana has something to offer to satisfy every dessert lover’s craving. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re at the right place. Join us on a flavourful journey as we present 20 irresistible desserts that you must try in Ludhiana.

1.Gulab Jamun From Shankar Di Hatti

A classic Indian dessert, Gulab Jamun, is a melt-in-your-mouth sweet made of deep-fried dough balls, soaked in sugar syrup. As this giant ball of heaven melts in your mouth, you are hit with the sweet flavor of milk and sugar and a hint of cardamom. The brown spongy texture of gulab jamun is pure bliss and is best enjoyed hot.


2.Jalebi From Jhandu Di Hatti

Jalebi is a traditional street food in Ludhiana and a perfect dessert to satisfy all your sweet cravings. This spiral-shaped dessert, soaked in a sugary syrup, is often served with thick and creamy Rabri. Although spiral-shaped, this delicacy from Jhandu Di Hatti with its divine taste, can bring a smile to every foodie’s face.


3.Moong Dal Halwa From Pehalwan Sweets

Moong Dal Halwa is a decadent, aromatic dessert made with lentils, sugar, and ghee. This specialty of Punjab served at Pehalwan sweets, garnished with nuts, and loads of love is pure bliss. Its irresistible and comforting taste will want you to have more.


4.Chana Barfi From Sharman Jain Sweets

Chana barfi is another famous traditional sweet enjoyed by the residents of Ludhiana. It is a chunky cube made from ground chickpea flour sprinkled with roasted almond bits and semi-pulverized sugar. This healthy and scrumptious delicacy with its soft texture is sure to tantalize your taste buds.


5.Kesar Ras Malai From Khushiram Sons

Want to taste heaven? How about trying Kesar Ras Malai from Khushi Ram Sons? This royal sweet, soaked in cardamom-flavored milk captivates the senses, with its heavenly flavors and creamy texture. With every bite, you experience a symphony of flavors that transfers you to a realm of sheer culinary bliss.


6.Gajrela From Nathu Mal Ghudoo Mal

A winter specialty, Gajrela is a sweet carrot pudding cooked in ghee and milk. Unlike the traditional serving style of Gajrela, Gudhoo Mal serves this luscious dessert in a cube shape, garnished with nuts. Each bite evokes a sense of warmth and joy in the cold North-Indian winters.


7.Kaju Katli From Sharman Jain Sweets

Kaju Katli From Sharman Jain Sweets is a culinary gem that represents the perfect balance between the richness of cashews and delicate sweetness. The velvety texture of this luxurious indulgence that effortlessly melts in your mouth is unparalleled. Presented in elegant packaging, Kaju Katli From Sharman Jain Sweets is the epitome of luxury and exquisite taste.


8.Gachak From Sita Ram’s Sons

Gachak or what is popularly known as ‘chikki’, is another winter’s delight made traditionally from melted jaggery and a plethora of nuts. Gachak showcases a delightful contrast of flavors and represents cultural significance as it is relished primarily during festivals and celebratory occasions. The sweetness of jaggery followed by the crackling nuts is a blissful experience.


9.Badana From Shudh Mishthan Bhandar

Badana, also popularly known as ‘sweet bundi’ is a treat no one can resist. Made from besan, these golden pearls with their delightful sweetness, make it a truly memorable indulgence and a delight to the taste buds. The perfect amalgamation of its soft texture and balanced sweetness makes it a popular offering for religious purposes.


10.Brownie Crush Pancakes From Brooks

Talking of desserts and not mentioning chocolate seems awful. These brownie crush pancakes are a decadent and indulgent twist on traditional pancakes, a perfect recipe to satisfy your chocolate cravings. The aroma of these mini pancakes, drenched in chocolate and topped with whipped cream, would certainly make you go WOW and crave more.


11.S’mores From Blaase

You say perfect dessert. I hear S’mores. No, seriously, you must try this tantalizing dessert when you visit Ludhiana. Its commendable presentation, with just the right tint of brown cocoa dusting, proves to be a delight for every food blogger. Each bite with the soft texture of the marshmallow, accompanied by the warm hint of chocolate will undoubtedly make you fall in love with this dessert again and again.


12.Frozen Yogurt From My Froyoland

You must have tried yogurt, but now it’s time to try frozen yogurt. Whether you like chocolate or fruits, they’ve got it all. Just choose your preferred frozen yogurt flavor, adorn it with your favorite toppings, and beat the summer heat as you embark on a flavourful journey with frozen yogurt at My Froyoland.


13.Blueberry Cheesecake From Bon Gateau

Bon Gateau’s blueberry cheesecake is an exquisite dessert that embodies the perfect blend of indulgence and sophistication. The toppings of fresh blueberries on a creamy, sweet delicacy lend an exemplary burst of flavor to each slice. The tempting visual appeal and the creamy flavor will surely transport you to a new world of pure dessert bliss.


14.Chocolate Nitrogen Sundae From Ice Cream Studio

Chocolate sundaes serve as the perfect mood lifters. However, the chocolate nitrogen sundae is an extraordinary creation that takes the classic ice cream experience to a whole new level by incorporating the mesmerizing effect of liquid nitrogen. Indulging in a chocolate nitrogen sundae is not just a delectable experience for the tongue but rather a multi-sensory experience. The delightful presentation of this sundae, with its unique style of serving chocolate syrup in a syringe, offers a different experience.


15.Chocolate Praline Cake From Nik Bakers

The door to heaven for all chocolate lovers- a bite of the Chocolate Praline Cake From Nik Bakers. A blissful blend of hazelnut cream, milk chocolate truffle, and caramelized cashews makes this cake is a slice of heaven in itself. Its thick chocolaty layer on the outside and the soft, spongy cake on the inside make it an absolute choice for all special celebrations.


16.Waffle From Belgian Waffle

Waffles, deliciously browned and intricately shaped desserts, are enjoyed worldwide. Their soft, warm texture, accompanied by toppings of fruits, chocolate, or even ice cream, can lend a perfect start to the day if savored as breakfast.


17.Faluda From Naturals

Faluda is a popular dessert beverage, a captivating combination of vermicelli noodles, flavored milk, and an array of toppings. This refreshing dessert is often relished in summer and represents a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The colorful layers of faluda, the chewy texture of vermicelli, the aromatic flavor of sweetened milk, and the garnishing with nuts make this luscious dessert.


18.Kulfi From Basant Ice Cream

Kulfi is a rich and creamy frozen dessert originating in the Indian subcontinent. This simple dessert served on a wooden stick is an embodiment of Indian flavors, emotions, and nostalgia that is relished by people of all age groups. Its thick texture and irresistible flavor sets it apart from traditional ice cream and make it a go-to summer dessert.


19.Red Velvet Pastry From Belfrance

Red velvet pastry is an extraordinary dessert known for its beautiful visual appeal. The vibrant red cupcake base is marvelously graced with cream cheese or buttercream frosting. The moist texture and creamy indulgence make the red velvet pastry a popular choice for special occasions.


20.Apple Pie Plaisir From Cookie Craft

Experience the soulful taste of Apple pie plaisir, an English pastry filled inclusively with green apples, raisins, and cinnamon sugar. This international decadent immersed in cinnamon sugar and filled with fresh green apples lends a delightful balance of the two different flavors and evokes a feeling of joy.